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Camila Alves Juggles Career & Kids

Camila Alves Juggles Career & Kids

On top of having 1-month-old daughter Vida to care for, Camila Alves is hard at work these days promoting the 3rd season of Bravo’s hair-styling show Shear Genius, which she hosts.

So how is the mom-of-two – she and her “very supportive” boyfriend Matthew McConaughey are also parents to 18-month-old son Levi – managing such a busy schedule?

“I’m not even sure myself,” Camila admits. “I have my mom here, who has been giving me a good hand, and I’m just trying to keep everything as smooth as I can. I love working. It’s part of my life. It’s what I like to do. We try and keep a good balance.”

Saying that that she and Matthew always make family a priority, she reveals that her favorite time with the two kids so far was “Coming home with Vida and her meeting Levi. That was a pretty neat moment.”

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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz: Bronx Is “Such A Boy”

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz: Bronx Is "Such A Boy"

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz helped launch Hershey’s new Pieces candy line in New York’s Times Square last Wednesday (January 27). At the event, the 25-year-old singer/actress opened up to People about her adorable 14-month-old son Bronx Mowgli.

He’s such a boy,” she says. “Right now, he’s really into reading books and building forts.”

Along with papa Pete Wentz, Bronx has visited Ashlee on the set of her Broadway play, Chicago.

Bronx comes to the theater on the weekends to visit,” she says, “so we get to have lunch or dinner there together pretty often. He came to a rehearsal, and yelled out ‘Mama!’ when I got on stage,” she says. “It was really cute.”

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Melissa Joan Hart & Her Beautiful Boys

Melissa Joan Hart & Her Beautiful Boys

So cute! Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart and her beautiful boys – Mason, 4, and Brady, 2 in March – were spotted at Bryant Park in New York City last Friday (January 29). The bundled up group stopped for a snack before heading to the Central Park Zoo. Mason enjoyed a chocolate milk in a BornFree sippy cup and Brady opted for his BornFree pacifier.

The 33-year-old mother of two recently tweeted her love for BornFree products:

Hey guys,my #worldwednesday tip of the day is to use BornFree baby bottles & sippy cups for ur little ones. Keep them BPA free!”

Fellow former teen star, Joey Lawrence, and Melissa are teaming up on the small screen in a new ABC family sitcom. The aptly titled Melissa & Joey will star Melissa as a politician who hires a manny (Lawrence) to care for her niece and nephew when her sister winds up in jail.

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Latest Dish

    Latest Dish!

    Latest Dish!

    Ashton Kutcher: “I think every day should be a day of romance” – FameCrawler

    Ian Ziering has popped the question –

    Fall Out Boy falls out –

    Matthew Broderick’s new sitcom: Beach Lane – ICYDK

    Emma Watson reveals eco-friendly clothing line – Just Jared

    Tiger & Elin to reconnect on a cruise –

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    Jessica Alba Says Honor Is A Bully

    Jessica Alba Says Honor Is A Bully

    Jessica Alba says that a recent family vacation to Mexico made her realize that her 19-month-old daughter Honor Marie is a baby bully!

    During an appearance on The Jay Leno Show this week, Jessica explained that her “amateur” mom move led to a surprising revelation.

    We actually went on vacation over Christmas with another friend of ours that has kids, because now that you have kids it’s different going on vacation,” the Valentine’s Day star said. “Single people aren’t really trying to wake up early in the morning, and they don’t really understand the meltdowns and a poopy diaper grosses them out….. I try to be a very prepared mom and you have to pack 10,000 more bags when you have a kid. I pulled the big amateur move and I didn’t bring any toys. And we realized on this trip that my daughter is a bully: She would steal her girlfriend’s toys and push her and pull her hair for a stroller or for a baby doll or for a purse.”

    So could it be that little Honor takes after her famous mom?

    “I was feisty, but not at 19 months!” Jessica laughed, but admitted, “My mom said it was going to come back tenfold, and it has.”

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    Levi Johnston Is “Pumped” To See Tripp Twice A Week

    Levi Johnston Is "Pumped" To See Tripp Twice A Week

    Levi Johnston might not be completely satisfied with the amount of time he gets to spend with his 13-month-old son, Tripp, but for now he’s enjoying every moment he can.

    Currently, Bristol Palin has agreed to let her ex-boyfriend visit with their son two days a week – on Wednesday and Saturdays: “Saturday is usually the best day of the week for me,” Levi tells Entertainment Tonight. “It’s the day I get to see my son.”

    Despite their incredibly public break up and ongoing custody battle, Levi says he’s trying to focus on the present: “I’m pumped that I get to see him twice a week. It feels pretty good. You can’t dwell on what happened.”

    Though the two may have their differences, Levi claims that they are able to put aside their own feelings in order to talk about their son:

    She tells me if something’s new but you know it is as far as we get. She called and told me he said ‘Dad.’ [We] actually got together and went into Anchorage and ate dinner, just the three of us and got him some ice cream. It was pretty fun. We just got to be good parents and work with each other. We keep conversation to Tripp and that’s about it.

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