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Minnie Driver Wants A Sibling For Henry

Minnie Driver has been a mom for just two months, but PEOPLE reports that she’s already thinking about adding to her family. “I’d have another one,” Minnie told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that will air on Friday. Minnie gave birth to her son, Henry, in September. “It only kicks in after you have really forgotten [labor]. I’ve only just managed to look at the pictures of the birth,” Minnie said. “I only looked at a few pictures and they do make you kind of go, ‘Owwww! Ouch!’, but then I look at him. I want another one of them.” The 38-year-old actress who has refused to name the baby’s father, says that her first-born is very well-behaved: “Very easy,” she said. “He sleeps and smiles as far as I can make out.”

Henry, who weighed in at 9lbs. 12 oz. at birth, was too big for his Halloween Pumpkin costume. “On the back there was just this huge triangle where his diaper showed because we couldn’t close it,” Minnie said. Ellen gave Minnie a couple of different-sized onesies to fit Henry. Both items said: “I may be BIG but my Mom is Minnie.”

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Pregnant Jenna Jameson In Las Vegas

Pregnant Jenna Jameson In Las Vegas

Pregnant Jenna Jameson was seen leaving the Las Vegas airport in a wheelchair and later checking into the Hard Rock Hotel. The 34-year-old ex porn star and Tito Ortiz, a mixed martial artist and former UFC champion, are expecting twins in early 2009.

In January 2008, Jenna announced that she is retiring from pornographic performances. Previous to her retirement, the Italian-American was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004. Though surgery successfully removed the cancer, she miscarried shortly after the diagnosis. She was unable to get pregnant again, even after in vitro fertilization.

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Pregnant Jennifer Garner Out & About

Pregnant Jennifer Garner Out & About

With an ever growing baby bump under her blue sweater, Jennifer Garner was seen out and about in Santa Monica on Thursday.

Jennifer and her husband, Ben Affleck, are expecting their second child together this winter. They already have a daughter, the adorable Violet, who turns 3 on the 1st of December.

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    Gwyneth Makes A School Run

    Actress Gwyneth Paltrow picked 2 1/2-year-old Moses Martin up from nursery school on Wednesday afternoon in London.

    Gwyneth and husband Chris Martin also have a 4-year-old daughter Apple.

    Paltrow, 36, has two projects in the works – King Lear co-starring Naomi Watts, Keira Knightley and Anthony Hopkins, and Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey, Jr.


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    Josh Gracin Shares Birth Details

    Josh Gracin and his wife Kelly, who welcomed their second child yesterday, have shared some birth details! Baby Isabella Sophia “weighed in at 8 lbs., 15 o.z and 20.5 inches long.”

    “She’s the biggest of all our babies, outweighs the others by a pound and a half and is an inch longer than our other three at birth.”

    Baby Isabella’s older siblings are Briana, 6, Landon, 3, and and Gabby, 23 months – and Josh says that he and his son definitely have something in common now – being outnumbered by girls!

    “With three girls and one boy, I’m afraid our son Landon is going to suffer the same fate as me growing up with four sisters. He’s going to have to learn to hold his own. But everyone is doing well and it’s amazing to have a new member in the family.”

    Photo: US Weekly

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    Beyonce ‘Not Ready’ For Children

    Beyonce seems to have it all – a hot career, a good marriage (she tied the knot with Jay-Z) and she earns an estimated $80 million a year. Still, the 27-year-old says she’s not quite ready for kids just yet!

    “One day,” she says. “I’m really patient. I wasn’t in a rush to get married. I’m not in a rush to have children. Because I work so much, I’m just not ready yet.”

    Beyonce was in the delivery room for the birth of her nephew, Daniel – even though she “begged my sister, ‘please don’t make me, ‘cos it’s going to traumatize me.'” – and she admits that, although childbirth is “amazing” and she “cried when he was born”, she’s “scared of that!”

    “I mean it was amazing, and I cried when he was born. And I can’t believe that we as human beings have the power to create another human being. But it’s hard.”

    She goes on to say that she knows it’s “a lot of work” and “you have to be ready to be ready to be responsible for another human being.”

    “And I guess I want to be so good at it. I want to make sure that I’m ready so I can give my focus to my kid. When it happens it’s supposed to happen and it will. You know, I over-analyse everything, and I want to be the best at it, and maybe that’s just me being an over-achiever. I just wish I was better at everything.”

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