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Sarah McLachlan On Music & Motherhood

Sarah McLachlan On Music & Motherhood

Sarah McLachlan will be joined by her daughters India, 8, and Taja, 3, when she hits the road for this summer’s Lilith Fair tour.

The single mom – she and her husband Ashwin Sood split in 2008 – says that her girls gave her plenty of feedback on her new album Laws of Illusion.

“At one my point, my eldest said, ‘God, all these songs, I’m so sick of them. They all sound the same,'” Sarah tells E! “It’s because, of course, I’m listening to one song 50 times!…Quite frankly as far as they’re concerned, I’m mommy and this Sarah McLachlan thing is just an annoyance.”

The Canadian songstress reveals that both of her daughters have inherited a musical appreciation, saying, “They both love music. I think maybe my younger one’s a little more musically inclined, but my older one, she’s an incredible dancer. They’ve both got a great sense of rhythm.”

Laws of Illusion, Sarah’s first album of original songs in 7 years, is in stores now.

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Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Catch up on the latest tweets from your fav celeb mamas & papas!

@scottdisick Mr mason in his first lamborghini, couldn’t find him a grey 1 like mine so I got him a white 1.

@Busyphilipps25 – You know what I really want for my birthday this year?FOR BP TO FIX THE F*CKING OIL LEAK. And also, for no famous people to die. That’s all.

@torianddean just got out of car like a boy in a dress&flashed my undies. So unladylike.No problem except I look and there’s 4 paparazzi crouched. Damn!

@SherriEShepherd Jeffrey’s 1st splinter & mommy’s got to get it out…oh boy R the screams of terror bringing back memories of when my dad had to remove mine

@ConanOBrien 11 years between “Toy Story’s” and 7 months between “Twilight’s.” By that measure, the “Jonah Hex” sequel should be out in 3 days.

@askjillian Today I’m wearing vintage Oscar DeLarenta from the 70’s. It’s a little tight on my boobs!!!!!!!!!!! But it’s Friday so all is good!!!

@moonfrye I’m so excited about the Grease sing along concert tonight, I can barely contain myself!

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Child Support Saga May Be Over For Bobby Brown

Child Support Saga May Be Over For Bobby Brown

After spending 18 years battling in court over child support, Bobby Brown has come to a mutual agreement with his ex Kim Ward. The two have two children together, LaPrincia, 20, and Bobby Jr..

In April, Brown reportedly requested a reduction in the $5,500/month that he had been paying Ward, saying that he had no income at the time. Though no figures were disclosed, and neither Brown nor Ward were actually present in court, Norfolk Register of Probate Patrick McDermott told the Boston Herald of the events,

The big issue was college expenses and how to handle those going forward. But it was quick and uneventful, and they seem to have wrapped up all the outstanding matters.”

Brown has fallen behind in the past, resulting in time behind bars twice. On one occasion he was $45,000 behind, and on another, $22,000.

Along with LaPrincia, and Bobby Jr., Brown also has a 25-year-old son Landon, 17-year-old Bobbi Kristina with ex-wife Whitney Houston, and 1-year-old Cassius with current girlfriend Alicia Etheridge.

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    Salma Hayek’s Co-Star: “Valentina Is A Spitfire Like Her Mom”

    Salma Hayek's Co-Star: "Valentina Is A Spitfire Like Her Mom"

    Grown Ups star Salma Hayek says that the making of the new flick was a family affair.

    The 43-year-old beauty tells People that her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Valentina had a blast entertaining mom’s co-stars on the set.

    “She does sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle [Little Star],’ but the kids [in the movie] taught her other [songs],” Salma says. “Now they’ve got her into the soundtrack of Mamma Mia. She of course likes [the song] ‘Mamma Mia,’ but she also likes ‘Honey, Honey.’ ”

    Little Valentina earned herself plenty of admirers during the movie’s filming. Says Salma’s co-star Madison Riley, “She’s also a spitfire like her mom. She’s gorgeous, sweet and she walked around in a little strut.”

    Salma is pictured here at this week’s New York premiere of Grown Ups. The movie, co-starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, opens in theaters today.

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Livia wears a Green Babies Strawberry Ruffled A Line Dress – $38, and a Scout Cream Orchid Teal Play Dress – $40, purchased at Ruby Pinwheels

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    Chynna Phillips: “Sometimes When You Hit The Bottom, You’ve Got Nowhere To Go But Up”

    Chynna Phillips: "Sometimes When You Hit The Bottom, You've Got Nowhere To Go But Up"

    Chynna Phillips burst onto the music scene in the early ’90s with her BFFs, her trendy short blonde ‘do and her catchy songs. With nine children between the three of them, Chynna and her longtime pals, Wendy and Carnie Wilson, are reuniting in the studio for a new Wilson Phillips Christmas album! Chynna, 42, sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss their new record, her three kids, her struggles with anxiety and her 15-year marriage to Billy Baldwin: “We’re in a very, very strong place in our marriage.”

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