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Liv Tyler: “My Dream My Whole Life Was To Be A Mother”

Liv Tyler graces the cover of the June issue of SELF. Inside she talks about working out, Milo, and enjoying what’s really important. Here’s some highlights:

On being pregnant: “I loved being pregnant so much, and experiencing a child growing in your body just gives you such a newfound respect for the human body. It’s just fascinating. It gives you this sense and this feeling of timelessness, this sort of evolution of man and what a miracle it is that you get pregnant at all. It’s not like you take a special pill and this pill makes the baby grow. The baby just grows, without your even doing anything but breathing and sleeping and eating. That is an amazing feeling. You feel so proud of your body. We didn’t find out if Milo was a girl or a boy. At first I think I wanted to find out but Roy [her husband, Royston Langdon; he and Tyler have since split] didn’t want to and I’m really grateful that we didn’t, because there’s such a beauty in the mystery, in the awe of not knowing. It’s the greatest surprise ever.”

On being a working mom: “It’s hard as a woman to be working so much all the time and out in the world and then also really wanting to be a mother and wanting to do all those things around the house for your child. It’s really overwhelming, especially when your child is young. My dream my whole life was to be a mother, not to have a career or be famous. I love my job and care a lot about what I do and I get a lot of pleasure from acting, but I want to be able to be home and be [Milo's] mother. I don’t want somebody else raising him.”

On raising a boy: “Milo loves animals. And I want to teach him to feel strong and manly and…you know! It’s funny, it’s like, wow, I have a son. This is my responsibility now, to teach him how to be a man. I feel like the dynamic between gender—male and female—has changed so much and I want to help teach him how to be able to do everything. To cook and sew and also mow the lawn and chop down trees. I want him to learn and know everything.”

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David Grohl & Family In LA

David Grohl & Family In LA

Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl was spotted in LA today with his wife, Jordyn Blum and their 2-year-old daughter Violet Maye.

Photo: Splash

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Noah Wyle & Family Shop @ James Perse

Noah Wyle & Family Shop @ James Perse

Noah Wyle, wife Tracy Warbin, and their kids Owen, 5 1/2, and Auden 2 1/2, did some shopping at James Perse in LA on Saturday.

Photos: Flynet

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Cate Tends To Hungry Baby At The Cannes Film Festival

Cate Tends To Hungry Baby At The Cannes Film Festival

Cate Blanchett is in France at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her latest film, the fourth Indiana Jones movie: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Instead of a grand, Hollywood entrance with her fellow cast mates, Cate was busy breastfeeding her 4 week-old son, Iggy,

“He’s just down the corridor with my mum,” she stated after breastfeeding her hungry baby boy. Without hesitation, Cate joined her fellow actors and interviewed for her exciting role in one of the years’ most anticipated movies. When asked how she does it all she replied

“I think the more you do, the more children you have, the more seamless those transitions become. I don’t take myself too seriously and I think children have made me a better actor because what you perceive as preparation for a role is really staving off anxiety and there’s no time for that sort of introspection and anxiety when you have children. They short circuit that sort of self indulgence I think.”

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Sean Patrick Thomas & Wife Welcome A Baby Girl

Save the Last Dance actor Sean Patrick Thomas and his wife Aonika welcomed a baby girl — Lola Jolie. The baby was born Friday, May, 16 and weighed 7lbs. Thomas told PEOPLE

“Now I have two gorgeous girls to love.”

Source: People

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Country Star Dierks Bentley & Wife Expecting First Child

Country star Dierks Bentley and wife Cassidy are expecting their first child this fall. Dierks revealed the good news on his fan website.

“Cass’s Eggo is Preggo”! We are excited about adding onto the family, but aren’t too sure how the current kids, Jake and George, are going to feel about it.”

Jake and George are the couples dogs.

They are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise.


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