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Helena & Tim Have Fun With Baby Nell

Helena & Tim Have Fun With Baby Nell

Director Tim Burton and his partner, British actress Helena Bonham Carter, had fun playing with their two kids Billy Ray, 5, (not pictured) and Nell, 11 months, at a park in Malibu.

Tim and Helena are currently working on their new movie Alice in Wonderland.

Photo: Richard Harding/

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Kate & Lily Have Some Cuddle Time

Kate & Lily Have Some Cuddle Time

Kate Beckinsale, husband Len Wiseman, Kate’s daughter Lily Mo Sheen and her friend (not pictured) began their holiday festivities at Santa Monica promenade on Sunday. The family did some shopping, listened to street performers and ended their day relaxing at the park.

Photos: Fame/Pacific Coast News

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The Klum Kids Hit Legoland

The Klum Kids Hit Legoland

Heidi Klum decided to celebrate son Johan‘s 2nd birthday at Legoland in Carlsbad, California with Johan and his siblings Leni, 4, Henry, 3, (not pictured) yesterday. Heidi made sure to get her own pictures of the outing!

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    Introducing Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas

    How they’re feeling:

    Tina: “I feel amazing, it’s all so exciting. I’m still pumping with adrenaline and I can’t believe it’s happened. Even when Scarlett’s crying, and during the tired times, we’re both buzzing.

    Ryan: “When she stares straight at us it makes us melt. I’m going to be so protective, she won’t be allowed out of the house until she’s 30 – and even then I’ll have to walk her everywhere!”

    T: “No, I reckon she’ll have Ryan wrapped round her little finger.”

    The Labour:

    T: “Well, I woke up at 5am, rolled over and my contractions started. I rang the midwife and she said: ‘You’d better get down here now!'”

    R: “I was [scared] when I saw what Tina was going through. We had a false alarm the week before but I knew this was different.”

    The birth:

    T: “My contractions started at four minutes, then they went straight to three minutes. I got to hospital at 6am and Scarlett was born at 8:28am, weighing 7lb and 1oz.”

    R: “I had to rush home and get the pregnancy notes and when I got back, she was halfway there. It was the perfect labour – no gas and air, no epidural. She was just on all fours and going for it. She was glowing afterwards.”

    T: “That was the healthiest I think I’ve ever looked – I looked great!”

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    Knowing the sex beforehand:

    R: “No, I was convinced it was a boy. I was even calling the bump a he, which I feel bad about now. I love Scarlett to bits and wouldn’t change her for the world, she’s my little princess.”

    Seeing her for the first time:

    R: “It was surreal. I’ve never known a newborn to look so good, so well formed.”

    T: “She looked just like Ryan, but with my toes.”

    Choosing her name:

    T: “My favourite film is Gone With The Wind and Scarlett O’Hara is such a dramatic character with this thick dark hair. I love the idea of my little Scarlett being feisty like her. Her middle name is Jacqueline, after Ryan’s nan, who knew about the baby but tragically passed away just before she was born.”

    Suffering from postnatal depression:

    T: ” It’s not been too bad. The day my milk came in, I felt a little shivery, hot and fed up. I just got a bit tired of all the visitors – we had nine in one day.”

    Putting on pregnancy weight:

    T: “Yes, when I first got pregnant I looked like a right jabba because I couldn’t tell anyone. After eight weeks, I couldn’t fit into my jeans and had to use a hair bobble to keep them together. I can’t wait to start wearing my old clothes again.”

    Swapping notes with other Coronation Street parents:

    T: “Yes, it’s nice talking to Julia Haworth, Andy Whyment and Jack P. Shepherd.”

    R: “I spoke to Andy the other day, he’s made up.”

    img002.jpg img003.jpg img001.jpg

    Photo: Scanned from OK! Magazine via CelebrityBabyScoop

    Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 650 – 25 November 2008 – Pg 46-58

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    Billie Piper Gives Us A Peek Of Son Winston James

    Billie Piper Gives Us A Peek Of Son Winston James
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    Kate Garraway Out With Daughter Darcey

    Kate, 41, talked about how daughter Darcey is decorating the house in her column in New! magazine this week. She said, “Our house is covered in collages made from leaves at the moment, but I have to admit it’s all my fault. I have actually been teaching Darcey all about the four seasons.”

    She added, “I’m not sure she has quite got the hang of it yet because she keeps saying things like, ‘Can we go outside and see some Autumn, please, Mummy?’, although it’s very sweet. However, I’m now running out of creative things to do with leaves, so I’m hoping we will get some snow soon to move things on a bit!”

    Photo: Flynet

    Source: New! Magazine – Pg 40 – Issue 291 – 24 November 2008

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