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Mel B & Daughters @ The Grove

Mel B & Daughters @ The Grove

Source : Pacific Coast News

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Tim Henman: “My Family Is More Important Than My Career”

“Rose is five so she’s played a little bit of tennis but not a great deal. She’s more in to riding bikes and dressing up. Most people talk about retiring at 55 or 60. I’m 33 and I have all this time. I’m really making the most of it. I’ve always been incredibly passionate, motivated and committed to my career but at the end of the day it’s a game. My family and my children are much more important.”

Source: Daily Record

Photo : REX, June 24

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Ulrika Jonsson Out With Baby Malcolm

Source: Daily Mail

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Brooke Burke’s Girls Go Crazy For Toys

Brooke Burke's Girls Go Crazy For Toys

Source : Flynet

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Kate Ford Introduces Son Otis

Kate Ford Introduces Son Otis

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford introduced her baby son Otis in this week’s Hello! Magazine. Kate, 31, and husband Jon Connerty welcomed their 9lb 14oz baby boy, first child for both, at London’s private Portland Hospital in early June, no exact date has been given.

On her love for her son: “I couldn’t believe I’d given birth to such a beautiful baby. I was in hospital for three days with Otis beside my bed. I’d wake up and just stare and stare at him sleeping because I was so amazed that he was mine. He had a little name tag around his wrist that said ‘Baby Boy Connerty’ and I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear every time I looked at it. I’ve kept it for him.”

On how she’s coping: “I’m just so proud of our son, I could burst with it. The first few days, Otis slept most of the time, which lulled me into a false sense of security. He is sleeping in our room at the moment and wakes up every few hours, so Jon and I take it in turns to get up and look after him or give him a bottle. Jon has two weeks off work and my mum and his mum are helping out, so I’m very lucky to be able to get some sleep.”

On choosing the name Otis: “Both Jon and I are Otis Redding fans. Try a little tenderness is our favourite song. I’ve always liked the name. His middle names are James and Roger, after Jon’s dad.”

On getting into a routine: “I’ve got more of a routine now but, in the beginning, just simple things like making dinner seemed like a big performance because I was so pre-occupied with Otis. I’m lucky to have such a supportive family and husband. Jon does his share of feeding and nappy changing, he’s a very hands-on dad and Otis is a very contented baby.”

Jon on fatherhood: “I’m delighted and proud but I felt like a spare part at the birth because there was nothing I could do. Kate had a very long labour and my concern was for her. I held her hand and patted her while Otis was born and he was handed to me soon after. I was just glad he was all in one piece. He’s a lovely baby and clearly takes after his mum.”

Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1030 – July 22 2008 – Pg 20 – 24

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