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The Priestley’s Have No Nanny

Jason Priestley and his wife, Naomi Lowde-Priestley take their daughter Ava, 3-months, out for a walk yesterday. Ok, not that unusual, but what is unusual is the fact that they don’t have a nanny.

Even though Jason still works, and Naomi spends a lot of time by herself with Ava, they decided to raise their daughter without any help, which is almost unheard of these days in Hollywood.

“The time we’re going to get to spend with our daughter actually being an infant is so short that I really want to have that time with her,” Priestley said. “The fractured sleep that you get, the whole experience — I really want to have it all and soak it all in.”

Jason stars in Lifetime’s “Side Order of Life,” on Sundays at 9pm.



ABC News

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Brad Pitt: The Paparazzi Are In My Kids Face, “It’s Disgusting”


“I understand the tabloid machine,” he says. “There’s money to be made off of Angie and me, but it has gotten so out-of-hand. There’s no decency, even when it comes to our kids.”

“I mean, yesterday Angie was taking Maddie off to school,” he continues angrily. “There were 30 paparazzi outside. One guy sticks a video camera in Mad’s face, yelling, ‘Maddox! Maddox!’ He doesn’t get a response. He doesn’t know my boy. Mad is already savvy to this, unfortunately. But my 2-year-old dreads being anyplace there are cameras. It scares her. They’re all in her face. My kids are faced with this every day! It’s disgusting. So we’ve been run out of L.A., all the major cities. We just can’t live there. You don’t understand–this is the hunt, the hunt, the hunt! I thought it might be over a year ago. It’s gotten worse.”

Ok, yes I read this and feel for them, but on the other hand, they have created this media frenzy. They have “options” when they take Maddox to school, for one, leave the other kids at home, or in the car with a bodyguard. There is no need to parade the whole family into his school. The paparazzi know what to expect, that’s why they’re there. If you don’t give them anything, they’ll go away.

The Jolie-Pitt’s have four children, three of whom are adopted; Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox, 6, and a biological daughter, Shiloh, 16 months.

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Britney Gets Monitored Visitation


In a hearing that took place on Wednesday, a judge ordered that Kevin Federline gets to keep the kids for now, with Britney Spears getting monitored visitation. Britney wasn’t at the hearing, not sure why she would miss something like that?

Court rep Allan Parachin tells the press, “Britney’s access to her kids works out to about every other day.”

“The visits will not necessarily occur back-to-back.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26, and both parents are required to be there.

In case you missed it, Britney Spears officially has a California driver’s license and can get back on the road. Well, she never really got off the road, which unless you haven’t been following the Britney news, is one of the reasons she lost her kids. Anyway, Britney was issued an interim licence on Tuesday, and is pictured above back behind the wheel.

I think the only reason I care what is going on with Britney, is because she is a mother. I think we are all waiting for her to step up to the plate, and do what she needs to do for those boys. It’s frustrating to watch her make mistake after mistake. We all know someone that no matter what, we can’t save. Britney’s that kind of person, but with her the whole world gets to watch.


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Alex Rodriguez, Wife Expecting A Baby

Alex_rodriguez2New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, 32, and his wife, Cynthia, 34, are expecting baby # 2 this spring.

“Cynthia and I are overjoyed to announce this addition to our family,” says the athlete. “We realize what a special gift children are, and feel very blessed to welcome our second child.”

The baby will join big sister, Natasha, 2 1/2.


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Nicole Richie Smiles For The Camera

A smiling Nicole Richie, who is 6-months pregnant with her first baby, enjoys a candy bar as she leaves a salon in Beverly Hills yesterday.




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