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Josh Duhamel Wants Fergie’s Kids At “Some Point”

Josh Duhamel Wants Fergie's Kids At "Some Point"

Actor Josh Duhamel, 37, and wife Fergie, 34, definitely want to have children someday, but not just yet.

“We’ll go there are (sic) some point,” he told PEOPLE while promoting his film Life As We Know It at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the film, Josh plays the father to an orphaned child – a role which he says taught him an important lesson about fatherhood:

I learned a lot from these kids. The amount of patience it takes, I guess, is the big thing.

“Thank god my wife is incredibly patient,” he added about Fergie. “I’m patient, but she’s incredibly patient. She’s a great teacher.”

Last year Josh chatted with Men’s Health about marriage and movie-making:

I want to do good work, but having kids and a life outside of that is important. If you don’t have anyboy around who loves you, then what’s it all for. You’re just lonely in the end.

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Camila Alves Keeps Her Vida Close

Camila Alves Keeps Her Vida Close

Camila Alves kept her 2 ½-month-old daughter Vida cozy and covered by a blanket as the two were spotted at LAX on Sunday (March 21).

Camila and her brood – including daddy Matthew McConaughey and son Levi, 1 ½ – have been in and out of airports quite a bit lately. Earlier this month the family of four spent some time together in New York City while Camila promoted her hosting gig on Bravo’s Shear Genius.

Recently, the 28-year-old mom-of-two, admitted that though her children will be raised bilingual, their father has yet to perfect his Portuguese:

He’s not good at it at all. Sometimes he tired to mis things up, but he’s not good at it. Levi is actually better at Portuguese than he is!

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Kelly Rutherford’s Childbirth Tips: Vizualize & Meditate

Kelly Rutherford's Childbirth Tips: Vizualize & Meditate

Childbirth can be a scary prospect for many first-time moms-to-be, but Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford has a few tips for those whose delivery dates are looming.

The 41-year-old mom-of-two recommends “meditating, getting quiet and talking to your baby” throughout the pregnancy. Also, she tells, start “visualizing how you want your birth to go, visualizing the baby in the right position and visualizing a healthy birth.”

Kelly, who is mom to kids Hermes, 3, and Helena, 9 months, reveals that childbirth was a more positive experience the second time around. So what made the difference?

“I had a lot more support and it made it a lot easier,” she says. “I had a mid-wife with me, even though I delivered at the hospital. I had someone with me that I knew knew what was going on. It was really, really helpful.”

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    Jesse James & Sunny’s Sunday Stroll

    Jesse James & Sunny's Sunday Stroll

    Jesse James and his 6-year-old daughter Sunny were spotted out for a walk together on the lot of his West Coat Choppers shop in Long Beach, Calif. on Sunday (March 21). The father-daughter duo were joined by their beloved pooch, Cinnabun.

    Jesse, who is also dad to 14-year-old Chandler and 10-year-old Jesse Jr, has been handling his parenting duties solo this week, following the allegations that he was involved in a nine month affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. His wife, Sandra Bullock, who left the couple’s Southern California home on Monday (March 15), has managed to stay out of the media’s eye since news of the affair came to light.

    The dad-of-three, who returned to work at his shop on Saturday, “was very quiet” throughout the day, a source tells PEOPLE. “He seems very upset but also very happy to be back at work.”

    “Everyone is just trying to be understanding and supportive,” adds the source. “He is actually a really nice guy and a good friend.”

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    Heidi Klum Loves Being Pregnant!

    Heidi Klum Loves Being Pregnant!

    With four beautiful children at home, you might guess that Heidi Klum loves to be pregnant – and you’d be right!

    On Friday (March 19) at the I Heart Diet Coke and The Heart Truth pop-up store in Santa Monica, Calif. the 36-year-old supermodel mom gushed to E! about her pregnancy obsession:

    I always love being pregnant. I love everything about it. I love going to the hospital and having babies, I love everything.

    However, despite her infatuation, the gorgeous mom-of-four won’t be adding anymore babies to her brood: “That’s it for us,” says Heidi. “Four is a lot. They’re all very close in age, so they keep us busy.”

    Busy enough that they doesn’t always get to eat their meals together family-style as Heidi would prefer: “Every once in a while, my kids have McDonald’s. They can have a Big Mac sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

    She even admits to indulging in some fast food herself from time to time: “I do love a Big Mac with fries and barbecue sauce every once in a while.”

    Heidi is mom to three beautiful children – Henry, 4, Johan, 3, and 4 ½-month-old Lou – with her husband of nearly five years, Seal. She also has a 5 ½-year-old daughter, Leni, from a previous relationship, whom Seal has legally adopted.

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    Ryan Phillippe & His Kids Get Groceries

    Ryan Phillippe & His Kids Get Groceries

    Ryan Phillippe and his two children – Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6 – were spotted grocery shopping in Beverly Hills on Saturday (March 20).

    The kids had fun with their dad while mama, Reese Witherspoon, celebrated her birthday weekend. The Academy Award-winning actress will celebrate her 34th birthday on Monday.

    Adding to Oscar-curse argument, seven months after thanking her “wonderful husband” during her 2006 Best Actress acceptance speech for her performance in Walk the Line, Witherspoon filed for divorce from Phillippe.

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