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Beatrice McCartney To Sing On Shrek 4 Soundtrack

“Paul is really pleased to be part of the next Shrek film because it’s Bea’s favourite movie. He said she can’t stop talking about it. He wants to go one step further though and make sure she’s a part of the film. Paul’s writing a song for the film and wants Bea to sing some of the harmonies. She’s quite a musical kid. She’s very bright. It will be a dream come true for Bea.”

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Jayden Federline Is Definitely Recovered!

Jayden Federline Is Definitely Recovered!

Just two days after leaving the hospital following a severe allergic reaction, 2-year-old Jayden James Federline paid a visit to the Kliebert’s Turtle and Alligator farm in Louisiana today with his family. Along for the trip were Mom Britney Spears, grandma Lynn, big brother Sean Preston, aunt Jamie Lynn and cousin Maddie, almost 5 months.

Jayden was checked into a Mississippi hospital Sunday afternoon after developing hives, and was released last night.

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Shauna Sand & Daughters In Beverly Hills

Shauna Sand, 37-year-old actress and Playboy model, was spotted with two of her daughters in Beverly Hills going into a medical center on Tuesday.

Shauna and her ex-husband, Lorenzo Lamas, have three daughters together: Alexandra, 10 1/2, Victoria, 9 and Isabella, 7.

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Jack P. Shepherd Getting Fatherhood Advice From Corrie Co-Stars

“Ryan Thomas has just had a baby with Tina O’Brien so I asked him what he did in the delivery room. He told me he was doing the usual holding of the hand and rubbing the back. He has a proper fear of blood though, so I think it was a case of ‘Clean that baby up before it comes anywhere near me’.

His co-stars’ advice,

“But I can walk up to anyone at ‘Coronation Street’ and ask them about fatherhood – there’s loads of people going through the same thing!”

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How Lauren’s ensuring she isn’t missing out,

“Now Lauren can’t drink she doesn’t go out, and if Laurens not going out then I’m not allowed to go out! I haven’t really missed it though, to tell you the truth.”

Lauren added,

“I’ve got a rule that if I’m pregnant, Jack is pregnant!”

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Larry King & Son In Beverly Hills

Larry King was photographed walking with his son in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

The 74-year-old television / radio host is currently married to his sixth wife, Shawn Southwick, and they have three sons: Chance, 9, Cannon, 8, and stepson, Danny, 27.

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SJP & James Wilkie Keep It Cozy

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James Wilkie, who just turned 6, are prepared for the cold weather as they head off to school on a chilly Tuesday morning in NYC.

James was named after Matthew Broderick’s father, the actor James Broderick. His middle name is that of author Wilkie Collins, an author both Matthew and Sarah greatly admire.


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