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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Jessica wears Honor in a Belle Baby Carrier in Organic Sand – on sale! for $79.95
  • Honor wears Trumpette Pastel Maryjane Socks – $23.99 for infants, $26.99 for toddlers
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    Jennifer Garner Offers Some Diet Tips

    Jennifer Garner and her longtime trainer, Valerie Waters, spoke to OK! magazine about how she’s keeping fit and enjoying her pregnancy at the same time. Expecting her second child in December, Jennifer is already mom to Violet, who turns 3 December 1st.

    “Right now, I just want to feel good and strong the whole way through this pregnancy and be able to bounce back,” Jen says.

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    Jennifer tries to work out four or five times a week,

    “The only thing you can do is do it before the day starts,” Jen explains. “I know that it’s brutal, but believe me, I am pregnant and I am a tired mama. But you have to do it. I have different goals for myself at different times. Right now I really just want to feel great so I’m trying to work out four to five days a week. I get motivated by saying, ‘Okay, I’ve done three at the beginning of the week, I’m just going to get these in so I can take the weekend off.'”

    Jennifer follows the Red Carpet Ready program, detailed in her trainer’s book, Red Carpet Ready. The workouts are never the same, alternating days of cardio with days of strength training, and the workouts are only 30 minutes long. But not even a celebrity can always stick with the plan, especially when they’re pregnant and craving sweets!

    “At every meal I pretty much have desert, but not a lot, just one little square of chocolate.”

    The diet also focuses on eating lots of small meals throughout the day, avoiding processed foods, and controlling portions.

    “I pretty much follow what Valerie says, she has so much to teach. I want to feel great after my workout, not like I need to lie down. I don’t want to get super skinny like the chicks in L.A. do – but to feel like myself. So far so good!”

    Jen also shared some food tips:

    Give in to cravings: “It took me years to learn to just have a couple of bites. Once I started I would gobble it all up. Now I can open a tub of ice cream and just have a bite.”

    Don’t deprive: “I can’t not have carbs. If I’m going to have potatoes, I’ll have sweet potatoes, and I won’t fry them.”

    Stay in control: “Ben keeps me really strict. But I cook a lot and control what we eat.”

    Smaller portions: “If I have to have pasta, I’ll have a big salad at a restaurant and then an appetizer size of pasta for dinner, never with cream.”

    Source: OK! print edition, November 10 issue


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    Breckin Meyer & Daughter Enjoy A Cuddle @ The Park

    Breckin Meyer & Daughter Enjoy A Cuddle @ The Park

    Breckin Meyer and his 4 1/2-year-old daughter, Caitlin Willow, were seen enjoying their time together at the playground on Monday. Mom is Breckin’s wife, screenwriter and film director Deborah Kaplan.

    Breckin has appeared in various movies such as Road Trip and Clueless.

    Photos: GVK/

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    Latest Dish

      Dave Grohl & Violet Visit The Market

      Dave Grohl & Violet Visit The Market

      Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and wife Jordyn took their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet Maye to a farmer’s market in Los Angeles today, where Violet got her face painted with flowers. Dave and Jordyn are expecting their second child together. When Dave revealed that, he also talked a bit about Violet,

      “Violet loves the Amy Winehouse record,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s all about the ‘Rehab’ song. If she hears ‘Try to make me go to rehab,’ Violet will go, ‘No no no.’ I know, it’s a little weird, but it’s really cute!”

      Photos: Adrian Varnedoe/

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      Kate Winslet Covers Vanity Fair

      Kate Winslet is on the cover of December’s issue of Vanity Fair, and talks about everything from smoking to other moms – a mom herself to Mia, 8, and Joe, 5, she is the youngest actress, to net five Oscar nominations. Winslet, 33, is currently married to director Sam Mendes, who also directed one of her new movies, Revolutionary Road, which reunited her with Leonardo DiCaprio.

      Before the interview even really started, Kate admitted one of her vices to the interviewer – she smokes.

      “I don’t smoke around my kids,” she’s quick to point out. “Like that makes it any better that I smoke at all, because obviously it doesn’t. But I don’t smoke in the house. I mean, I had a cigarette this morning, which is because I hadn’t been. Coffee and a cigarette: bingo!” She pauses. “I’m not sure if I want you to print that,” she says. Then she laughs.

      She also told the interviewer that she knows, being a movie star, that people are always looking at her and judging her,

      “You know why I fear people’s judgment?” she’s asks. “Because I know they’re judging. I know they are.” She talks about walking to school with her kids and catching looks from the other parents. “You know, these mothers are going to read this article and they’re all absolutely great, but I know when I walk into that classroom in the morning, even if it’s for a split second, at some point I’m being checked out. And some of them will even say to me, ‘O.K., what’s the secret with the skin?’ At which point I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s no secret. I have makeup on. And by the way, since I turned 30, I’ve had an acne problem on my chin. I’m just like everybody else—I just know how to cover it. If you’d like me to show you how, I’d be more than happy.’?”

      Kate and her family are currently living in Manhattan; Mia’s biological father is Jim Threapleton, while Joe’s is her current husband.

      Sources: Vanity Fair

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      Amanda & Frances Take a Stroll

      Amanda & Frances Take a Stroll

      Amanda Peet was spotted walking with her 1 1/2-year-old daughter, Frances Pen, on Monday.

      Amanda is a strong advocate for infant vaccinations. The 36-year-old actress recently played an FBI agent in The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

      Photos: DZILLA/

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