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Jessica & Cash Walk Hand-In-Hand

Jessica & Cash Walk Hand-In-Hand

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren share a laugh while out with their 4-month-old daughter Honor Marie on Sunday in NYC.

On Friday night, Jessica and Cash got dressed up and went to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party in Manhattan. Alba, 27, wore a blonde wig, while her hubby sported an afro and green army fatigues.

They are currently residing in Brooklyn while Jessica films An Invisible Sign of My Own.

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Louise Redknapp Blogs On Her Pregnancy

Louise Redknapp is due in two weeks, and she posted directly to the Mirror about how she’s feeling right now!

My new baby is due in less than a fortnight and I’m so excited. I know the next few weeks are going to whizz by and I still have so much to sort out but we’ll get there. Having a child the second time around has been a very different experience. Unlike with my son Charley, who’s now four, I’ve worked right up to the final weeks of my pregnancy and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love working and my career is important to me. When I had Charley I just focused on having a baby.

Louise has been spending time in the studio working on her album, but she admits that the term “working mom” bothers her,

I do get frustrated with the term “working mum”. It suggests that if you’re a mum at home it isn’t classed as work. Believe me, I have friends who’ve taken time out from their careers and become full-time mums. They’re always on the go! After Charley was born, I knew I wanted to continue working and had to learn how to juggle being a mother and a wife with my career. The most challenging thing has been maintaining that balance between work and family life.

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She also shared what her first months of pregnancy were like,

I was really sick for the first four months and I was so nervous. I didn’t want to get my hopes up as it had all seemed too easy compared to the last time. It took me four years to get pregnant with Charley after years of suffering from endometriosis – a womb condition which can cause infertility in some women. I had laser surgery to clear it up, which worked for me, but it was still a long, hard battle to have Charley. So when I got pregnant after only four weeks, I just kept thinking this can’t be true – this is all too smooth. I prepared myself for the worst, which meant I couldn’t let myself enjoy it at first. Once I got past the first trimester, I started to relax and enjoy the experience.

Louise has a secret love for the Nintendo Wii, and she and her family were recently approached by Nintendo to promote the console in a commercial.

My guilty secret is I love Wii, so when they asked us we jumped at the chance and drafted in nearly all the family. My husband Jamie’s mum and dad and my little brothers were all at the filming. We initially got Wii as a game consul but I soon discovered it’s a super way to exercise – which is great as I’m not, and probably never will be, into going to the gym. I had to laugh though as there wasn’t much space for the film crew once I entered the room with my big bump.

She also admits she was nervous going into it,

I’m not too sure whether I’d have had the confidence to do that a few years ago. Working in media you have to be aware of your appearance and image, and when we started to film, it felt strange. You get used to seeing snaps of yourself in the papers when you’re pregnant but to see yourself on the screen, as one of the main people in an advert, was new territory for me. I guess I got the bug though because after we had finished filming the advert I found myself in production meetings for a new TV programme, which we finished filming last week. Some people think I’m mad working right up to the end of my pregnancy. But while the baby and I are well, I don’t see why not. I’ve always worked hard since I was 15, when Eternal signed to EMI Records.

But, she says, her last three months have been “brilliant,”

It was great putting on a few pounds and still being able to wear nice clothes. I’ve noticed a change in the high street for maternity wear since I was last pregnant. Topshop and New Look have some great things. My maternity jeans from Topshop have been my best buy – they’re so comfy! I was wearing maxi dresses in summer and now I wear leggings, boots and chunky cardigans. I don’t look as streamlined as I would normally but, with the current styles, I can just about get away with it.

And just last week, the nesting stage kicked in!

Last week, I felt the hormones kicking in. Jamie came home from work to find the contents of my wardrobe on the floor and all the drawers open. Yes, the nesting stage has set in. I think I was a bit overzealous though as I put nearly everything I owned into black bin bags. My mum came around and I asked what I should do with it. There was no hesitation: “You can give it to me.” I know she’ll come rocking up to the house for coffee next week wearing my favourite jumper that I didn’t realise was in one of the bags!

And on how husband Jamie and son Charlie are handling the pregnancy,

Jamie’s been so relaxed this time around. Men are so lucky, nothing really changes for them and, if it does, they don’t talk about it. On the other hand, Charley is sooo excited. We’ve got a great book called There’s A House Inside My Mummy’s Tummy. He thinks my belly button is called a telly button. I am as excited for Charley as I am for Jamie and me. When I was expecting Charley, Jamie and I used to call him Peanut but we haven’t given this baby a nickname. Saying that, I had to laugh the other week…Charley rushed home from school and declared he’d like to call the baby Roger! No offence to Rogers but Roger Redknapp? It just doesn’t sound quite right.

Source: Louise Redknapp

Photo: Splash News, 10/01

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Eden wears Robeez Tredz Daisy T-strap Sandals in Brown – $41.95
  • Savannah wears Stride Rite Gabby Shoes – $46.95
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    Heidi Klum & Kids Shop

    Heidi Klum & Kids Shop

    Model Heidi Klum took her three kids – Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2 this month – shopping at the Beverly Center yesterday. Leni’s biological father is Flavio Briatore; the kids’ dad is singer Seal. Heidi shared what her kids were for Halloween at her annual Halloween party in New York City,

    “Leni is a bumblebee and the boys [Henry and Johan] are Spiderman. But they’re always Spiderman, so I don’t think for them there’s a difference between Halloween or any other day. They always dress up.”

    Photos: Flynet

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    Gretchen & Ptolemy Cuddle In The Park

    Gretchen & Ptolemy Cuddle In The Park

    Gretchen Mol took son Ptolemy John, who turned 1 last month, to a park near the Hudson river on Saturday. The two of them cuddled and then headed home, with the little boy all snug in his stroller. Dad is film director Kip Williams.

    Photos: VILA/ANDERSON/bauergriffinonline

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