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Katie Runs The Marathon And Finishes!

Happy Monday! Katie did it! She ran the NYC Marathon, all 26.2 miles of it. Tom and Suri were right in the mix of things, cheering her on-can you imagine how crazy Tom was? When it was over, they were right there to give her a big hug and a kiss. Quite an accomplishment! She finished at 3:30 p.m., with a final time of 5:29:58.

She looks great afterward, I would have been hunched over sitting in the corner somewhere.

More pictures after the jump!


Photos by:AP/Startraks

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Christina Confirms Pregnancy

Ok guys, Christina has finally confirmed her pregnancy during an interview with Glamour magazine. First Cate, now Christina…maybe J.Lo is next!

When asked about her New Year’s resolutions for 2008, Aguilera says, “That’ll be about the time I enter into mommyhood, so… I’m hoping to have started a beautiful family with my husband!”

When asked if Jordan is excited to become a father she said, “Oh, he’s thrilled! He’s just great.”

Now all that baby shopping she’s been doing makes sense[duh]



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Halloween Recap


It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s Superman

Ava & Deacon trick-or-treat with mom & Jake

Awww…Violet is a little lamb!

Jennifer Connelly & Family

To see more from last week click here

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Diane Keaton Spotted With Son Duke

Duke and his mom Diane Keaton go barefoot yesterday in Beverly Hills. Duke, was adopted in 2001. Diane also has an adopted daughter Dexter.



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Cate Blanchett Is Expecting Baby #3

Cateblanchettpregnant1My friend over at Celebitchy called this pregnancy a month ago. She has really good "pregdar" as I call it. I, on the other hand seem to always be wrong! Well, now it’s official, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Cate Blanchett, 38, is pregnant with her third child.

When asked if she was expecting she said, "Yes, I am."

I hadn’t heard the rumors about her having another boy, but when Blanchett was asked by the reporter, she said: "You know more than me. It’s early days yet. It’s due in April."

The baby will join big brothers: Dashiell John, 5, and Roman Robert, 3.

Sydney Morning Herald

Photo via Celebitchy

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Katie To Run The NYC Marathon Tomorrow

Katie_holmes_01Katie Holmes will be running in the NYC Marathon tomorrow. No, I didn’t just hear about this, I know, I “thought” she might be pregnant, but I wasn’t the only one. Anyway, tomorrow she is hitting the pavement. What I want to know is why haven’t we seen her run anywhere? The paparazzi are pretty savvy as to where she is most of the time. Maybe she trains indoors. Well good luck Katie, I have always wished I could run, but my knees won’t have it.


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