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Jamie Oliver Expecting Third Child

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, 33, and his wife Jools are expecting their third child next year, their spokesmen says.

‘Jools is expecting the couple’s third child in April. The baby was conceived naturally. The Olivers are delighted and excited.’

34-year-old Jools is three months along. The new baby will join big sisters Poppy Honey, 6, and Daisy Boo, 5, and the couple recently said they are hoping to give their girls a little brother.

Source: Daily Mail


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Zoe Lucker Out With Daughter

Source: The Sun

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Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson Welcomes Baby #2

Band member Alex Kapranos revealed the news to the crowd,

“I don’t know if you’ve heard about Paul our drummer – his wife went into labour, then 20 minutes ago we heard she’d given birth to a baby boy.”

Source: WENN

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Jamie Oliver: ‘I Would Love A Son’

Living with wife and two daughters,

“I live at home with three girls and I need a bit of testosterone. If I can’t produce a boy I will have to adopt one. I would consider it. We have two beautiful, healthy girls and we cherish them. But I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be great to have a boy.”

The idea of adopting,

“Adoption is such a selfless act and they have a lovely family environment. It’s humbling and beautiful to see. Jools would like to have another child but there are so many vulnerable orphans out there. Jools and I need to sit down and have a very serious conversation about it.”

The girls growing up with a famous dad,

“Sadly my kids are not going to grow up in a normal environment. Poppy is very aware of what I do and is already embarrassed at school.”

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Billie Piper: “Im Craving A Cigarette”

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Billie Piper: "Im Craving A Cigarette"

‘I gave up smoking straight away and it was fine,’ she says. ‘But now I’m craving a cigarette sooo badly.

‘I keep on looking at [the bump] and thinking “Okay, you’re formed!’’

How her family aren’t helping,

‘I speak to most of my family and they say, “Oh, we smoked through all our pregnancies”,’ she says.

‘And I have to say, “But you can’t do it now”.’

Source: NOW!

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Nicole Kidman Opens Up

Nicole Kidman Opens Up

Nicole Kidman, who was spotted out in London giving 3-month-old daughter Sunday a kiss yesterday, opened up the The Sun about life with her baby and her husband.

On having a child: “To be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life was wonderful.

On Sunday Rose’s name and who she looks like: “My parents suggested the name Sunday. Her middle name is a tribute to Keith’s late grandmother. She looks like Keith. Her hair has a bit of a reddish tinge.”

Click below to read about Nicole’s pregnancy, her husband, and about son Connor’s first paycheck.

On the early stages of her pregnancy: “I had horrendous morning sickness, and there were 14 or 15-hour days on the set. But I had to finish the film.”

On being away from husband Keith Urban: “We are never apart for more than two weeks, and even that’s too long. We start to hurt after seven days. I’ve never wanted to live my life apart from the person I love. If you’re going to be with someone, you’re with them, you’re committed to them. I’m not sort of flitting around. If I fall, I fall — that’s it. We gently fell into each other. We were two lonely people who went, ‘Ah, there you are’.”

On how her son, Connor, earned money working on the set of her new movie, Australia: “He loved it. There were a lot of horses and he worked with them and the wranglers. He got a pay cheque — his first — from his mother.”

Australia, starring Nicole and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman, is due out November 26.

Source: The Sun

Photo: Bauer/Flynet, September 14

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