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Amanda Beard Introduces Baby Blaise Ray!

Amanda Beard Introduces Baby Blaise Ray!

Meet Blaise Ray Bown! Olympic medalist Amanda Beard and husband Sacha Brown have introduced baby Blaise, born September 15, with two photos shared via Facebook.

New mommy Amanda, 27, also took to Twitter saying it is “so fun being a mommy” and that “Blaise is an awesome baby! Way to much fun having him around.”

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Gerard Butler: Katherine Heigl Will Take To Motherhood “Like A Duck To Water”

Gerard Butler: Katherine Heigl Will Take To Motherhood “Like A Duck To Water”

Katherine Heigl’s Ugly Truth costar Gerard Butler has nothing but praise for her in her new role as a mother.

“She will be an amazing mom,” Gerard tells PEOPLE at the Law Abiding Citizen premiere in New York on Wednesday (September 23). “She’s incredibly responsible, smart and loving. This is a huge deal for her and she’s going to take to it like a duck to water.”

He goes on to say that, on the set, Katherine honed her maternal instincts with him: “She mothered me,” says the 39-year-old Scottish actor. “Anytime I was feeling under the weather or was having a hard day, that’s when she was amazing. She would always come and check on me. I think she’s naturally a caretaker in the best way.”

Katherine, 30, and husband Josh Kelley, 29, recently adopted 10-month-old Naleigh from South Korea. A process which took only six months.

“It’s great that she did that,” says Gerard about Katherine and Josh’s decision to adopt a baby with special needs. “It’s just a testament to her character and to her personality that she went out of her way to do that. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Emery rides in a car seat covered in an Itzy Ritzy Baby Ritzy Rider Infant Car Seat Cover in Central Park West & Pink Minky Dot – $110

It is attached to a Bugaboo Stroller Chassis

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    Courteney Cox Arquette’s Hairy Situation

    Courteney Cox Arquette's Hairy Situation

    Kudos to Courteney Cox Arquette! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was for her to tell a fellow celebrity mom (whose name has not been revealed) that her 5-year-old daughter Coco gave her child head lice!

    PR-Inside reports Courteney’s embarrassing discovery and confession: “I look over and she (Coco) is itching her hair… I was so panicked, so I called her (the actress) up and I was like, ‘Guess what? We’re either going to be the best of friends, or you’re never going to talk to me again.’ And I said, Coco did in fact have lice.’ She said, ‘Oh, it’s just a rite of passage.’ She was so sweet,” the 45-year-old Friends star said.

    Courteney’s situation went from bad to worse when she realized she was infected as well: “I got it and it isn’t so funny anymore – especially when the paparazzi follow you (into the hair salon).”

    Have you had to deal with this hairy situation? Did the other parent react well?

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    Mariah Carey: I Would Like To Have Kids

    Mariah Carey: I Would Like To Have Kids

    Mariah Carey recently admitted to Barbara Walters on her Sirius XM Radio show that she “would like to” have kids one day. Some are speculating that the songstress is already expecting her first child. Mariah is pictured above on Wednesday (Sept. 23) in NYC with her hubby, Nick Cannon.

    “I would like to do that,” Mariah told Barbara of having children. “My thing about right now is that I have to put this album out and the movie, Precious.”

    Co-host Bill Geddie reminded Mariah, “You know what they say, there’s no good time.” The 39-year-old Glitter actress was quick to reply that she is simply too busy right now, “There is a little bit of a better time than when you’re promoting a move, album and a fragrance.”

    Mariah’s 28-year-old hubby commented earlier this year on their plans for children in the near future:

    “When you start a union, that has to be one of things that is on the forefront of your mind, but we’re so busy with everything else. We love each other, so we’re constantly in practice. We’re going to let nature take its course, but the course is not a long one.”

    Do you think Mariah is already pregnant?

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    Mary J. Blige: “I Wouldn’t Adopt”

    Mary J. Blige: "I Wouldn't Adopt"

    More and more celebrities seem to be turning to adoption these days – but don’t expect singer Mary J. Blige to be one of them.

    Speaking to People magazine at last night’s New Yorkers for Children event, the 38-year-old Grammy-winner said, “I don’t think I’ll do foster care or adopt, to be quite honest. I barely have time for my own children. To adopt more children and not have time for them, that [would be] poor parenting on my [part].”

    Mary, who was an honoree at the event, is already a very proud step-mom to her husband Kendu Isaacs’ kids Jordan, 11, and Nas, 10.

    “One [Jordan] is a film director already – she’s working on it. That’s her goal,” she revealed. “And the other [Nas] is a philosopher, a public speaker. He speaks very well already.”

    She may have ruled out adoption or foster care, but Mary does plan on helping kids who are in need.

    “I wouldn’t adopt, but what I will do is give my time and go and try to be there for people,” she says.

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