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Pax & Maddox feed the whale

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Angelina, Maddox (5) and Pax (3) feed a whale at a park in France. Angelina and Brad Pitt, also, have daughters Zahara (2) & Shiloh (1). To get Pax’s T-shirt visit our style section.

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Brokedown Skull Embroidered Hat


Lily Sheen is wearing the Brokedown Skull Embroidered hat in black from Kitson. This hat is so hot in Hollywood it is usually sold out!

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Kingston’s blue suede sneakers


Blue_ligaKingston is stylin’ in these Puma Suede PS Blue And Navy Sneaker $47 available at PsychoBaby Online.

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Kingston Rossdale on his birthday!



Proud parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale celebrated their son, Kingston’s 1st birthday at Otto restaurant in New York City yesterday. He is one adorable kid! Click here to visit Kingston’s photo archives. If you like his blue suede sneakers check out our style guide to find out where to get them.

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Sheryl & Wyatt

293crowsherylSheryl Crow and her adopted son Wyatt outside their L.A. home. She looks like a natural! Click here for full photo. EOnline

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Demi wouldn’t mind having a baby boy


At a recent press conference for her new movie Demi Moore said she wouldn’t mind a little balancing out of that estrogen in her house, perhaps by a son with hubby Ashton Kutcher. Demi has three girls, Rumor, 18. Scout, 14, and Talullah, 13, with Bruce Willis. Talking about pregnancy, Demi said, “I think pregnancy is by far one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have.”

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