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Victoria Beckham: “I Don’t March My Kids Down Red Carpets”

Victoria Beckham: "I Don't March My Kids Down Red Carpets"

Posh mom Victoria Beckham strikes a dramatic pose on the cover of the October issue of Elle magazine.

She may always seem to be perfectly poised, but the Spice Girl, who has boys Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 4, with her footballer husband David Beckham, insists even she has her insecurities.

“People think I’m a moody bitch. I do have my insecurities. Maybe that is why I look a little bit serious. The kind of person who’s going to stand on the red carpet and love the attention and have the big grin—I’m just not like that. I want to get in there, do what I’ve got to do, and get home to my kids.”

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Nicole Sullivan On The Joys & Worries Of Motherhood

Nicole Sullivan On The Joys & Worries Of Motherhood

Just before she welcomed her second son Beckett Edward last week, a very pregnant Nicole Sullivan took time out to talk motherhood with Cookie magazine. The Rita Rocks star gives a glimpse into her life at home with her husband Jason Packham and new big brother Dashel, 2, from date nights to pancake Saturdays to her very guilty pleasure (hint: it’s one many of us share!)

On what cracks her up about her son: “That he looks just like me and acts just like my husband. There’s good and bad to both those things.”

On her favorite family ritual: “My son and I have a date night every Thursday at a local restaurant. We eat pasta and laugh.”

On her most frazzled mommy moments: “Every day when I’m getting him dressed and trying to convince him to wear something other than his Lakers jersey. He’s obsessed.”

On her mommy worries: “My son’s severe peanut allergy. It keeps me awake at night. I think about different ways I can send him to school in the future with a cool holster for his EpiPen. I’m just constantly thinking about ways to keep him safe.”

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Helena Bonham Carter Pregnant?

Helena Bonham Carter Pregnant?

Rumors have surfaced that actress Helena Bonham Carter is pregnant after being seen wearing flowing outfits on several occasions lately.

One source tells BANG Media: “Helena is definitely pregnant, and it really suits her. She has a neat little bump already, and seems to be glowing.”

The 43-year-old Harry Potter star has two children with partner Tim BurtonBilly Ray, 5, and 20-month-old Nell.

Recently Helena was spotted out in a red bathing suit which did little to conceal her new curves.

Just before giving birth to Nell, Helena revealed that she had struggled to become pregnant a second time. After trying fertility drugs and acupuncture, she was considering IVF when she discovered that she’d conceived.

“I think we probably would have tired IVF, yes,” she explained. “Obviously you don’t know what you’d do unless you were actually in that situation. There was an argument for just having one child, because we thought I that’s the way it’s meant to be, so be it.”

What do you think? Is Helena expecting baby no. 3?

Thanks to CBS reader Marilyn!

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    Michelle Branch: My Daughter Is “Sassy”

    Michelle Branch: My Daughter Is "Sassy"

    Michelle Branch and her bass player hubby Teddy Landau – who are 19 years apart – just celebrated their fifth anniversary in May. The 26-year-old Grammy-winning singer recently told OK! about their “sassy” 4-year-old daughter Owen:

    She’s pretty sassy. She says a lot of things that are inappropriate at the time. She tried to give her teacher at her school, who is a nun who is interning, the birds and the bees talk, and I got called by her teacher. That was quite embarrassing for us. But every other day, there’s something new. It’s amazing.”

    The family just enjoyed a little getaway in Palm Springs, CA. “We like to have some time by the pool, and relax,” the mother-of-one says. “I’m a last-minute packer, so I hate packing. Whatever’s clean works.”

    The Are You Happy Now? singer says that she and Teddy are very happy indeed:

    “It actually annoys everyone who knows us, but we spend so much time together. We’re best friends before we’re spouses, and we do everything together. We love hanging out together, and I think it’s really rare. I think it’s communication.”

    Michelle’s new album Everything Comes and Goes is set to hit stores this fall.

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    Ellen Pompeo Has Her Hands Full

    Ellen Pompeo Has Her Hands Full

    Ellen Pompeo left her Los Angeles home on Friday (September 4) with her hands full. The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star is about to have her hands full on a regular basis! Ellen and her record producer hubby, Chris Ivery, are expecting their first child – a girl – in October.

    Just before baby Ivery arrives, the two-hour season premiere of Grey’s airs on Thursday, September 24 on ABC. Can’t wait!

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    Happy 1st Birthday Henry Story Driver!

    Happy 1st Birthday Henry Story Driver!

    Name: Henry Story Driver

    Date of Birth: September 5, 2008

    Parent: Minne Driver

    Siblings: None

    – the identity of Henry’s father remains private
    – originally Minnie was leaning towards the names Isabel and Thomas
    – Henry’s mom says that his best pal is their dog, Bubba: “They have a relationship that’s based on Cheerios; Bubba very gently eats the Cheerios out of Henry’s hand.”

    Quote from Parent:
    “It’s the greatest love affair of my life, with this baby. Babies attract love… They attract people who love them.” – Minnie, on her love for her son.

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