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Naomi Watts: ‘I’d Given Up’ On Becoming A Mom

Naomi Watts seems to have it all – a loving fiance in 41-year-old Liev Schreiber; an adorable son, Sasha, 16 months; another child ready to be born; and a fabulous career (she’s got The International with Clive Owen and The Birds opposite George Clooney in the works) but, the 40-year-old actress revealed to InTouch that she once feared that she had waited too long and would never have a family of her own.

“You spend so many years searching for something that you’re tempted to give up,” Naomi says. “I found myself at a place in my life where I’d given up on the idea of finding my soul mate and becoming a mother.”

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On if she feels that everything is finally clicking for her: “I still seems so odd to me to even be thinking in those terms. I went through hell for many years struggling to get work. Then when I had a career I threw so much of myself into my work that I didn’t leave much time for me. Now my life is in this very beautiful place and it’s all good.”

On when she knew she wanted to start a family: “It wasn’t until my thirties. Of course, that was when I was totally driven by my career because I’d waited so long for the chance to work that I couldn’t bear the thought of stopping for any length.”

On what she was afraid of: “There was this fear that I’d better take advantage of every opportunity because maybe it would all go away.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “I feel so rich inside. I’m so blessed. Every since my son was born I have felt this tremendous sense of reward and pure joy from being part of his little world and watching him grow.”

On sounding so fulfilled: “It’s almost frightening for me to think that if I hadn’t met Liev, I might never have had a child of my own.”

On meeting the ‘man of her dreams’: “I’ve often felt lonely, and being with Liev, I feel that I’ll never be lonely again.”

On if it’s hard to juggle her professional and personal lives: “I think balancing career and family is just one of those things you have to work at as you go. I feel such a sense of warmth now that I have a family that I want to be very careful not to disrupt that harmony.”

On if she plans to stop working: “Being a mom will be my priority for a long time, even though deep inside me the passion for acting is still intact. I’ll work whenever something really sensational comes along and spend the rest of the time being very nurturing.”

On what lessons turning 40 has taught her: “My rule is: You should know what you want and why you want it. If we can follow that principle, then we can find the peace and harmony we’re all looking for.”

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Source: InTouch Weekly, December 22 print edition

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Violet’s Quick Pick Up

Violet's Quick Pick Up

Pregnant Jennifer Garner quickly picks up her 3-year-old daughter, Violet, from pre-school on Thursday.

Jennifer and her husband, Ben Affleck, are expecting their second child this winter. Baby Affleck could arrive any day now!?

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Moses wears an Appaman Black Puffy Coat – $88
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      Liz & Damian Hurley Prepare To Take Off

      Elizabeth Hurley was seen preparing to travel with her 6-year-old son Damian Charles Hurley.

      The mother son duo looked stylish in their shades and casual clothing. The last time we saw these two, they were all dressed up.

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      Angie Harmon On Her ‘Great’ Husband

      Due any day now with her third child, actress Angie Harmon told OK! magazine that husband Jason Sehorn is “the greatest husband on the planet” for helping her through a very difficult pregnancy.

      Unlike her first two “super easy” pregnancies with daughters Finley, 5, and Avery, 3, this time around, Angie accidentally tore a disc in her back, and it was husband Jason to the rescue!

      “It was so excruciating. He was unbelievable. You know, when you get married and they say ‘for better or for worse?’ What they really mean is, ‘Will you lift her on and off of a bed pan?’”

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      It is Jason who has been “taking care of the kids and getting them to school and doing the lunches and cooking dinner and in the meantime, I’m like this wretched thing in the bedroom that can’t come downstairs.”

      Angie, who “can’t wait” to give birth, didn’t share the sex of the baby with OK! but did reveal that they have a name picked out,

      “I look through the baby-name books to make sure the name I’m picking is not in there. I just don’t want everyone to have it!”

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