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Gavin Henson: Charlotte & I “Weren’t Good For Each Other”

Gavin Henson: Charlotte & I "Weren't Good For Each Other"

Singer Charlotte Church and boyfriend Gavin Henson split in April, and recent reports have speculated that a reconciliation may not be too far off.

The former couple, who are parents to two children, Ruby, 2 1/2, and Dexter, 1 1/2, are not reconciling, according to Henson, who says that the two “weren’t getting on, but we didn’t want to drag it out for another couple of years.”

The Welsh rugby player told Fabulous magazine,

I’m not from a broken home; it’s the last thing I wanted for my kids. But I just knew it was going to ruin their lives if we’d carried on. I don’t want them growing up with issues. By doing it this way, when they’re young, they’ll grow up thinking it’s normal to see mummy some days and daddy the others. It was a brave decision, but a sad one. We were arguing a lot. Not over anything in particular, but these things build up and up. Every partnership has its problems and you work through them or you don’t. I guess we didn’t.

He then added touched on how he will always care for Church, saying, “Charlotte gave birth to both the kids in the kitchen and I cut the cords – it was mind-blowing. The kids still blow my mind every time I see them. I’ll always love Charlotte for having our two unbelievable, beautiful kids.”

The two began dating in 2005, and became engaged this past February before splitting.

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Angelina Jolie: Kids Keep You On Track

Angelina Jolie: Kids Keep You On Track

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie has carved out her place in the entertainment industry, with the versatility to be an action hero one day, and a dramatic lead the next.

Now, as a mother and partner to Brad Pitt, Jolie is more selective when choosing her roles, always taking into consideration the best interests of her large family. She has revealed that though she is not retiring, she “might slow down on the work front,” in coming years.

In an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times, Jolie opened up about how motherhood has changed her life, and how she looks forward to growing old with Pitt.

On her life since becoming a mom: “Motherhood has changed my entire life,” Jolie says. “I’m more patient and more silly. I wake up with an immediate constant reminder of what’s really important in life. Ever since having children, I’m not thrown by anything in life. Kids are very grounding in that way. They keep you on track.”

On growing older: “I lost my mother not so long ago and there is something about the years passing where you really appreciate life more each day. The amazing part is you have a history with the people you love. And it becomes important for you to stay healthy and age gracefully. I want to see my grandkids. I want to see my children grown and spend the years with Brad. I want everything.”

For the complete interview with Angelina Jolie, visit The Chicago Sun-Times…

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Stella McCartney’s Private School Kids

Stella McCartney's Private School Kids

Fashion designer Stella McCartney grew up in the limelight as the child of a famous father, Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Unlike many celebrity tots today, McCartney attended a public school, referred to as a “comprehensive school” in the UK, as opposed to a private school.

McCartney has decided to send her three children, Miller, 5, Bailey, 3 1/2, and Beckett, 2, to private school, though she feels that attending a comprehensive school was an important part of her childhood. She revealed to The Daily Mail,

It’s one of my biggest internal struggles – the whole schooling system in London and the fact that my kids are going to a posh school. It freaks me out. Going to the normal local comprehensive was one of the best things that could have happened to me. It was healthy to see how most people in the world live. That’s why I freak out that my kids aren’t doing that.”

Though she struggles with her decision, she said, “If at any stage it looks like they’re becoming total jerks and saying ‘hello mummy’ in posh voices, instead of running in and just being their awful selves, then you have to knock it on the head.”

McCartney, 38, and husband Alasdhair Willis are currently expecting their fourth child.

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Tori Spelling’s FroYo Youngsters

Tori Spelling's FroYo Youngsters

Tori Spelling and her two adorable children – Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 – made a pit stop at Menchie’s in Encino, Calif. on Sunday (July 18) where they picked up some frozen yogurt to-go before heading home in their black SUV.

Last week we spotted the 37-year-old reality mama and family, including daddy Dean McDermott, as they attended church in Los Angeles. Dean, 43, was recently released from hospital after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last month.

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Halle Berry & Her Circus Cutie

Halle Berry & Her Circus Cutie

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry took her 2-year-old daughter Nahla to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Los Angeles on Sunday (July 18). The mother-daughter duo were joined by friends as they took in the sights of elephants, clowns and aerialists.

Last weekend, we saw the gorgeous pair enjoying a fun day at Griffith Park.

Nahla’s father is Halle’s ex-boyfriend, Canadian male model Gabriel Aubry.

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Jennifer Garner & Her Central Park Pals

Jennifer Garner & Her Central Park Pals

Jennifer Garner spent a beautiful afternoon at Central Park with her two gorgeous girls, Seraphina, 18-months, and Violet, 4, on Sunday (July 18). The trio were joined by two others, including actor and family friend Victor Garber, who was spotted smiling and laughing while pushing the Affleck sisters in their stroller.

During their fun family outing, the girls got a chance to cool off in the water and later enjoyed ice cream sandwiches with their mom. Little sweetheart Seraphina even took a turn on the swings!

On Saturday, the 38-year-old Alias star and her daughters were seen strolling together through the busy streets of NYC as they made their way to a lunch date with friends.

The girls’ father is Jennifer’s husband of 5-years, Ben Affleck.

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