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Tori Spelling: Dean & I Are ‘So Together’

Tori Spelling: Dean & I Are 'So Together'

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott paid a visit to talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, and continued to clear up those pesky rumors which are claiming their is trouble in McDermott-Spelling paradise, reports Extra. The mom-of-two reported that the couple are ‘so together,” and added, “They’re [the media] seeing clips from the show this season. I think this season we kind of delve into our relationship. We’ve been together fours years.”

McDermott confirmed the couples solidity, adding, “There is no divorce in our future, at all.”

90210 actress/best-selling author Spelling and Canadian actor Dean McDermott are parents to 3-year-old son Liam, and 1-year-old daughter Stella, while McDermott has one child, son Jack, from his previous marriage to Canadian television presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace. The actress recently revealed that she would like to expand the Spelling-McDermott brood, saying, “We would definitely like more kids, but I think right now we’re just focusing on the two, kind of you know getting them out of diapers.”

A new episode of the couples’ reality show Home Sweet Hollywood airs Monday night on Oxygen.

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Katherine Heigl: “Life Is Great”

Katherine Heigl: "Life Is Great"

Katherine Heigl recently traded in her Grey’s Anatomy scrubs to focus her time on her family, and now the actress is reveling in the small things in life. Heigl spoke with Entertainment Tonight and confirmed that had made the right choice leaving the show saying, “Life is great. It’s really family oriented right now…[it] feels as it should be,” US Weekly reports.

The mom-of-one gushed of her 17-month-old daughter Naleigh, “They change every month so monumentally that every month she’s a new kid.” Of her daughters latest milestone Heigl, “She just started walking this weekend, she started talking more last month. If I were missing that right now, I would just be devastated.”

The 31-year-old, who has six films in some from of pre-production and one set for release, says of her career, “I’m still a working mom, but I’m really grateful that I have the time with her that I do.”

Heigl and husband Josh Kelly, whom the actress recently gushed, “I really could not have imagined a better father for [Naleigh],” have been married for 2 1/2 years.

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Mel Gibson Will Likely Pay $12,000+ In Monthly Support

Mel Gibson Will Likely Pay $12,000+ In Monthly Support

Add Mel Gibson to the growing list of Hollywood dads that will soon be paying child support. After announcing last week that the actor and girlfriend Oksana Grigoriev had gone separate ways, only 5 months after welcoming daughter Lucia, a lawyer is now speaking out about the cost that Gibson will pay. Attorney Steven Knowles estimates that Gibson will be responsible for paying $12,000 to $15,000 per month and tells PEOPLE,

This is not dissolution of marriage action. The mother would have rights to child support, which in the case of Mr. Gibson, will be very substantial. He is what we call a high-income earner, and there is a high-income earner stipulation that says they must pay any amount reasonably necessary for the support of the child.

Gibson, who is currently in the process of a divorce from his wife of 28 years, Robyn, will most likely not be responsible for spousal support. Knowles clarifies, “Merely living together and having a child does not give the mother any rights to property and certainly no spousal support.”

A source says that the split between the two was “amicable,” and shares that the two plan to co-parent, adding, “They’re still friends and they’ll both raise Lucia together.”

Daughter Lucia is the second child for Oksana Grigorieva, who has a son, Alexander, with actor Timothy Dalton, while Gibson, 54, has seven children with his ex-wife Robyn, six sons and one daughter.

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    Diaper Bags Of The Rich And Famous!

    Diaper Bags of the Rich and Famous!

    Every lady loves a purse. Celebrities love them even more. They can afford as many as they desire and any kind that they’d like. To some, purses are a status and style statement wrapped up in a carryall. These handbags gain an odd importance. And when celebrities have babies, their ‘it’ bag must be big enough to carry snacks, bottles, and yes even diapers. Check out the diaper bags of the rich and famous right here!

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    Ed Burns Says Christy Is “A Great Mother”

    Ed Burns Says Christy Is "A Great Mother"

    Christy Turlington and Ed Burns – parents to Grace, 6, and Finn, 4 – are set make waves during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. Ed’s film Nice Guy Johnny debuts on April 23 and Christy’s film No Woman No Cry premieres on April 24.

    The Brothers McMullen star talked to OK! about his “sweet” wife who encourages him to follow his dreams, and how he dines out with his lovely wife every night.

    These days just to be able to go out to dinner without the kids – that’s a highlight. I love eating in a different restaurant every night,” Ed says. “That’s what I like to take advantage of. There’s so many. There’s a great little place called Max’s on Duane Street in Tribeca. Best lasagna in the city.”

    Ed went on to say that Christy has always encouraged him “to not give up my dream.”

    “I’ve had temptations over the years to go and direct a studio romantic comedy, and she’s said ‘just stick to what you do, who cares if it’s small?’ When someone has your back where it relates to your dreams, that’s invaluable.”

    He continues to gush about his supermodel wife.

    “She’s really nice to me,” he says. “She’s sweet — a great mother.”

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    Mark Wahlberg & His Brentwood Boy

    Mark Wahlberg & His Brentwood Boy

    Mark Wahlberg picked up his adorable 4-year-old son Michael from karate class in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (April 17).

    Marky Mark and his gorgeous wife Rhea Durham are also parents to Ella, 6, Brendan, 1, and Grace, 3 months.

    Will there be a fifth Wahlberg babe? According to papa, it’s a maybe:

    My wife has always wanted four, two boys and two girls, so miraculously she got everything she wanted. She’s saying she’s done” Mark said. “She loves being a mother, so she may end up wanting one more. We’ll see what happens.”

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