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Dave & Violet Grohl: Rockin’ The Smiles

Dave & Violet Grohl: Rockin' The Smiles

As his pregnant wife Jordyn Blum and his parents watched from the sidelines, rocker David Grohl treated his 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet Maye to a ride on a swing at a Los Angeles fair. The tot looked adorable in face paint and seemed to enjoy the sunny afternoon with her parents and grandparents. Dave and Jordyn are expecting their second daughter this spring.

Dave, 40, was the drummer for the infamous grunge group Nirvana. Following the death of Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain in April 1994, Grohl formed the Foo Fighters and became the frontman and main songwriter.

Do you think Dave is one of the greatest rockstars of our generation?

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Ali & Estela’s Slidin’ Smiles

Ali & Estela's Slidin' Smiles

Ali Landry and her adorable 19-month-old daughter Estela Ines were seen playing at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, CA. The mother-daughter duo spent the afternoon with Paris Hilton’s aunt and her baby. Estela’s dad is Ali’s husband, film director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde.

When the 35-year-old former Miss USA (1996), model and actress was asked how she got back into shape after her pregnancy, she replied, “Give yourself a break, you have just gone through the most miraculous experience and you really need to honor your body.”

Click below for more pictures of the adorable duo at the park…

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Sandra Bullock’s Family In Sunny California

Sandra Bullock's Family In Sunny California

Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were seen saying goodbye to their dogs and Jesse’s children, son Jesse James Jr., 11, and daughters Chandler, 14, and Sunny, 5, before hitting up Starbucks for a coffee, then going off-roading on their dirt bikes.

Jesse, a television personality and CEO of West Coast Choppers, had his first two children with his first wife, Karla. His daughter Sunny was with his second wife, Janine Lindemulder, an adult film star/producer, and a former Penthouse model. Sandra met Jesse when she arranged for her 10-year-old godson, a fan, to tour the set of Jesse’s show Monster Garage.


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    Michelle & Matilda Stay Close @ LAX

    Michelle & Matilda Stay Close @ LAX

    Michelle Williams kept a tight grip on her 3-year-old daughter Matilda Rose as they prepared to depart from LAX Airport with Michelle’s boyfriend Spike Jonze on Monday.

    Michelle recently commented on her plans to return to work soon: “[The] working mother thing is kind of a fallacy – it’s hard to do both things well.” But, she adds that she worries her life “might end as a pile of dishes” if she doesn’t return some focus to her career soon.

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    Jenny McCarthy Says Evan Is “The Poster Child For Hope”

    On handling her son Evan’s autism diagnosis: “I Googled autism and found a community called Generation Rescue, which is a parent-run organization of moms who have been teaching other moms about diet, nutrition, supplements, and detox, and they have done an amazing job of healing their kids. I thought, Well, do I follow this path of moms who are saying their kids got better, or do I follow the path of the medical community who say these kids can’t get better? So I followed these parents and I’m so glad I did, because within a year of doing diet and nutrition with Evan, he lost his autism diagnosis.”

    On how Evan is today: “He is the most talkative, social six-year-old little boy, who loves to play with his friends.”

    On her deal with God: “I kind of made a deal with God, saying, ‘If you help me and you show me how to heal Evan, I promise I will teach the world how I did it.’ The hard part is everyone from this day on will know Evan’s business. People say, ‘Don’t you get worried that you made him the poster child for autism?’ And I say, “He’s the poster child for hope.’”

    On why she’ll never marry Jim Carrey: “I will never get married. I hate that I say ‘never’ because the universe always says ‘tricked ya.’ But Jim and I, we talk about it a lot – just how funny it is that everyone wants us to or expects us to. When you’ve gotten married and divorced, you realize, OK, that wasn’t a set-in-stone agreement. We don’t know why the piece of paper has to prove our commitment. I think our words are just as powerful. I already call him my husband. It’s a name. ‘Oh, come here, husband.’ So I don’t feel the need at all to wear a white dress again. I did it. I marked that one off the fantasy file.”

    On why she’d done posing for Playboy: “I love Playboy, and I owe them so much for giving me that first step into Hollywood. But I won’t be posing again, I’ll tell you that. I’m 36 – not that that means I’m 100, but I just really like my clothes on now.”

    On her love of Botox: “I think plastic surgery is fun if it makes you feel good. I’m all for looking better, so I plan on doing whatever I want when the time comes. I love Botox, I absolutely love it. I get it minimally, so I can still move my face. But I really do think it’s a savior.”

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