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Beyonce ‘Not Ready’ For Children

Beyonce seems to have it all – a hot career, a good marriage (she tied the knot with Jay-Z) and she earns an estimated $80 million a year. Still, the 27-year-old says she’s not quite ready for kids just yet!

“One day,” she says. “I’m really patient. I wasn’t in a rush to get married. I’m not in a rush to have children. Because I work so much, I’m just not ready yet.”

Beyonce was in the delivery room for the birth of her nephew, Daniel – even though she “begged my sister, ‘please don’t make me, ‘cos it’s going to traumatize me.'” – and she admits that, although childbirth is “amazing” and she “cried when he was born”, she’s “scared of that!”

“I mean it was amazing, and I cried when he was born. And I can’t believe that we as human beings have the power to create another human being. But it’s hard.”

She goes on to say that she knows it’s “a lot of work” and “you have to be ready to be ready to be responsible for another human being.”

“And I guess I want to be so good at it. I want to make sure that I’m ready so I can give my focus to my kid. When it happens it’s supposed to happen and it will. You know, I over-analyse everything, and I want to be the best at it, and maybe that’s just me being an over-achiever. I just wish I was better at everything.”

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Jayden Federline Visits Relatives

A sleepy Jayden James Federline, 2, and big brother Sean Preston, 3, were dropped off at a relative’s house in Kentwood, Louisana today. The entire Spears family has spent the last few days bonding in their hometown, taking the kids to visit an alligator farm! Jayden seems to be completely recovered from his brief hospital scare.

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Jools Oliver Has Craving For Hot Water Bottles

Jamie added, “She’s gone back to retro food — fish paste, all that stuff from her childhood. She’s dipping bananas in vegemite. She goes to the hardware store and she gets rubber hot water bottles and she chews on them.” Jools, 34, and Jamie, 33, are already parents to daughters Poppy Honey, six, and Daisy Boo, five, and Jamie has made no secret of his desire for a son and revealed he has “tried everything — temperature, naked outside and a little run up.”

Photo: BIG PICTURES/bauergriffinonline

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    Brad Paisley Kissed Kimberly’s Baby Bump @ CMAs

    Brad Paisley, father to 21-month-old Huck and baby-to-be, co-hosted Wednesday night’s Country Music Association Awards. He was also a two-time performer and the winner of the male vocalist award. His offstage celebration provided his sweetest moment of the evening.

    PEOPLE reports that after he was awarded best male vocalist, Paisley, 36, rushed offstage into the front row of the audience, where his pregnant wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 37, was sitting. He kissed her and then bent down to plant a kiss on her baby bump. Brad said, “I’ve got four more months to go with this pregnancy and that’s going to get me through some stuff – I got that in my back pocket now.” The country star went on to joke of his spontaneous show of affection, “The next time I’m not performing up to par, I can say, ‘Remember that?’ “

    Brad said he hopes one day he can replay the moment for his future son or daughter. “Kimberly and I were both talking about how special that will be for our child to grow up someday and see that tape when I kissed her belly. He or she – we don’t know what it is yet – will be the second child and they always have trouble feeling important. I didn’t do this with Huck – so they’ve got one on him.”

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    Kevin Costner Gives Cayden A Lift

    After playing with his band Modern West at the the Chevy CMA Awards Kickoff Concert on Tuesday, actor Kevin Costner greets his family, wife Christine (not pictured) and 18-month-old son Cayden. The couple are expecting another boy — no due date has been announced.

    Photo: AP

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