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How Tori Spelling lost her baby weight


Tori Spelling looks pretty good after gaining 40 lbs during her pregnancy with son Liam, now 4 months old. She shared her secrets with Us Weekly after losing 22 of those pounds.

At first she thought that breastfeeding would help the pounds come off, but wasn’t happy with what she saw, “I thought I looked heavier after I had the baby. [The bulge] left the stomach area and shifted into areas that I didn’t know could gain weight…I was like, Uh-oh.”

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Is she or isn’t she?


Expecting baby # 2. What do you think? She is pictured yesterday going to a business meeting at the home of director Adrian Lyne in Beverly Hills, CA. See Jen’s gallery of photos.

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Britney & Jayden James take a ride



Britney goes to the store with her youngest son Jayden James, 10-months, who btw is facing the wrong way. Thanks to our readers, who pointed out that one year and 20 pounds is the minimum standard for rear-facing car seats.

What happened to this woman? She is a freak show! There are new pictures [click extended post to see] of her swimming in her underwear, while house hunting. She knew the photogs were there, she just wants the attention. She needs to be there for her kids, so they turn out halfway decent. Ok, I’ll stop.


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Victoria Beckham is a soccer mom


Victoria Beckham watched her 8-year old son Brooklyn’s soccer game with her younger boys, Romeo, 4 1/2, and Cruz, 2.


The Daily Mail

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Bridget Moynahan is due Friday & still works out



Bridget Moynahan is approaching the end of her pregnancy and is still working out with the help of her personal trainer. She is due to give birth this Friday to a baby boy with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady. Ironically, Friday happens to be the birthday of Brady’s current girlfriend, supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

More photos in the extended post


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Ben Affleck has daddy duty!


A clean shaven Ben Affleck and daughter Violet, 1, run errands in Brentwood, CA. Looks like Ben has to do a little bow readjustment.


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