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Vanessa Williams On Learning To “Surrender”

Vanessa Williams On Learning To "Surrender"

Currently starring on Broadway, and set to move into Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane this fall, Vanessa Williams is a force to be reckoned with. In the the latest edition of Working Mother, the stunning 47-year-old mother of four opens up about her staying power in Hollywood, Botox, co-parenting with her exes, and the most important lesson she’s learned as a working mom.

On her role as mom to Melanie, 22, Jillian, 20, Devin, 17, and Sasha Gabriella, 10: “I became a mom when I was young, so I’ve always had my career along with my children. Just eight weeks after I’d had my second child, I had to go to England to promote my album for ten days. So I dragged my breast pump through airport security. I was so weepy to be leaving my newborn. Maybe ten years later, I’d have said no to the trip. As you get older, you get stronger and more confident, and you get more accustomed to saying no and to knowing your boundaries. Things change as you mature. But you still try to do everything you can to be with your kids. I remember flying from Tokyo to New York for a confirmation party for my daughter, and then back to Tokyo to perform. But you can only do so much, and you have to forgive yourself.”

On motherhood’s most important lesson: “My biggest lesson is to surrender, to stop trying to control. You never know what life has to offer. Yes, have a plan, but also be open to the possibility that you don’t know what’s next. The best things that have happened in my life have been complete surprises. I never intended to meet certain people. I never knew certain opportunities would come up. I know a lot of working moms want to stay in control. My advice: Let go of the wheel. Let life happen. And when you get an opportunity, go for it. You can miss opportunities if you’re always trying to control everything. So be open to something new, and you may be pleasantly surprised.”

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Sandra Bullock Is A “Natural” With Baby Louis

Sandra Bullock Is A "Natural" With Baby Louis

After months of secrecy, Sandra Bullock brought her 4-month-old son, Louis Bardo Bullock, out in public over Mother’s Day weekend in New Orleans, and several days later in Austin, Texas, Us reveals.

Last Friday (May 14) in Austin – where Sandra owns a home – the proud new mom was “showing the baby off to just random people in stores,” a fellow shopper says. “Sandra was in a really happy mood.”

Bullock, 45, appears to be “such a natural with [Louis] and so easygoing and chill,” local store owner Jennifer Mazuelos says. “He’s such a big boy!”

After learning that her husband Jesse James was having multiple affairs, the Academy Award-winner filed for divorce in April and is now settling into full-time motherhood.

“Sandra is loving it!” a friend tells Us. Adds another pal: “Having Louis around is perfect therapy for what she went through with Jesse.”

While the Miss Congeniality star hadn’t considered adopting alone prior to the split, her unexpected single parenthood has been “an extraordinary lesson for her,” a friend says.

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Ellen Pompeo: You Have To Set An Example For Healthy Living

Ellen Pompeo: You Have To Set An Example For Healthy Living

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is determined to set an example of healthy living for her daughter Stella Luna. The healthy mom, who was frequently spotted heading to the gym while pregnant, spoke with OK Magazine about teaching her daughter how to eat healthy and be active, and how losing her mother at the age of four has made her determined to stay healthy.

Of teaching her family the importance of healthy living, the 40-year-old said,

You have to set an example. What you do, they’ll do. Your kids are going to mimic anything you do, and if you only put healthy food in the fridge, that’s the only choice they have. If you only cook one thing, that’s what your husband’s going to have to eat. You have to put yourself first, and say ‘this is what I made, and this is what you’re going to eat.’ If you’re not healthy, you’re not around, and there is no wife and mother. We certainly want more birthdays and more Mother’s Days.”

Pompeo also touched on losing her mother at a young age and the impact it has had on her, adding, “I grew up without a mother, and it’s extremely important. It’s terrible to lose your mother. It’s terrible to lose anyone. We have to do it for them. We’re so busy being martyrs a lot of the time, doing everything for them. Well, this is for them. Taking care of yourself is for them.”

Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery have been married since late 2007 and welcomed Stella 8 months ago.

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    Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick: SoHo With Sosie

    Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick: SoHo With Sosie

    Footloose star Kevin Bacon, his wife Kyra Sedgwick and their 18-year-old daughter Sosie were spotted walking around SoHo, New York City on Sunday (May 16). Married for nearly 22 years, Kevin and Kyra are also parents to son Travis, who turns 21 next month.

    Joining in of the family business, Sosie appeared in four episodes of Kyra’s series The Closer last year.

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    Julie Bowen Celebrates Twins’ 1st Birthday

    Julie Bowen Celebrates Twins' 1st Birthday

    Modern Family funny-lady Julie Bowen has her hands full these days. The mom-of-3 boys jumped right onto her hit mockumentary-style show after welcoming twin boys Johnny (aka “Mister Gadget”) and Gus (“more lovey needy”), and one year later the family, including husband Scott Phillips and 3-year-old son Oliver has celebrated the twins 1st birthday with a charity bash, reports US Weekly.

    Bowen chose to support Baby2Baby which donates gently used baby items to families in need. Of the party, the always-frank actress said,

    Honestly, [the twins] have more than enough stuff and there are so many families in Los Angeles that don’t even have the bare necessities. So if I can take two over-privileged kids’ birthdays and use it as an opportunity to get other kids the stuff they need, I’m overjoyed to do that.”

    Bowen then opened up a bit about big brother Oliver’s take on his little brothers’, joking, “I love Oliver. He is my first and is always going to have a very special place in my heart. But he has not come around to understanding the beauty of his brothers. He will, eventually, but we just have to try and make sure he doesn’t kill them.”

    The actress also stopped by George Lopez’s show recently and dished on breastfeeding twins. She even included a pic, saying, “It’s like two little liposuction machines on you. They suck the fat out of you.”

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