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Sasha Schreiber Is A Serious Cutie!

Sasha Schreiber Is A Serious Cutie!

What a serious little guy! Alexander ‘Sasha’ Schreiber, 1 1/2, was seen looking seriously cute as he returned home with his dad Liev in the east village. Mom, Naomi Watts, returned home shortly after the adorable father-son duo. Little brother Samuel ‘Sammy’ Kai, 3 months-old, didn’t join the trio.

Both of Sasha and Sammy’s parents are currently filming new movies. Naomi is shooting Mother and Child co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, Annette Bening and Jimmy Smits, while Liev is working on Salt, co-starring none other than Angelina Jolie.

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The Beckhams Depart For London

The Beckhams Depart For London

Victoria Beckham was spotted at LAX with her three sons, Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6 1/2, and Cruz, 4, as they departed for London on Friday.

On playing soccer with her boys, Victoria said they use two palm trees out by the pool of their LA home and make her play goalkeeper. “That’s what this bruise is,” Vicky said, pointing to a mark on her leg. “I’ve fallen down playing bloody soccer.” Posh Spice went on to say that the family is staying in the States: “We’re not going to leave L.A.,” she said despite David’s recent acceptance of a stint with Italy’s AC Milan team.


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Hugh & Oscar Jackman Touch Down In LA

Hugh and his family have been living in NY as he prepares for his next Broadway role as the legendary magician Harry Houdini. The Tony-award-winning actor is reportedly hoping to learn the tricks of the trade from the masters.

“Hugh is taking his role very seriously,” says a source. “He’s even studying how to perform Houdini’s magic acts. Hugh has been receiving tips and help from great magicians such as Criss Angel and Ricky Jay.”

Hugh and his wife Deborra Lee Furness are also parents to 3-year-old Ava.

90327p6_jackman_b_gr_11.jpg 90327p6_jackman_b_gr_10.jpg 90327p6_jackman_b_gr_07.jpg

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    Ben Affleck Covers Esquire

    The 36-year-old Pearl Harbor star explains the rental:

    “The thing about the car is this,” he says. “I drive you in the car and you describe it. You notice something I haven’t — you pick up on something, some inelegant little smear, or get a glimpse of my daughter’s art from school, some little forgotten whatever. And maybe it hurts someone in my family, somewhere, somehow, and then it’s like, ‘F*ck it, the next guy doesn’t get in the car.’ Then the question is, ‘Why don’t you let me see your car?'”

    Ben, who is described by Esquire as “A Smart, Talented Man Trapped in Lindsay Lohan’s Life,” and his wife Jennifer Garner attract a lot of attention when they’re out, with paparazzi clamoring for a shot of the couple with their daughters Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 3 months.

    The notoriously private Ben does eventually let his guard down to Esquire just a bit, sending the journalist an email that gives a tiny glimpse into his life with Jen and the girls…

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    William H. Macy: Felicity Is The Sexiest Housewife

    The actor tells Parade magazine that though her co-stars Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheridan are all beautiful, none of them compares to Felicity.

    “The others are sort of model beautiful women and Felicity is not a model type. But I think she’s the sexiest on that show. What is sexy? It’s hard to put it into words. The way she carries herself. And she keeps in really great shape. She’s got the kind of body that makes me melt. She’s cut. She’s strong and lithe and capable. I love that.”

    William, 58, and Felicity, 45, currently live in LA with their two daughters Sofia, 8, and Georgia, 7, but he reveals that they may head east once Desperate Housewives comes to an end. “I think it would be good for the kids to put them in school in New York just to change things up,” he says.

    Who do you think is the sexiest Desperate Housewife?

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    David Banda Ritchie: TGIF In NYC

    David Banda Ritchie: TGIF In NYC

    David Banda Ritchie was spotted out with his nanny in New York City on Friday. As we posted yesterday, Madonna is reportedly planning to adopt again. The 50-year-old Queen of Pop, who recently divorced her husband of 8 years Guy Ritchie, is reportedly on her way to Malawi to adopt another child.


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