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Ulrika Jonsson Defends Weight Gain

British television presenter Ulrika Jonsson gained 70lbs while pregnant with her fourth child Malcolm Charles Trip, now 8 1/2 weeks old. Tired of the “derogatory comments” made about her weight – she retaliated by writing a column in the Daily Mail.

While pictures of my ever-growing body have been appearing in scores of magazines, often accompanied by derogatory comments, it has been comforting to find that my husband has taken a shine to my newly-upholstered derriere.

Jonsson, 40, also talks about the “relentless pressure” on female celebrities to quickly lose weight after pregnancy, which she calls “both insidious and damaging”.

I’m sure sane women everywhere will agree when I say I felt like tearing up those pictures of Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry when they popped up with ironing-board-flat stomachs days after giving birth.

To read Ulrika’s entire column click here.

Source: Daily Mail

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Katie & Suri’s Fun Day At The Park

Katie & Suri's Fun Day At The Park

Katie Holmes and her adorable 2-year-old daughter, Suri, go to a playground in New York on Thursday. Suri showed off all sorts of personality as she watched other kids on the playground and played with her mom on the slide and swings. Katie was wearing her oversized jeans with the tight rolls at the bottom again. She’s really trying hard to bring back that look. Any takers?

Photos: Flynet

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Liv & Milo Enjoy A Sunny Afternooon In NYC

Liv & Milo Enjoy A Sunny Afternooon In NYC

Liv Tyler and son, Milo William Langdon, were photographed enjoying the nice weather in NYC on Thursday afternoon.

Photos: Flynet

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Jennifer Garner’s Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner's Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner leaves a friend’s house in Santa Monica on Thursday. Jen is pregnant with her second child with husband Ben Affleck. We cannot wait for another Violet!! :)

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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Amanda Peet On Postpartum Depression

Amanda Peet On Postpartum Depression

Amanda Peet has recently been very outspoken about infant vaccinations. In a current interview with Gotham, she spoke out more on the controversial topic and opened up about her experience with postpartum depression.

On if she feels like an advocate for infant vaccinations: “Yes. The idea is that by the age of two, every child should be vaccinated—the organization is called Every Child by Two. I think there’s a feeling, especially in Hollywood, that it’s cool to be really skeptical of pharmaceutical companies. I think that we’re so used to being skeptical that sometimes we take it too far. It leads to what can be really dangerous misinformation.” She added that she takes her role as a mother very seriously, “I wanted to be a mom. I wanted a baby for so long, and as soon as I met David I knew that I wanted him to be the father of my children.”

On her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter Frankie: “[After I gave birth] I had a fairly serious postpartum depression. I think it was because I had a really euphoric pregnancy.” She added, “I was like a princess and I was just euphoric and productive and I felt really sexy. But it all came crashing down the second she was born. And I was sleep-deprived beyond belief.”

On if her expectations of motherhood were somewhat unrealistic: “Fulfilled, yes. And now I want to be honest about it because I think there’s still so much shame when you have mixed feelings about being a mom instead of feeling this sort of “bliss.” I think a lot of people still really struggle with that, but it’s hard to find other people who are willing to talk about it…. In a weird way, the thing that’s been the most extraordinary about being a mom is the craving that I have for her—it’s strange because I’m in love with David, but then I’m also in love with this other person.”

On if she picks different roles now that she’s a mom: “No. I still feel really competitive and ambitious— and sad and hurt if someone doesn’t like me.” She went on to say “I think if you’ve gotten an Academy Award, maybe you feel you’re really incredibly lucky, and that you’ve been nominated, you’ve been anointed. Maybe you feel like it’s easier to leave the party. I think I’ve found that kind of peacefulness… but it came more when I met David, I think, and probably partly because he’s a writer and started reading my scripts.”

Thanks Christina!

Source: Gotham Magazine

Photo: Gotham Magazine

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