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Alyson Hannigan: “Motherhood Filled A Void I Never Knew Was There”

Alyson Hannigan: "Motherhood Filled A Void I Never Knew Was There"

We can’t get enough of Alyson Hannigan! Voted as our favorite new mom – and Satyana as our favorite new baby – the 35-year-old How I Met Your Mother star says she has been “changed in every way” by motherhood. Alyson sat down for an exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop and dished about her home birth, the significance of Satyana’s name and birth date, how fatherhood has been for hubby Alexis Denisof and the funny story behind those adorable kangaroo Halloween costumes.

CBS: Satyana was born on your 35th birthday (March 24)! Was this her due date?

AH: “It was her due date. And actually, my mom was born on her mom’s birthday. On my dad’s side of the family, all of the women are born on the 24th of the month, not the same month, but always the 24th.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

AH: “It’s changed me in every way because my life is so much greater. It filled a void I never knew was there—it’s the most amazing experience of my life. I just feel so blessed to get to be on this journey—to be a mommy. She is just the greatest baby.”

CBS: How do you pronounce Satyana? How did you come up with the name?

AH: “You pronounce it like Tatiana but with an “S.” The root of it means truth, and we added the “ana” to make it go better with my husband’s last name, which is Russian.”

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Sofia Coppola Expecting Second Child

Sofia Coppola Expecting Second Child

Congratulations to Sofia Coppola and partner Thomas Mars who are currently expecting baby no. 2!

Thomas recently confirmed the pregnancy in a backstage interview with Chicago’s WXRT where, when asked if Sofia was expecting, seemed surprise, but nodded with affirmation.

The Phoenix frontman is already hoping to impart some musicality on his second child: “I heard the story that if you play Bach, [babies in the womb] get smarter,” says Thomas, adding however, that he’s “not sure it’s a good idea” to play his child any music from his band’s latest release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Sofia and Thomas, who have been together for four years, are also parents to 3-year-old Romy Mars.

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Rebecca Gayheart’s Growing Baby Bump

Rebecca Gayheart's Growing Baby Bump

Gorgeous! Mom-to-be Rebecca Gayheart was spotted having lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (December 15). Rebecca’s bump has really grown since the last time we spotted her.

The 38-year-old former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress and her Grey’s Anatomy star hubby, Eric Dane, announced their pregnancy last month.

We’ve always wanted to be parents,” Gayheart said. “I think Eric is going to be a wonderful dad, and hopefully I’ll be a good mom. We’re absolutely looking forward to it!”

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    Introducing Hank Randall Baskett IV!

    Introducing Hank Randall Baskett IV!

    Welcome to the world, baby Hank!

    The newborn son of Kendra Wilkinson, 24, and husband Hank Baskett, 27, is making his debut on the cover of OK! Magazine‘s newest issue – due to hit newsstands this Thursday (December 17).

    New mom Kendra looks fabulous as she cradles her baby boy, who was born via cesarean on December 11, weighing 9lbs, 5oz.

    “I was just in heaven,” she tells OK!. “It was awesome,” adds her husband. “I am in straight awe, trust me.”

    Kendra, who had originally planned for a natural childbirth, ended up having to be induced: “The good thing being induced is that it’s like planning a trip, just very calm,” she explains. “We ate a huge dinner before we came to the hospital. I ate a whole batch of brownies because I was nervous. No wonder he’s 9 pounds!”

    She goes on to say that she felt quite impatient during labor: “I was induced early in the morning; then it was wait, wait, wait. I was experiencing contractions throughout the day, and I was anxious. I kept checking the monitor every second, like “Is it happening yet?””

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    Sarah Jessica Parker: Motherhood Is “Perfectly Overwhelming”

    Sarah Jessica Parker: Motherhood Is “Perfectly Overwhelming”

    Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, who has been a mother since 2002 and recently welcomed twins into the family, is riding the parenthood high these days.

    “It’s the most perfectly overwhelming experience,” the 44-year-old actress told PEOPLE at the New York City premiere of her newest flick, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, at the Ziegfeld Theater last night (December 14).

    She goes on to say that though things are busy at home, her 7-year-old son, James Wilkie, and her 6-month-old twins, Marion and Tabitha “get along beautifully”.

    In her latest film, Sarah plays a character who is relocated to Wyoming as part of a remote witness protection program. When asked what items she would bring along if she ever found herself in such a situation, she quickly answered: “My three children. That’s what I would somehow manage to sneak on the plane or the bus or the train or the horse and buggy. No matter what. I’d like my husband to be there as well,” she adds, speaking of actor Matthew Boderick.

    Sadly, her colleague, Hugh Grant, isn’t quite as enamored with children as Sarah seems to be. He recently joked about the similarities between working with children and animals: “Animals aren’t easy, but what’s annoying about children is that everyone loves them and I resent that. I only work with ugly children.”

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    Cam Gigandet Totes His Sleeping Beauty

    Cam Gigandet Totes His Sleeping Beauty

    Twilight star Cam Gigandet sure knows how to make a sling look good! The adoring dad toted his sleepy daughter Everleigh Rae, 8 months, while out shopping with girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff in LA, California today (December 15). So sweet!

    Cam, 27, has a ton of movies coming out in the new year, including The Roommate opposite Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester and Burlesque, which co-stars Christina Aguilera.

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