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Gwyneth Plays With Her Kids In Barcelona

Gwyneth takes her kids, Apple, 3 1/2, and Moses, 1 1/2, for a walk in Barcelona (with her nanny) and has some fun playing with them (although she looks mad that the photogs are there) I think Moses is cute, also Gwyneth looks pretty good.





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Jacinda Barrett Talks About Losing Baby Weight


Alright, it seems like Australian actress Jacinda Barrett, who gave birth to daughter Satine in August, is much more realistic when it comes to losing stubborn baby weight.

How is she doing it, exercise (surprise!)

"I had a big girl, she was 10 pounds, so that must have something to do with it," Barrett said Tuesday at the Couture Cares-Nina Ricci luncheon benefiting the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center sponsored by Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. "Most of [the weight] went out with her, but I am exercising – and I exercised the whole way through."

On top of her time at the gym, Barrett, 35, says, motherhood itself is plenty active to keep the pounds falling off.

"I’ve just been really looking after [the baby] and it sort of comes off the way that it comes off, because it’s all related to her, to my child," Barrett, 35, said.

As for her favorite part about being a mom, she said: "It’s amazing. Just seeing her everyday, you know. … She’s just started smiling, and it’s just the simplest thing, a smile."


It’s refreshing to hear that she’s more focused on her baby, than she is on her body.

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Off Topic Ramblings

A couple of things going on, first off, I am going to be posting a bit more. It’s been hard, starting off the school year with the kids and trying to get into a groove, but I think I’m there [kind of :-) ] Anyway, I know many of you guys are on the West Coast, so I will be posting up until about 7pm PST.

Also, the site is going to be changing in the next two weeks. All in hopes of making things easier to navigate, and giving things a cleaner look. So one day you’ll pop on and things will be different-hope you like it!

Oh, the last thing is I’m following in my friends footsteps over at Cele|bitchy. For the most part I’ve banned any Britney posts. Sometimes in a “Latest Dish” post I’ll have a link to a Brit story, but I’m not going to post on her myself unless something major happens.

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Naomi Watts Takes Alexander For A Walk

Naomi Watts takes her baby Alexander, who is almost 3-months, out for some fresh air in London’s Covent Garden neighborhood.

It’s nice that Naomi and Liev have had a lot of private time…she looks beautiful. Too bad we don’t get a glimpse of Alexander!


Ramey via People

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Christina Shops At Bel Bambini

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Batman do some shopping for their baby at Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s hard to tell what exactly they are looking at, I think it may be a stroller. Whatever it is, it’s a tough decision for Christina. She still looks cute-how about those boots! Also she’s wearing a gold teddy bear charm.




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Rachel Roy and Damon Dash Expecting Baby #2

Dash_roy180Fashion designer Rachel Roy, 33, and husband Damon Dash, 36, are expecting their second child together, due in the spring.

“It’s number two, and I am thrilled because number one, Ava, is the best thing in my life, and I have always wanted to have another little Ava – or Ava as a boy! So, high fives all around!”

Dash has a son from a previous relationship.


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