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Jada Says Will Is More Lenient With The Kids

Mother of three children with husband Will Smith – 15-year-old stepson Trey, 10-year-old Jaden, and 7 1/2-year-old Willow – Jada Pinkett Smith, 37, acknowledges that neither she nor Will exert a particularly heavy hand when disciplining their children,

“We’re not strict but we definitely believe it’s a very important component for rearing children. It creates safety for them. They understand that they need guidance.”

Jada says that if one of the kids wants to sneak an extra sweet, she acknowledges with a laugh that her husband is the more lenient one,

“He’s so lenient on that stuff,” she sighs. “Daddy tends to [say], ‘Yeah! Have chocolate cake for dinner! It’s all right with me.’ I’ll come home and it’s just, ‘Has anyone had lunch?’ ‘Yeah, I had some Frosted Flakes!’”

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Valentina Is A Little Princess

Valentina Is A Little Princess

Salma Hayek’s mother Diana Jimenez took her granddaughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault on a horse drawn carriage ride in Seville, Spain today – while mom and other family members watched. Valentina will be celebrating her first birthday on Sunday, Sept. 21st.


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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Ribbies Clippies – $6 per pair
  • Fleurville Lunch Pak Pink Ogo – $31.95
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    Camila Alves Opens Up About Life With Levi

    Model, new mom, and partner of Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves spoke with FAMEbaby about Matthew, her labor, and their social life post baby.

    Being named The Sexiest Man Alive, doesn’t phase Camila in the least,

    “He’s a man – he’s my man – and we’re a family. He’s the best dad he can be, 100-percent hands-on.”

    Camila also opens up about her labor,

    “It wasn’t such a pleasant experience,” she says. “We went through 14 hours with contractions every two minutes, no epidural, no nothing. Every two minutes I would pass out. I went to the hospital on Saturday, and Levi was born on Monday.”

    Despite her desire to give birth naturally, Alves underwent a C-section,

    “We tried every single way of giving birth. It didn’t work. I wasn’t too crazy about having to do a C-section and take all the drugs. Finally, I just had to be like, ‘Let it go.’ ” And finally, Levi was born at 6:22 p.m. July 7, at 7 lbs., 4 oz.

    Camila also explains how she, Matthew and Levi have adapted to their new social life,

    “All the excitement is no problem for Levi, Alves says. “If our lifestyle was doing anything to harm him, we’d have to adapt, but he loves it. He loves the action. He loves to be right in the middle of it. He actually doesn’t like it when it’s too quiet.”

    Camila and Matthew have decided to raise Levi to be bilingual,

    “Most of my family doesn’t speak English. It’s so important for the baby. He’s going to know all his American roots, but he also needs to know about his Brazilian side.”

    Camila is designing a new hand bag collection for Muxo, which will include diaper bags. McConaughey has just completed the Malibu Triathilon with fellow Wedding Planner co-star Jennifer Lopez.

    To read the rest of the interview click onto our friends at FAMEbaby

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    Uma Thurman Takes Levon To School

    Uma Thurman, 38, was spotted heading out of her New York townhouse yesterday morning with 6-year-old son, Levon Thurman-Hawke, taking him to school.

    Photo: Flynet

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    Miranda Otto & Daughter Do Lunch

    Miranda Otto & Daughter Do Lunch

    Australia actress, Miranda Otto, and her 3-year-old daughter, Darcey O’Brien, enjoy some lunch and an afternoon out at Double Bay in Sydney.

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