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Helena Picks Mingus & Friends Up From School

This is a cute picture of boys being silly. Helena Christensen picks up her son Mingus Luchien Reedus, 7, (giving the rabbit ears) and his friends from school. Helena recently said that Mingus is totally obsessed with Pokemon.

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Maddox Takes A Swimming Lesson

Maddox Takes A Swimming Lesson

While mom, Angelina Jolie attended her photocall earlier today in Cannes, her oldest child, Maddox, 6 1/2, took a swimming lesson at Eden Roc — which he seemed to really enjoy!

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Angelina’s Latest Movie Role Reminds Her Of Her Mother

Angelina’s Latest Movie Role Reminds Her Of Her Mother

Expecting mom Angelina Jolie said that she reflected on her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, while filming her latest movie Changeling. Angelina, 32 years-old, and soon-to-be mother of 6 is expected to be at the Changeling premier later today at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her role as Christine Collins whose 9 year-old son is kidnapped in this true story directed by Clint Eastwood. When authorities return the boy to Christine, she claims he is not her son. The police try to cover up their mistakes and label her an unfit mother and admit her into the psych ward to silence her. Angelina stated,

“To me, she’s very much like my mother [who died in January 2007]. My mother was very passive in many ways and very, very sweet, but when it came to her children, she was a lion. So in many ways, Christine reminded me of my mom, and it was a way to kind of revisit my mother after her passing and spend time with her.”Angelina added: “To lose a child: I can’t imagine anything worse, especially not knowing the fate of that child.”


Photo: Bauer-Griffin 5/20/08 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival.”The Exchange” Photocall. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

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    No More Babies For Myleene Klass Right Now

    Myleene Klass, mum to eight-month-old Ava talked to New! Magazine this week about how she isn’t ready for any more babies at the moment and swapping baby photos with Brad Pitt:

    On having more children: Gray [Graham] is definitely there at the moment. But I’m enjoying baby No.1 right now.

    On her family joining her in Cannes: Gray isn’t, but Bubba [Ava] is coming

    On meeting Brad Pitt at Cannes last year: Yeah, I was very pregnant at the time so there are a lot of stories to tell. They all had a rub of my belly. Matt Damon and Andy Garcia did, anyway.

    On meeting Brad, who’s expecting twins, again this year: That’s great because if I meet him I can get my baby photos out and the two of us can compare. We’ll be baby bores together.

    Written by Sophie

    Source: New! Magazine May 26, issue 265 p.34

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    Matthew & Camila Selling Baby Pics

    The New York Daily News claims that Matthew McConaughey and his pregnant girlfriend Camila Alves are trying to get the highest bid for the first photos of their unborn baby. It’s reported that they hired agent Todd Shemarya, who secured deals for Brangelina and Christina Aguilera. Three magazines have bid so far, and they’re at $1 million and counting.

    Camila is pictured in LA, after her exercise class this past week.

    Source: NY Daily News

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    Liv Tyler: “My Dream My Whole Life Was To Be A Mother”

    Liv Tyler graces the cover of the June issue of SELF. Inside she talks about working out, Milo, and enjoying what’s really important. Here’s some highlights:

    On being pregnant: “I loved being pregnant so much, and experiencing a child growing in your body just gives you such a newfound respect for the human body. It’s just fascinating. It gives you this sense and this feeling of timelessness, this sort of evolution of man and what a miracle it is that you get pregnant at all. It’s not like you take a special pill and this pill makes the baby grow. The baby just grows, without your even doing anything but breathing and sleeping and eating. That is an amazing feeling. You feel so proud of your body. We didn’t find out if Milo was a girl or a boy. At first I think I wanted to find out but Roy [her husband, Royston Langdon; he and Tyler have since split] didn’t want to and I’m really grateful that we didn’t, because there’s such a beauty in the mystery, in the awe of not knowing. It’s the greatest surprise ever.”

    On being a working mom: “It’s hard as a woman to be working so much all the time and out in the world and then also really wanting to be a mother and wanting to do all those things around the house for your child. It’s really overwhelming, especially when your child is young. My dream my whole life was to be a mother, not to have a career or be famous. I love my job and care a lot about what I do and I get a lot of pleasure from acting, but I want to be able to be home and be [Milo’s] mother. I don’t want somebody else raising him.”

    On raising a boy: “Milo loves animals. And I want to teach him to feel strong and manly and…you know! It’s funny, it’s like, wow, I have a son. This is my responsibility now, to teach him how to be a man. I feel like the dynamic between gender—male and female—has changed so much and I want to help teach him how to be able to do everything. To cook and sew and also mow the lawn and chop down trees. I want him to learn and know everything.”

    Head over to SELF to read more !

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