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Latest Dish!

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Jamie Lee Curtis & Kids Rock The Red Carpet

Jamie Lee Curtis & Kids Rock The Red Carpet

Gorgeous group! Jamie Lee Curtis and her two children – Annie, 23, who just graduated from college this year and Thomas, 13 – were pictured at the Los Angeles premiere of Avatar on Wednesday (December 16).

The kids’ father is Jamie’s husband, actor Christopher Guest (Lord Haden-Guest). As the wife of a lord, Jamie is titled Lady Haden-Guest, but she chooses not to use the title when in the United States. The couple are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary later this month.

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Robin Thicke: We’re Having A Boy!

Robin Thicke: We're Having A Boy!

It will be a boy for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, the sexy singer reveals to While promoting his new album, Sex Therapy, the 32-year-old opens up about his fears of being patient enough for fatherhood, the name of their unborn son who is due in May and the “baby making” tracks on his album.

On his biggest fear regarding fatherhood: “I’m afraid of not being patient enough, but most of the time that’s when I’m scared or worried about the future. I want to work on that. But my biggest fear is being able to be there, because I don’t know if kids ever think their parents were there enough.”

On what he looks forward to: “Teaching him how to play basketball. Teaching him how to respect a woman. Teaching him music. Getting to play him Biggie Smalls at some age, we’ll experience that together…that’s the beauty of having a child.”

On how far along Paula is: “Four months.”

On the gender and name: “It’s a boy, Julian.”

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Jaime has a Vera Bradley Large Backpack Diaper Bag in Caffe Latte – On Sale for $69!

    Desi is covered in a Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket in Garnet – $68

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    Kelly Ripa: “You Work On Your Marriage The Same Way You Work At Your Job”

    Kelly Ripa: "You Work On Your Marriage The Same Way You Work At Your Job"

    With their 14th wedding anniversary coming up next year, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have one of Hollywood’s longest and, by all accounts, happiest marriages. In a new interview with Redbook magazine the 39-year-old Live with Regis and Kelly host is full of praise for her very handsome husband (“That gorgeousness, those teeth, that jet black hair…”), with whom she has kids Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 6. The busy mom dishes on everything from dealing with “Mommy guilt” to her golden rule for her kids – and also shares her best advice for a long-lasting relationship.

    On dealing with Mommy guilt: “Initially, we would never leave the kids alone with a babysitter. But then Mark would say, ‘We are going out to dinner,’ and I would say, ‘Without the kids?’ And he would say, ‘Yes. Because that’s what grown-ups do.’ It was something he forced me to do, and now I think to myself, The kids will be thrilled. They know the babysitter is going to let them watch TV and eat cookies. So that’s the balance Mark introduced to me. I know there are people who are good at dealing with this stuff, but I think the majority of women feel tremendous guilt.”

    On being a work in progress: “There are still nights when, if I’m feeling really guilty about leaving the kids, I’ll pick a fight with Mark over having nothing to wear. Which is a lie. I’m like, ‘I’m not going! My throat hurts! I have nothing to wear!’ And he’ll say, ‘Which is it?’ I’m like, ‘I have nothing to wear and, yes, I think my throat may be hurting soon.’ We’re evolving.”

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    Pete Wentz & His Christmas Bundle

    Pete Wentz & His Christmas Bundle

    Pete Wentz and his 1-year-old son Bronx were seen out shopping in New York City on Thursday (December 17). Bronx was all bundled in up the backpack while papa carried a Christmas shopping bag. What a cute pair!

    Pete is going all out this Christmas! We just spotted the father-son duo Christmas shopping earlier this week. After their outing, the Fall Out Boy rocker posted the following message on his Twitter: “m xmas shopping is done. maybe a month earlier than usual.”

    The Simpson-Wentz family are in New York as mama Ashlee performs in the Broadway play, Chicago.

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