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Colin Farrell Talks About His Son James

Actor Colin Farrell, 31, could never stop loving his son, with or without a disorder. “He’s nothing but a gift,” Farrell says about his 4 year old son James, who has been diagnosed with Angelman, a neuro-genetic disorder.

Being a concerned parent, Farrell noticed signs of illness in James before his first birthday, with one of the symptoms being seizures. This genetic disorder can impair speech and movement throughout the body. According to People, James took his first steps last fall when he was 4.

During an interview with the Irish show Tubridy Tonight, Farrell stated, “As far as I’m concerned he’s exactly the way he should be.” The loving father added: “It’s not different to me. He has his own path. He’s just brilliant.”

Keep it up Colin. You’re doing a great job as a daddy!

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn

Source: People

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Dannielynn Hope Birkhead Has Corrective Eye Surgery

Dannielynn Hope, daughter of Anna Nicole and Larry Birkhead, has completed successful surgery to correct an eye condition known as Strabismus or more known as “cross eyed”. Birkhead told ET, “Dannielynn is home from surgery and resting comfortably.”

Apparently being cross eyed runs in the family according to Anna Nicole’s half sister, Donna Hogan, who told OK! in January, “I can confirm that it is hereditary on our father’s side of the family.” Hogan’s own 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed with the same condition. She currently is waiting for the same surgery.

As for the rumors that Dannielynn developed Strabismus as a result of Anna’s drug use, Larry says not so. “All the doctors told me that it was more than likely genetic.”

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn

Source: OK!

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What Jessica Alba Did After The Oscars

I thought Jessica Alba seemed so cool and calm at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, while she recapped the winners of the Scientifical and Technical Achievement awards . On Monday, she updated fans on her MySpace blog, that while she thought she did OK onstage – she tripped behind the scenes.

“I did have a stumble backstage … Cash caught me. Luckily all the photogs were taking pics of Cameron Diaz looking gorgeous in pink.”

Jessica didn’t hit any after parties that night, instead she got into comfy clothes, and satisfied some cravings.

“Instead of hitting up the Governor’s Ball or any other party, we opted for sweats and In-N-Out Burgers,” she wrote. “Being preggers kind of takes the fun out of partying until the wee hours.”

Alba remained mum on her due date, but she did tell Ryan Seacrest that she’s in her “third trimester.”

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Angelina To Give Birth In France ?

According to reports, Angelina sees having her baby in France as a way to honor her late mother, French-Canadian actress Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away last year.

“Giving birth in France will give her a certain feeling of peace about her mother’s death,” said the source, who added: “All of the kids love it there. It’s a good place for them to be.”

“Angelina is proud of her French roots and wants her latest addition to be born and raised there,” confirmed a pal.

By Contributor PtitePom

Source : Hello Magazine

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Elvis Costello & Diana Krall With Their Twins

Legends Diana Krall and Elvis Costello load up their 14-month-old twins, Dexter and Frank, and check in at Vancouver Airport.

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Ben Cohen & His Twins

Rugbyman Ben Cohen is pictured with his adorable 5-month-old twin daughters, Isabelle and Harriet. (He’s holding Isabelle in the second picture).

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Source : Enfants de Star

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