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Princess Tiaamii’s First Birthday

“Princess has four wardrobes and a hundred pairs of shoes!”

Jordan, whose TV chat show is not working out, appeared very skinny a couple of days ago and is said to be starving herself and only eating apples and crushed ice because she’s so stressed about it.

Source : Ok!

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Kelly Ripa & Son Michael Fly To The Moon

“Oh, it was so much fun,” the daytime diva, 37, told OK! at the premiere of Fly Me To The Moon at The Regal Union Square in NYC on Thursday. “To hear my little boy as such a little boy — before his voice has gotten so much deeper — was great.”

Fly me to the moon is about 3 houseflies who board the Apollo 11 Flight to the moon. Kelly and Michael both lend their voices to the project.

Source: OK!

Photo : Flynet, April 15

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Alessandra Ambrosio Welcomes Anja!

Source : Yahoo! News France

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Camila & Levi Shop In Venice

Camila & Levi Shop In Venice

Source : Flynet

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Rebecca Romijn Is Craving Ice Cream!

Having just announced that they are expecting twins, Jerry O’Connell talked to Access Hollywood about Rebecca’s cravings at the Teen Choice Awards yesterday.

“A lot of ice cream! And not any one particular brand … a lot of the different ones at Ben and Jerry’s, but also other crazy brands”.

Jerry then spoke about Man’s “role” in pregnancy.

“That’s all you can really do as the man … go out and get food,” O’Connell added. “I’m not really carrying anything, I’m not really putting on any extra weight, I’m just sorta trying to help out as much as possible.”

He also expressed that the pregnancy has been very exciting and that twins run on his side of the family.

“My father’s side, there [are] actually two sets of twins over there, back in the motherland of Ireland,” he said. “[Having children] is something we really worked hard at, and it’s just happened. We’re blessed.”

Source: Access Hollywood via Us Magazine

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Miley Cyrus Offers To Baby Sit For Pete & Ashlee

Miley Cyrus was a bit star struck when she met Ashlee Simpson-Wentz during a taping of F’N MTV on Friday. She told Ashlee’s husband and show creator Pete Wentz,

“I just met your beautiful wife backstage, I worship her,” Cyrus went on. “I’ll baby sit!”

Maybe they’ll take Miley up on it, but I doubt she’ll have time. The 15-year-old teen sensation just hosted the Teen Choice Awards, where she came home with three awards for choice female musical artist, choice actress and her hit TV show Hannah Montana.

Source: Us Magazine

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

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