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Trista & Max In Us Magazine

Here’s another picture of Trista and her 5-month old son Max from Us magazine.


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Tom Cruise & Suri Check Out Jerry Seinfeld’s Porche Collection

Tom Cruise takes Suri to visit his friend Jerry Seinfeld at his five car Porsche garage in NY. Suri looks bored with the whole thing, but she’s as cute as ever! She still has her bottle, and it looks like Jerry helped out by carrying her blanket and diaper bag.

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The Cox-Arquette Family Visits Disneyland For The Day!

Courteney Cox and David Arquettte took Coco, 3 1/2, and some friends to Disneyland for the day. We went to Disneyworld last December, and my kids loved the Peter Pan ride.

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Trista Can Finally Fit Into Her Skinny Jeans!!

Remember when Trista Sutter was having problems fitting into her skinny jeans and feared she’d never be sexy again? Well, she’s back, and is in a bikini on the cover of Us Magazine, along with her 5-month old son Max. She’s been struggling for the past 5-months to lose the 30lbs she gained during her pregnancy, and is finally happy with her body. In the new issue of Us Weekly, Trista talks about the exact diet and exercise routine she followed to lose the baby weight.

Here’s some excerpts form the interview:

On her body

“I’m happy with my body, I’m confident and proud of the work I’ve done. I feel a lot more fit and healthy,” she says. “And I think that’s playing a part in our relationship.” (Adds Ryan, “I’m just happy to see her happy with herself… and her butt looks great!”)

This is actually in the interview too:

“Her 2,000-calorie-a-day diet and four-times-a-week workouts with trainer Brock Fetch have also helped her marriage to Ryan.”

Why would this help her marriage?

On Excercise

“Every night before I go to bed, I do abs, pushups, and tricep presses. I feel better when I wake up if I’ve done something to set my muscles and make them feel active.”

On baby #2

“We’ve started trying!” Sutter tells Us. “I’d love to have babies close in age. And it took us so long the first time that if it takes us two years, then that will be fine.”

Ok, now 5-months later she’s approx 106lbs, and once again the wrong message goes out to all of the women who have been struggling for years with their baby weight. I could go on and on about this, so I’m just going to shut up while I’m ahead:-)


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Brooke Burke Is Getting Big!

Brooke Burke Is Getting Big!

A pregnant Brooke Burke is out with fiance David Charvet at the L.A. premiere of Ricki Lake’s new doc The Business of Being Born Jan. 14.

Burke is expecting her fourth child and second with David Charvet, due spring 2008.

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