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Jennie Garth & Her Cafe Cuties

Jennie Garth & Her Cafe Cuties

90210 actress, Jennie Garth, was spotted leaving The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 29) with two of her three daughters: Lola Ray, 6 1/2, and Fiona Eve, 3.

Rockin’ an Ed Hardy t-shirt, Jennie picked up a cup of coffee for herself and a few treats for her girls before taking them to school.

Jennie and her husband of eight years, Twilight star Peter Facinelli, are also parents to 12-year-old Luca Bella.

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Madonna: Lourdes Might Be An Actress

Madonna: Lourdes Might Be An Actress

Considered one of the most influential women in contemporary music, Madonna has been known for continually reinventing her music and image. Not only is she the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th Century, the 51-year-old Material Girl is also mom to four kids: Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 9, David, 4, and Mercy, 3. The Queen of Pop opened up to PopEater about her busy life, her 12-year-old daughter Lourdes, the possibility of more children, and her upcoming projects.

On Lourdes being in her new video ‘Celebration’: “She hangs out with the dancers a lot. She’s a dancer, herself. The video is about the celebration of music and dance. There’s an improvisational moment when we’re all in a circle and each dancer does their specialty or a special move that they do well. She wanted to do hers, so she did.”

On if she thinks Lourdes will follow in her footsteps: “No. I don’t think she wants to be a singer. I think she wants to be an actress.” The Papa Don’t Preach singer went on to say she supports whatever path Lourdes chooses: “I’m fine with it, as long as she finishes school, and takes it seriously. She also plays piano, and she’s really into clothes and fashion and style. She can go in any direction. She’s got a lot of diverse interests right now. We’ll see. I’m not pushing anything. We’ll see what she wants to do.”

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The Apple Of Jennifer Garner’s Eye

The Apple Of Jennifer Garner's Eye

Jennifer Garner and her mother-in-law, Chris Affleck, welcomed the coming of autumn with the Affleck girls – Violet, 3 1/2 and Seraphina, 8 1/2 months – on Tuesday (September 29). The group paid a visit to an orchard near Boston where they enjoyed some apple picking and a hayride.

Jennifer – a self-proclaimed “control freak” in the kitchen – recently described a common dinner in the Garner-Affleck household:

I make really homey food. Just the other night I did a roast chicken with butternut squash and brown sugar. And I did brown rice and some roasted broccoli. I make a wheat pizza once a week. When my daughter is the hungriest, that’s when I try to have vegetables out for her to snack on while I’m finishing dinner. So I don’t start with putting her favorite thing in front of her, I start with putting some snap peas or broccoli with dip or carrots to get her going. I rarely do take-out. I like to be in charge of what we eat. I’m a control freak that way!”

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    Liev Schreiber & Sasha: Smilin’ In SoHo

    Liev Schreiber & Sasha: Smilin' In SoHo

    What a cute pair! Liev Schreiber was spotted carrying his 2-year-old son Sasha on his shoulders through SoHo, NYC on Tuesday (Sept. 29). The father-son duo managed a smile and a smooch during their stroll. Mom Naomi Watts and little brother Kai, 9 months, stayed at home.

    The 41-year-old X-Men: Wolverine star recently commented on juggling his career and family life:

    I would love to do more. But with a two-year-old and a seven-month-old baby, it’s a hard time to leave them. You kind of want to stick around and see what happens, but I’m continuing to work on stuff.”

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    Heidi Klum: Getting Close!

    Heidi Klum: Getting Close!

    She’s getting close! A very pregnant Heidi Klum was spotted taking her three children – Leni, 5, Henry, 4, and Johan, 2 1/2 – to Taekwondo class in LA on Tuesday (Sept. 29). The 36-year-old Victoria’s Secret model carried little Johan while holding onto Leni’s hand. What a handful!

    Klum and her musician hubby, Seal, are expecting their fourth and final child in October:

    “We’re outnumbered,” the Project Runway host recently said. “Four is perfect. Three is a lot. But four? It’s a lot of work. We’re hands-on, and we feel like this is what we can handle.”

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    Christian Slater’s Latest Role: Education Ambassador

    Christian Slater's Latest Role: Education Ambassador

    Christian Slater stars in Jerry Bruckheimer’s TV show The Forgotten as a detective driven by the disappearance of his young daughter to create a team dedicated to searching for missing persons. The 40-year-old father-of-two – Jaden, 10, and Eliana, 8 – opened up to Parade about the frightening possibility of losing a child, and his latest role as education ambassador to help encourage our youth to stay in school.

    On how his children inspired him to complete his high school diploma: “Certainly having kids is a phenomenal eye-opener. When I had kids, my whole idea on education started to shift just a little bit and I definitely wanted them to finish high school, but I hadn’t finished high school. So I knew that if I tried to push them, I would lose the argument because they’d be like, ‘Hey dad, you never finished.’ So I went and sat in a classroom with a bunch of students and got my GED.”

    On encouraging youth to complete their education: “I’m involved with the Get Schooled project from the Bill and Melinda Gates Association. I’m helping raise the awareness of how many high-school dropouts there actually are a year, about a million students. It’s a very, very scary statistic, and you know, it needs to be paid attention to. So, ironically, as a result of a decision I made 10 years ago, I’ve become an educational ambassador.”

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