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Celebrity Baby Scoop: Week At A Glance

Denise Richards & her dad take the girls to the park, what a cute smile from Sam!

It’s another little girl for A-Rod and his wife

Matt Damon is spotted with his mini-me

Carlos & Lourdes – bad to the bone!

Diane Farr is expecting twins

Princess Tiaamii has to visit the hospital

J.Lo gets her own reality show

Ashlee keeps dancing around those pregnancy questions

Suri’s $100,000 Birthday Party

Another baby for Marky Mark and Rhea Durham

We’re lovin’ us some Jennifer & Violet!

Little Miss Sunshine

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Sara Gilbert Shops With Sawyer

Sara Gilbert Shops With Sawyer

Source : Flynet

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Travis Barker & Kids In Malibu

Travis Barker & Kids In Malibu

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Leah Remini Tries To Wean Her 3 1/2 Year Old From The Bottle (Update)

Update: There was such a strong response to this post, that I wanted to give everyone an update (thanks Ann) on how Sofia is doing. As it turns out, while Leah and Angelo went to NYC to tape the RR show, grandma was able to wean Sofia from the bottle, and now she is eating real food. Here’s an excerpt from Leah’s blog:

Thank you all for your messages of encouragement, love and most of all~your help!!! this is the reason i wanted to this, because now I have connection to other moms/dads who go through in some way what I am going through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to tell you guys though, that Sofia is OFF the bottle. and I NOW see why this was so important to do!!! She eats.. FOOD! REAL FOOD YOU GUYS!!!! she says ‘I want to eat Mommy”…. I never could have imagined this life. we have donated the “Babbas” and she is doing so well. she is sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! you see we did this show last month. And because we were going to NYC, my mom decided she was going to try it! and it worked! Just last night, Sofia said “Mommy, please get the bottles back from the babies you gave them to” and I told her that, that wouldnt be right to do to those little babies. she agreed. it was tough when we got back home from NYC, but when i saw Sofia didnt die…:) it made it so much easier. I was wrong… you all were right… it has changed her life for the better….

Thanks again so much for the love…so needed and so appreciated.

Apr 23

To read how they weaned Sofia from the bottle – read Leah’s post “How We Did It Finally

I happened to catch this episode of Rachel Ray by accident this morning, and couldn’t stop watching. King of Queens star, Leah Remini was on, and she let Rachel Ray’s cameras inside her home as she tried to wean her 3 1/2 year old daughter Sofia from the bottle.

Sofia co-sleeps with Leah and her husband Angelo, and has six bottles of water through the course of the night. As you can imagine, no one is getting any sleep, and since she’s drinking so much water, they’re changing diapers at night too. Leah realized that the bottle situation was unhealthy – but she gave in because she didn’t want to hear Sofia cry.

The Rachel Ray Show sent a parenting expert to Remini’s home, as well as a viewer who experienced the same problem. They both gave Leah and Angelo advice – but in the end, Leah just couldn’t do it,

“The viewer was sympathetic to the real issue, which was that I did want Sofia off the bottle, but I didn’t want to hear my daughter cry,” Remini said. “She had very helpful tips that worked with my philosophy of not just ripping the bottle from her hands, which as a parent I was not willing to do.”

Leah hopes that if she puts her story out there, she might be able to help other parents.

“The general public can relate to my ability to be honest about where I might not be that great [as a parent],” said Remini. “I have always loved the connection that I have with the people who get me. I also pride myself on telling the truth, and if I helped another person with this issue, then I did well.”

Did anyone out there catch the show? If so what were your thoughts? Has anyone else had a hard time weaning their 3-year old from the bottle?

Source: Rachel Ray / NY Daily News

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Isabelle Boulay Expecting 1st Baby

Source : Yahoo! News / Audiogram

Photo : Emanuele Scorcelletti

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Billie Piper Expecting 1st Child

“Billie and Laurence are both absolutely over the moon,” the friend told a British newspaper. “They are stunned as they only wed on New Year’s Eve. But they can’t wait to be parents to their little Fox.”

Source : Hello !

Photo : Scan of Marie-Claire Mag

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