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Geri Halliwell & A Happy Bluebell At Heathrow

Geri Halliwell & A Happy Bluebell At Heathrow

Geri Halliwell, 35, aka “Ginger Spice” was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport with daughter Bluebell Madonna, 1 1/2. In the last picture Bluebell seems to be amused with the paps, and gives them a big smile.

I just read that Geri woke a fan from a coma by singing her a few lines from a Spice Girls song. Halliwell went to visit her fan, Jessica, at the hospital after hearing the news that she fell into a coma just two days before she was due to see the Spice Girls in concert. Her mom said:

“Geri sang a couple of lines of one of their songs and Jessica started moving her arms and legs”

Wow, pretty amazing! To read more of the story click here.

Photos: Flynet

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Minnie Driver’s Pregnancy Confirmed

A Socialite’s Life first reported Minnie’s pregnancy in February, then it was Page Six that saw her looking at her sonograms outside her doctor’s office. While on Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno–he asked the actress (after joking about her weight) “Are you pregnant?” “Yes, I am,” she replied. “I don’t know why they call it morning sickness… I am sick morning, noon and night, but it’s a fair trade-off.”

Driver, 38, hasn’t revealed the father of the baby, and said, said enjoys being pregnant “more than anything else.”

I’m happy for Minnie!



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Diddy’s Twins

Three new pictures of the girls D’Lila Star and Jesse James Combs have surfaced on the internet so we had to share those with you! Aren’t we nice ?! Just kidding!

The quality is kinda poor, it looks like it comes from a mobile phone camera, but it’s so rare to see them that we chose to post them anyway.

They look just the same to me, it’s amazing!

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Cindy Crawford And Her Mini-Me’s

Cindy Crawford’s kids, Presley and Kaia, are pictured during a premiere with their parents.

I new that Kaia was the spitting image of her Mother, but this close-up of Presley made me realize that he totally looks like Cindy too, except for the blond hair (where did that come from by the way ? Both Cindy and her husband are brown-haired?!)

Source : Enfants de Star

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Say Hello To Jada Ellie Lynch

Say Hello To Jada Ellie Lynch

Here are scans of Jada Ellie Lynch, Belgian tenniswoman Kim Clijsters’ daughter, taken from Dag Allemal magazine (cover previously posted).

She’s so precious, a real doll ! In that second pic, she kind of reminds me of Harlow Madden.

I may have Dutch roots but pretty please, don’t have me translate the article for you! Thanks!

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Princess Martha Louise Expecting!

Norway Princess Martha Louise and husband Ari Behn are expecting their third child together. She’s due in October and the little one will join excited siblings Maud-Angelica, 5 and Leah Isadora, 3.

Source: AFP

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