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Gwen Stefani Attends Andrea Lieberman’s Baby Shower

Gwen Stefani Attends Andrea Lieberman's Baby Shower

New Mom Nicole Richie, Ellen Pompeo and Mom-to-be Gwen Stefani (along with son Kingston) were among the glam guests who gathered inside the Chateau Marmont’s Bungalow 1 for afternoon tea, for Hollywood stylist Andrea Lieberman’s Marie Antoinette-themed baby shower.

“The fact that we’re pregnant at the same time is such a gift”, says Gwen Stefani.

Source : InStyle

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Jessica Alba’s Baby To Be Named HONOR ?!?

“This woman was so exited that Jessica is having a girl,” says the source. “She said she loved the name too, Honor, and said Jessica picked it because she felt it was an honor to have Cash’s baby. She said she couldn’t wait to give it to Jessica this weekend. She asked twice if the bracelet would be ready by then.”

I’m not buying it until Jessica confirms. I don’t like the name at all, it sounds like HORROR to me!! What about you : love it or hate it ?

Source : Star Magazine

Photo : Celebutopia

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D’Lila Star And Jessie James Are Mini Models

Kim Porter and her 15-month-old twins D’Lila and Jessie pose for the famous celebrity photographer Derek Blanks. I think the girls look cute on this picture! You can find other pictures taken by the artist at his MySpace.

Source: YBF

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Brooke Burke: “We Are All Hanging In There”

Brooke Burke and her daughter, Heaven “Rain” are spotted leaving Starbucks in Malibu, on Monday. Brooke just recently released the name of her newborn son – Shaya Charvet (they’re still deciding on a middle name). Below is Brooke’s latest blog entry,

I started walking this week. We have an amazing 4-mile hike through the mountains in our neighborhood. David and I decided to do it together 3 times a week. We put Rain and Shaya in our dbl stroller and together we work out for 1-½ hours. Much of the walk is up hill, which is so tough, pushing the kids. David does that part. Once we head up the steepest hill, we can see an amazing view of Malibu?s coastline. On a clear day, I can see across the ocean from Santa Monica, all the way to Catalina Island. It is such a peaceful, calming and inspiring walk. We both are totally sleep deprived, but the fresh air, challenge, and the accomplishment is so helpful to us. I know, as a mother that time for us is the first thing to go. I am making myself do this walk even on harder days because I am committed to not losing myself completely on this journey. In that hour, I do a lot of thinking, I take my deepest breaths of the day, and I try to appreciate all the things in my life, both good and bad. We usually walk in silence, which I really enjoy. When I reach the top of the mountain each time, I feel a sense of accomplishment for myself, besides the million other things I do in a day for everyone else.

Read the rest of Brooke’s entry after the jump…

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Angela Kinsey’s Castmates Throw Her A Baby Shower

Angela Kinsey, 36, and husband Warren Lieberstein are expecting their first child – a girl late spring . Angela’s Office castmates threw her a girls only baby shower over the weekend. The tea party was held at Jenna Fischer’s home.

“Angela has a lot of sisters and a lot of relatives from Texas who came out. [There were] a lot of Southern ladies who were sitting around drinking iced tea. No men – it was only the ladies.”

She looks great and is pictured above at the World Premiere of Leatherheads on Monday in Hollywood.

Source: People

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Introducing James Olivia Fehr

Introducing James Olivia Fehr

CSI: Miami and Former Roswell star Brendan Fehr, 30, is one proud daddy, as he shows off his sweet new daughter, James Olivia Fehr. Brendan and his wife Jennifer welcomed James Olivia on March 26. Here’s what the new dad had to say,

“James Olivia Fehr is the new addition. 9 lb. 7 oz., 21 in. born March 26, 12:04 am. I’m just taking it all in and yeah whatever, it’s not your kid so you might not care (that’s how I am about other people’s kids so don’t feel bad) but I’m loving just watching the little monkey and won’t bore you since I think new parents have that tendency but man … just blessed, really blessed. Beautiful wife, beautiful child and a God who claims us all as His children. Couldn’t be happier.”

She’s adorable – what do you think of James being used as a girls name?

Source: Brendan

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