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Joely Fisher Encourages Domestic Adoption

Joely Fisher Encourages Domestic Adoption

After adopting a newborn baby girl in September from the US, Joely Fisher spoke to Star magazine about her adoption, and the importance of adopting children domestically.

“I always thought that I would adopt. I’ve had many friends go into China, Africa or wherever [to adopt]. I went to Africa — not in search of a baby, as Ambassador for Save the Children — and they don’t really want you to take their children. They want to sustain. They want to have a way to keep their countries prospering and have happy, healthy children. It’s tough over there.”

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So Joely, who has two older sons – Cameron, 24, and Colin, 22 – from a previous relationship, and two daughters – Skylar, 7, and True, 2 – with current husband Chris Duddy, decided to adopt domestically instead, and they didn’t look any further than their home state.

“There are 70,000 children in foster care in the state of California,” she says. “That’s 7-0. It’s unbelievable! There are many children in our own city that need parents.”

The family welcomed Olivia Luna Fisher-Duddy into their family soon after, and everyone is totally in love,

“They’re great big sisters — they’re totally in love. And they have two big, big brothers too. So it’s a big, crazy family.”

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Sheryl Crow & Wyatt Play In The Park

Sheryl Crow & Wyatt Play In The Park

Singer Sheryl Crow took her 18-month-old son Wyatt with her when she grabbed coffee, and then they headed to a playground in Perth, Australia to play. They played on the swings and went down the slide together!

Sheryl is on tour in Australia for the first time since 1997.

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Suri Cruise & Ella Stiller Have Playdates

Ben Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor, spoke last night at a ceremony in New York held by the Museum of the Moving Image to honor her husband about how her 6-year-old daughter Ella loves to play with 2 1/2-year-old Suri Cruise, because she gets to play the “older sister.”

“We’ve had a couple of play dates, and they’re just like any other play dates,” said Christine. “[Suri's] amazing, [Tom and Katie Holmes] are terrific. When little kids get together you just let them do their thing and there’s no outside elements, you know what I mean. It’s always just a great thing to see your kids connecting and you see the different stages. Ella used to always be the one looking up to the older girls and now she’s kind of taken on that kind of big girl role.”

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Ava Jackman Waits For Daddy

Ava Jackman Waits For Daddy

Three-year-old Ava Jackman – with a pretty flower in her hair – waits patiently near her home for dad Hugh Jackman to return from the US. Hugh has been here doing the press tour for his new epic film Australia, which co-stars Nicole Kidman and comes out November 26. (Hugh made it home later in the day.)

Ava’s mom is Hugh’s wife Debbora-Lee Furness, and she has a big brother, Oscar, 8. Hugh has just purchased a 12-room, 11,000-square-foot triplex apartment in New York City. Hugh had originally been renting a room in the building, and managed to talk the owners down from the $40 million asking price to $21 million.

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!


  • Jacob rides in a Peg Perego Uno Stroller in Green Bubbles – on sale! for $431.99
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