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Madonna & David Visit His Malawi Orphanage

Madonna & David Visit His Malawi Orphanage

Madonna was spotted bringing her 4-year-old son David to the orphanage he once lived: The Home of Hope Child Care Center. Reportedly, director Lucy Chipeta says she showed Madonna and David his crib during their visit to the orphanage near the Zambian border on Tuesday (October 27).

The 51-year-old mother-of-four also took her two older children, Lourdes, 13, and Rocco, 9, along with her 3-year-old daughter Mercy – who was also adopted from Malawi – on the tour of the orphanage. The group also toured several new buildings that Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity recently built.

Madonna just launched construction of a multi-million dollar Academy for girls yesterday.

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Uma Thurman: Motherhood Is The Best Kept Secret

Uma Thurman: Motherhood Is The Best Kept Secret

Uma Thurman – mom to daughter Maya Ray, 11, and son Levon Roan, 7 – is well known for her roles in movies such as Dangerous Liaisons, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Now the 39-year-old accomplished actress is taking on a role closer to her own life in the new hit, Motherhood. Uma sat down with Parade and shared her thoughts on being a mom, divorce and how she doesn’t want to be a “celebrity whiner.”

On how motherhood is the best kept secret: “When I had my first child I thought, ‘This is the best-kept secret.’ You know how parents rattle on to you about, ‘Oh, you won’t believe your life will never be the same,’ and da, da, da and you think, ‘Why can’t these people just get over it? All they’re doing is yakking on about their kids. It’s such a bore.’ And then you have kids and you just want to do all the same things.”

On juggling her career and family life: “You feel much more conflicted. I think I really struggled with that conflict. Sort of like, ‘What’s worthy enough to interrupt my kid’s life to take them on the road with me while I do a movie?’ Now, I just try to balance it. I probably overthink things, but I try to do the right thing. I just do my best. Any working mother will tell you it’s the same. I think every working mom is kind of a superhero. I think we all are.”

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Peter Andre’s Pumpkin Eaters

Peter Andre's Pumpkin Eaters

Peter Andre and his children, Junior, 4, and Princess Tiaamii, 2, were spotted shopping for pumpkins in Brighton, UK on Tuesday (October 27). The kids’ mom is Peter’s ex-wife Katie Price.

The war of words continues between Katie and Peter. The 31-year-old best-selling author just accused Peter of having an affair with her bridesmaid, Michelle Clack: “One of my friends chose not to see me any more after me and Peter split.” Katie adds, “I was really upset at the time and now I hear she’s seeing Pete. If that’s the case then his girlfriend is one of my ex-friends, which I predicted would happen. I hope he does have a girlfriend and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her.”

A spokesman for Andre denied the claims: “Peter is categorically not seeing anyone, especially not Michelle.”

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Isabella wears Lelli Kelly Glitter Eva Velcro Shoes – $69.20 On Sale!

    Gia wears Stride Rite SRT Maddy Shoes – $49

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    Mary-Louise Parker: “Becoming A Mom Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To Me”

    Mary-Louise Parker: "Becoming A Mom Is The Best Thing That's Happened To Me"

    Being a single mom to two young kids may have its challenges, but actress Mary-Louise Parker says she can’t imagine her life without her son William, 5, and daughter Caroline “Ash,” 3.

    “Becoming a mom is the best thing that’s happened to me,” the 45-year-old Weedsstar told People at last night’s 5th Annual Worldwide Orphans benefit gala in New York (October 26). “I’ll be the first to admit that it can be very hard to raise two kids, but I absolutely love it. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my children.”

    Mary-Louise’s son William, whose dad is her ex Billy Crudup, was 3 years old when she adopted Ash from Ethiopia in 2007. Looking back, she says that it was the “best decision I’ve ever made.”

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