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Salma Hayek Takes Valentina To Work

Salma Hayek Takes Valentina To Work

Salma Hayek and her adorable 20-month-old daughter Valentina Paloma were spotted enjoying some down time together on May 21st on the Southern Berkshire, Massachusetts set of the new film, Grown Ups.

Last month Salma, 42, was honored along with Debra Messing, Uma Thurman and others at the 3rd Annual Smart Cookie Awards, which recognize “the symbiotic relationship between motherhood and citizenship.” The Frida star says that becoming a mother inspired her need to help other moms and children around the world.

“I started working with UNICEF on raising money for and awareness of the tetanus-vaccination campaign. Tetanus doesn’t really exist in the United States, but it’s still a threat in remote parts of the world, especially to new mothers and infants. By getting the vaccines to these places that need them and by training the locals in how to administer them, we can eliminate tetanus in three to five years. It can be history.”

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Bronx wears a Junk Food Spiderman ‘Don’t Bug Me’ Tee – $32.99, sizes 0-6mos – 4T or $21, sizes 2T – 4T

He also wears Shrnk Boy’s Knit Cargo Pants in Black and Trumpette Toddler Camo Socks – $30, sizes 3-6mos – 6, and $26.95 with Free Shipping!

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Ewan McGregor’s Advice To Parents

Ewan McGregor's Advice To Parents

Actor Ewan McGregor is notoriously private when it comes to his own family life, but the dad-of-three shares a some wise words on the topic of parenting in the March issue of Men’s Health magazine:

“Pay attention: I recognize it can be boring to play with young children – to tell a story over and over again, let’s say – but the secret is being there. If you’ve made a decision to play with your children, then play with them. Don’t be looking through papers on your desk or sneaking off to the computer. Turn off your BlackBerry. Lose yourself in their world. Even if you do it for a short time, it will mean a lot to you and to them.”

Ewan knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of family life – he and his wife Eve have been married for 14 years and have daughters Clara, 13, Esther, 7, and Jamiyan, 7, who they adopted from Mongolia in 2006.

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    The Berry-Aubrys Are Happy Hikers

    The Berry-Aubrys Are Happy Hikers

    It was a family-filled afternoon for Halle Berry on Sunday in Topanga Canyon, CA as she and partner Gabriel Aubry took their adorable 14-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela out for the day. The trio looked as happy as could be as they hiked in the heat to get to the Topanga Days Country Fair to enjoy the Memorial holiday weekend.

    Could the genetically-gifted couple be expecting another gorgeous child? Aubry recently told In Touch magazine, “I’d like Nahla to have a sibling in 2009.”

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    Giveaway: Edible Gifts Plus

    Giveaway: Edible Gifts Plus is THE confectionary headquarters for all kinds of special occasions and celebrations including baby showers, birthdays, family reunions and much more. Choose from a smorgasbord of delectable delicacies including yummy brownies, cookies in every flavor, decorated rice krispy treats, gourmet marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzels and oreos, giant fortune cookies, and more, all dressed up in fun colors and decorations. Most gourmet treats can even be personalized with pictures and text to truly make your event a memorable one. Best of all, you can make an impact without spending a fortune with prices starting at $9.95.

    Celebrity mom Tori Spelling is going all out for daughter Stella’s first birthday party. Tori enlisted the help of Edible Gifts Plus to provide a sweet treat for Stella’s guests that was not only yummy, but memorable. Tori selected the adorable and delicious hand dipped rice krispy treats, decorated with candy sprinkles and featuring an edible photo of the mother/daughter duo. They look almost too good to eat!

    We are giving away $100 Gift Certificates to 2 of our lucky readers! Also exclusive to our readers is a 20% discount from your entire order for the next 30 days (offer ends June 22, 2009). All you need to do is enter code CBS at checkout.

    *HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product sold at Edible Gifts Plus and 2 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Friday, May 29th at 7 P.M. EST. Entries open to Continental US residents only. Good luck!

    Congratulations to the winner of our Lux For Sprouts giveaway: Melanie1983

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    Tried, Tested & True: A Stroller For Two

    A stroller is one of the biggest purchases new parents make and it can be a daunting task searching the internet for reviews, looking for the highest quality product at a reasonable price. I was recently in this position myself. My boys are 15 months apart, which means that there has been this long period where one walks well but tires easily/and or I must have a place to strap him in when in a store, and the other was only crawling/newly walking. As much as I was hoping to avoid a double stroller due to the shear size of them, it was inevitable, so we made the big purchase a couple of months ago and purchased the InSTEP Run Around LTD Double 2008 Jogging Stroller.

    When looking for a stroller I knew what I didn’t want more than I knew what I did want. I knew that I really wanted a side by side, and I wanted something on the small side, hopefully with the ability to pass through a regular sized doorway. So I began my search, and I found one I loved, but unfortunately it was completely out of my price range at around $650US, so I continued on to find the InSTEP Run Around. The reviews were pretty positive so I decided to go ahead and order.

    For the $200US or so that this stroller costs, it is totally worth it. Although I can’t pass through my smaller side doorways in my old country home, I can pass through doorways when we are out, in fact my home is the only place this has happened, and why would you need to stroll around inside anyway right? I love how easily it folds also, it’s a one handed which is really helpful with one child on my hip. Another great feature is the canopy with a sun visor, so I can peak in and see what the kids are up to , and finally one of the greatest features is the massive tires. This is obviously a jogging stroller, and they do have big tires, but I needed the big tires more for the terrain around my home, and it is perfect for that.

    The only downside, the stroller doesn’t seem to be especially comfortable for the children. The back seems to almost sink in a bit at the bottom, but luckily this is easily remedied with a folded up receiving blanket or something of the likes at the bottom to give some extra support. All in all I think that the InSTEP Run Around LTD Double 2008 Jogging Stroller was a good purchase and I would certainly recommend to other parents looking for a good deal on a great stroller.

    Rating Out of 10: 7
    Would You Recommend? Yes
    Likes? One handed folding, narrowness
    Dislikes? A bit uncomfortable for the kids
    Price: $210US
    Where To Find: On sale w/ free shipping

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