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Elizabeth Hurley, Arun Nayar & Damian Get All Dressed Up

Elizabeth Hurley, Arun Nayar & Damian Get All Dressed Up

Elizabeth Hurley, husband Arun Nayar and son Damian, 6, left their London home today dressed in their best. Damian’s father is American film producer Stephen Bing.


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Larry & Dannielynn Move To Kentucky

Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn are moving to Kentucky. Larry has purchased a 10,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house in his hometown of Louisville, Ky., for himself and 21-month-old daughter Dannielynn to call home.

Birkhead, 35, says the house needs a lot of work,

[Right now it] “looks like a haunted house,” but he loves it. “When I walked in, I said to myself, ‘This is our home!’” He added that he might sell the LA home where he’s sometimes haunted of memories of Dannielynn’s mother and half-borther, Anna Nicole Smith and Daniel, who both died from drug-related complications. “At first, I couldn’t imagine parting with it. Then I realized I was probably holding on to it for the wrong reasons, thinking to myself that would ease the pain of losing Anna and Daniel. I have always thought that it would be great for Dannielynn to grow up in her mother’s home; however, there is no yard as it is over a canyon. There also isn’t any little friends for her to run around with – which makes the idea of Kentucky even more inviting.”

Source: People

Photo: Pacific Coast News, May 18

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Keith Is Learning Baby Talk

Daddy-to-be, Keith Urban, was a surprise performer on Friday night at LP Field. He received some gifts from his adoring fans and when a reporter told him one of the gifts was a ‘onesie,’ Urban, who’s expecting his first child this summer (or prehaps sooner) with wife Nicole Kidman, looked puzzled and asked,

“A what?” Keith said, “I’m learning a new vocabulary. We also got a tiny T-shirt that says ‘I crawl the line’ that we like a lot.”

It was a hot night in Nashville (temperatures were in the 90s), and although Nicole Kidman remained out of sight, she was on Keith’s mind. He told a reported backstage,

“I love having her with me when I tour, but at the same time, it’s work. You don’t want to ask too much of your family.” As far as bringing baby on the road, he said: “We’ll just have to see what works for us.”

Source: People

Photo: Reuters, May 19

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Gavin On Fatherhood: Terrifying & Brilliant

According to our Daily Poll, 42 year-old Gavin Rossdale is one of our favorite celebrity dad’s. It’s easy to understand why after reading his thoughts on fatherhood and how little Kingston has changed his life,

“You have to relinquish all self-importance. It’s not a bad thing. You don’t have time to think about yourself. I used to wallow in introspection. I don’t have time to be that guy now.”

Gavin is kicking off a solo music career this month with the release of Wanderlust. Gavin and his superstar wife, Gwen Stefani, are welcoming their second child this summer. He recalls his lack of experience prior to Baby Kingston’s arrival,

[Before becoming a dad,] “I’d been around babies 12 minutes my entire life. I didn’t read any books. And we had friends of ours who were like, ‘You guys re crazy, you’ve got to read books.’” But Gavin went on to say “It’s so natural you just fall into it and you find your way. It’s terrifying and exciting and brilliant.”

Source: People

Photo: Flynet, May 18

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Jessica Speaks On Her Relationship With Cash, Nursing Plans & More

Jessica Alba, the 27 year-old newlywed, recently opened up about her ethnic background, relationship with babydaddy, 29 year-old Cash Warren, her upcoming new baby, and more.

On her recent move into a $4 million Beverly Hills home: “It’s a lot of stress to buy a house, have a baby and get married in six months. It’s a lot of life-changing decisions. I’m really, really secure and happy in my relationship.”

On her spiritual beliefs: “I grew up in a Catholic home and then I went into a more Eastern approach on my own. I think there’s something to be said for herbs and meditation and things like that.

On any monetary offers for pictures of her newborn baby: “I haven’t really gotten any — not that I’m aware of. You have to understand, everything that is written is kind of bull …”

On any chandeliers in the nursery like Jennifer Lopez did for her twins? “Actually, I do. I got a really beautiful one.”

On her breastfeeding plans: “Yeah, I’m definitely going to try to do everything to give the baby as much nourishment as possible.”

Find out what she meant when she said she wanted a “brown” baby.

On her criticism for disrespecting her Hispanic heritage. What does she check on a census? “I always check white and Hispanic.”

On her recent quote saying she hopes her baby will be “brown”: “I mean my dad is dark-skinned [Mexican], Cash’s daddy is dark-skinned [African-American], and our moms are both white. So there’s a 50-50 chance of our kid coming out dark or light. It would be nice if the daddies can see themselves in our baby.”

On the national obsession to see color in people: “I think my generation is the last generation that sees color. In this next generation coming up, everybody is mixed. And I think with people like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry being out there opening movies and having clothing lines and pushing the idea of ideal beauty, [the ideal isn't] Christie Brinkley anymore. You don’t have to look like Barbie.”

Source: USA Weekend

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, April 2008

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Tori’s Getting Ready For Baby

Tori's Getting Ready For Baby

A very pregnant Tori Spelling spent several hours at a hair salon yesterday – perhaps getting ready for her c-section, which In Touch says is scheduled for Monday, June 9. The baby girl will join big brother Liam, 2.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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