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Matt Damon And Pregnant Wife Luciana In London

Matt Damon, and his pregnant wife Luciana Barroso, were spotted heading out for dinner at Cipriani’s Restaurant in London the other night. I’d love to know what the photographer said to make them laugh so hard. The couple already have two girls; Isabella, 20-months, and Luciana’s 9-year-old daughter, Alexia from a previous relationship

It’s reported that Matt and director Paul Greengrass have committed to a fourth Bourne film. I really hope it’s true–I’m a huge Jason Bourne fan, maybe it will be a prequel.

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Lily Is An Ice Princess

Lily Is An Ice Princess

Lily Mo Sheen, mom Kate Beckinsale and Kate’s Husband Len Wiseman were spotted near an ice rink. With such a stylish Mom, Lily could be nothing but a little fashionista. She proves that you can be a princess and still rock the Avril Lavigne style! Look at those socks!

Later that day, she enjoyed some time with her Mom. What a beautiful trendy pair!

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Scoop Du Jour: Are Jamie And Casey Breaking Up?

Are Jamie Lynn and Casey over? Sources say Lynne Spears, is trying to act like everything is fine, and keep a good public image.

Just because Will Smith is friends with Tom doesn’t mean he’s a Scientologist.

Thank God, Sam Lufti will stay at least 250 yards away from Britney until Apr. 16.

Christina gets all decked out to eat sushi…a no-no during pregnancy.

Awww…check out the Idols when they were kids.

Photo: Fame 2/08

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Julie Snyder Expecting

French-Canadian producer and host Julie Snyder is expecting her second child with husband Pierre-Karl Péladeau (Canadian businessman). They already have a 2 1/2-year-old boy, Thomas. Julie’s first pregnancy was quite complicated so I hope for her that this time, things will go smoothly. She’s due in the fall.

Source: SoundBeatRadio

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Barefoot & Pregnant

Barefoot & Pregnant

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban take a stroll on Bondi Beach this afternoon. Nicole looks great, and if she’s due in July as rumored–that would make her somewhere in her fifth month.

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Halle’s Baby Will Speak French

YAY! Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s baby girl, who was born on Sunday will speak French. That’s what new delighted aunt Eugenie Aubry (Gabriel’s sister) reveals to PEOPLE. With most of Daddy’s family living in Quebec (French part of Canada), Halle has been practicing her language skills so she could speak to the little one. Says Eugenie, “I’m a Quebecer, and it’s great that she is learning how to speak French,” Eugenie says. “I’m glad that the little one will speak French, too.”

I think it’s a really good thing when parents can speak different languages and teach them to their kids. It’s very important nowadays to be able to speak as many languages as you can.

The Aubry family is planning a welcome party in Montreal for its newest member. Grandpa Gérard Aubry is very happy with the arrival of the baby.

Source: People

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