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Julie Bowen: “It’s Nothing But Tiny Penises & Poop All Day Long”

Julie Bowen: "It's Nothing But Tiny Penises & Poop All Day Long"

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen doesn’t sugar coat raising three boys under 2 1/2.

It’s a nightmare,” she told Us at the Producers Guild of America Awards Sunday. “It’s nothing but tiny little penises and poop all day long. And not in a good way.”

All joking aside, the actress – who is mom to Oliver, 2, and twins Gus and John, 8 months – goes on to say, “I always come across sounding like I hate my children. I actually love them very much.”

Bowen, 39, also revealed what she couldn’t live without in her busy house. “Piles of cloth to wipe up the massive amounts of vomit and fluids that are constantly coming through my house. Otherwise, my favorite mommy must-have is an excuse to get out of the house,” she went on. “My job. Get out! My doctor told me, ‘Only give 70 percent. You’ll hate them if you give 100 percent of yourself.’ I took that advice to heart. I run to my job. I love my job.”

And how did the Lost star lose the baby weight? “Laxatives and vomiting,” she joked. “They don’t give you any chance to eat. I’m not in shape. But this is soft and doughy,” she added, poking at her stomach. “I run a lot. That’s the short answer. I run and run and run.”

Do you agree with Julie that you should give 70% of yourself to your kids?

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Is Amanda Peet Thinking Pink?

Is Amanda Peet Thinking Pink?

Rumor has it that actress Amanda Peet and her husband David Benioff are expecting another baby girl!

US magazine reports that the beautiful star, who was recently spotted at the Sundance Film Festival where she is promoting her new film Please Give, was overheard telling friends, “We’re having a baby girl!” as she showed off her burgeoning bump.

Amanda, 38, is already mom to daughter Frances “Frankie” Pen, who turns 3 next month.

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Dirty Lil Secrets of a Mom of Three

Dirty Lil Secrets of a Mom of Three

All moms have secrets, but do mothers of multiple children have more? Once a woman has a few kids, she knows the perfect mother doesn’t exist and that enables her improvise in lots of different situations. As long as the kids are happy — right?
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    Denise Richards On Charlie Sheen’s Arrest: “It’s Sad”

    Denise Richards On Charlie Sheen's Arrest: "It's Sad"

    Denise Richards is weighing in on the Christmas Day altercation between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller that landed her ex in jail.

    “It’s sad,” says Denise, who had to tell her daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, about their dad’s incarceration. “Perhaps people can understand what I went through.”

    Denise recalls for Oprah Winfrey the circumstances surrounding the end of her own marriage to Charlie in 2006, when she filed for a restraining order against the Two and a Half Men star.

    Revealing that there were “a lot of verbal arguments that got heated that scared me,” Denise says that Charlie never hit her, though there were incidents where he shoved her.

    “I was in a very dark place,” she says. “Especially when I filed the restraining order, I was humiliated. I was scared. I was embarrassed.”

    After enduring a nasty divorce, Denise insists that she and her ex “are in a great place” these days. As for her girls, she reports, “My daughters are my pillars of strength.”

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    Latest Dish!

    Latest Dish!

    Hugh Jackman “concentrates” on Sesame Street – laineygossip

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    Heidi’s new wax figure and more! – PopEater

    Khloe Kardashian awed by Obama – Celebitchy

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    Happy 1st Birthday Octuplets!

    Happy 1st Birthday Octuplets!

    Names: Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah & Jonah

    Date of Birth: January 26, 2009

    Parent: Nadya “Octomom” Suleman

    Siblings: Elijah (01), Amerah (02), Joshua (03), Aiden (04), and twins Calyssa & Caleb (06)

    – Concieved via in vitro and arriving nine weeks before their due date, they are the world’s longest-living set of octuplets
    – Mom Nadya recently made headlines after losing 150lbs of baby weight over the past year
    – The children share the same middle name, Angel, and carry the surname of their biological father, David Soloman, whom Nadya has said is both the sperm donor and a friend
    – At birth, the eight babies each weighed between 1 lbs, 12 oz and 3lbs, 1oz

    Quote from Parent:
    “This is going to sound insane, but I try to get two hours [of sleep] a night. And I will try to compensate on the weekends and get at least four. It’s hard. I don’t know what day it is sometimes! One day melts into the next, a blur of kids, gym and writing. I have a tendency to overdo things. Obviously! … But I’ve always been like this.” – Nadya, on her sleeping habits.

    “I didn’t have the babies to get in the media spotlight, I had my children because I love them and I always wanted a large family. I adore kids, I have fourteen of them and love them beyond anything I could express in words. The media frenzy was a consequence, not something I had in mind when I wanted to expand my family.” – Nadya, on her love for her family.

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