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Report: Could Elin Woods Be Pregnant?

Report: Could Elin Woods Be Pregnant?

A new rumor has surfaced in the midst of the Woods family debacle – that Tiger’s wife Elin is pregnant with their third child!

According to the National Enquirer, who first reported on the affair scandal back in November 2009, Elin is four months pregnant and is still trying to hide her growing belly.

A source tells the Enquirer: “Elin’s staying quiet about it, but she’s showing every sign of being pregnant.”

Her tummy’s a dead giveaway and so is her behavior. Her moods are all over the place and she’s been eating constantly, which is not like Elin since she’s always so concerned about her figure. She’s also dropping other little hints, like rubbing her tummy constantly, and cutting back on her exercise routine. Her appetite changes, too. She gets nauseous a lot of the time and sometimes doesn’t eat a thing. If she’s pregnant, this could be the real reason she hasn’t sent Tiger packing for good.

Tiger and Elin are parents to 2 ½-year-old daughter Sam and 1-year-old son Charlie.

Do you believe the rumor? Could Elin be pregnant?

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Dweezil Zappa & Wife Call It Quits

Dweezil Zappa & Wife Call It Quits

Former MTV VJ Dweezil Zappa, son of musician Frank Zappa, and wife, fashion stylist Lauren Knudsen, are ending their marriage after 4 ½-years.

According to Los Angeles court records, Lauren filed for divorce just over two weeks ago, citing irreconcilable differences. She is seeking sole physical custody of their two daughters – 3-year-old Zola Frank and 1-year-old Ceylon Indira – though legal custody is to be shared. She’s also seeking spousal support.

The couple were married on September 3, 2005.

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Carrie Underwood’s Motherly Instincts

Carrie Underwood's Motherly Instincts

Carrie Underwood, 27, has always been outspoken about her love for animals, and the Grammy Award-winning songstress believes that her dog, a Rat Terrier named Ace has helped her to her prepare for a future as a mother. At the 6th Annual Pedigree Adoption Drive in New York City, the bride-to-be revealed to PEOPLE, “I definitely think I have some motherly instincts and hopefully he gets me ready for stuff like that. [But] not anytime soon!”

Underwood is currently on tour promoting her newest album, Play On, just filmed her first movie, Soul Surfer, and had a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, all while planning her wedding to fiance, NHL player Mike Fisher. When their schedules allow, the two prefer to spend time together under the radar, Underwood adds, “Generally when we’re together it’s such a short amount of time. We kind of just keep to ourselves.”

The former American Idol winner and Canadian hockey player Fisher, who met in 2008, plan to wed sometime this summer.

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Harlow wears a Gymboree Two Button Flower Cardigan – $15.99 On Sale!

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    Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

    Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

    Catch up on the latest tweets from your favorite celebrity mamas and papas!

    @alilandry – Estela in her favorite robe and my BeautiControl neck wrap. We heated it and r using it for her cough

    @ricky_martin – Whats going on gang?I’m doing great!Stronger than ever!I’m here relaxing @ home enjoying ur messages!I feel the love!Thanx for all!peace

    @debimazar – I feel like all I do is laundry!how much laundry a family of 4 makes!!Dio..I do,enjoy doing handwash.I think of my grandma..

    @jennajameson – I think I’m gonna order stuff from my favey catalog, Ballard Designs…. Im a mommy/dork… and then Victorias Secret im a hot chick/pleaser

    @RealScottBaio – Now Bailey is into Hello Kitty & Woody from Toy Story along w/ the others. Disney Princesses & Monkey George. Her bed is full of toys.

    @nicolerichie – Anyone want to come and take my allergies? Ill give them to you, for free!

    Who’s your favorite celebrity tweeter?

    Don’t forget to follow Celebrity Baby Scoop on twitter!

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    Kourtney Kardashian: “I’m Just Starting To Get Comfortable Being In A Bikini Again”

    Kourtney Kardashian: "I’m Just Starting To Get Comfortable Being In A Bikini Again"

    In a photo shoot with Life & Style, reality TV starlet Kourtney Kardashian slips back into a bikini for the first time since giving birth to her son, Mason, on December 14th. The 30-year-old new mom gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy and in just three months has already lost 33 pounds. Kourtney shares her secrets to weight-loss success, what boyfriend, Scott Disick, thinks of her new figure, and if they plan for more babies any day soon.

    On rockin’ a bikini again: “I feel good! I’m just starting to get comfortable being in a bikini again. I’m excited. Scott told me recently that he could tell my body was changing. He also said he could tell I’m noticing it because I’ll do these stupid dances in the mirror.”

    On what Scott says: “He’s always complimentary. He loved my post-baby body, but I think he’s excited I’m getting my old body back too.”

    On her weight-loss goal: “I have a few pounds until I get back to what I was before: 100 pounds. But I feel comfortable. I weigh about 107 pounds.”

    On having another baby right away: “I don’t know. I’ll see what happens, but I’m definitely not opposed to it.”

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