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Marcia Cross & The Twins Have Lunch

Marcia Cross & The Twins Have Lunch

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross and her fraternal twin daughters Eden (right, in pink) and Savannah, both 21 months, left the California Pizza Kitchen in Brentwood, California after the threesome enjoyed lunch there. Marcia kept the twins occupied while they waited for the valet to bring their car. The twins’ dad is stockbroker Tom Mahoney.

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Mark Owen Welcomes Daughter Willow Rose

Mark Owen Welcomes Daughter Willow Rose

Take That’s new album The Circus is out on Monday.

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Pete Wentz Explains ‘Mowgli’ & “Surreal” Birth

In his first interview since welcoming his son, Bronx Mowgli, Pete Wentz described the birth of his first child as “pretty surreal.” The 29-year-old musician went on to say on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show, “Obviously, some stuff my wife would freak if I said, but she’s pretty much a saint. Right before she went into labor, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m having a heart attack!'”

Pete went on to describe his experience in the delivery room: “Natural things start going on in your body. My heart started beating really fast,” Us magazine reports. He then said, “You see your wife in all this pain, and you really don’t know what’s happening. [But Ashlee] “took care of me and made sure I was OK and then we went into labor. That’s why she’s a saint.”

Pete continued to gush about his wife: “She’s a amazing girl. She was like, ‘I will make sure you’re OK. I didn’t even stop to think, ‘Well, you just had an epidural and you’re about to have a baby!'” When Bronx was born, Pete said Ashlee stated: ‘He’s beautiful. He’s perfect.’ He added, “We were instantly in love. It’s impossible not to be!”

Click below to find out how Ashlee is doing and why they chose the name Bronx Mowgli….

Pete said that Ashlee is doing “really good” and added that he has changed “quite a few” diapers already – even ones of the “exploding” nature. Pete joked, “Having a child is like opening a new spot in L.A. — everyone’s trying to get in every night!” The Fall Out Boy bassist said Bronx “is definitely going to come out on tour. We need a whole team of stuff that is going to get him through that.”

And as for the unique name choice, he explained they had been “throwing it back and forth a while ago. I feel weird because all these people have all these ideas on what it means … I don’t think anyone knows the real story of why or how.” He briefly said [Jungle Book] author Rudyard Kipling is “really cool and The Jungle Book is something that me and Ashlee bonded over.”

Regarding his new role as a father, he said, “It’s different when it happens. Your life is 100 percent different now – you want it to be different.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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    Kate Winslet’s Best Advice To Her Kids: “Be Yourself”

    Kate Winslet, the youngest actress to have ever received five Academy Award nominations, has two movies opening in December: Revolutionary Road (directed by husband, Sam Mendes) and The Reader. In Revolutionary Road, she plays a young wife in violent revolt against the complacency of 1950s suburbia. In this flick, she is reunited with her Titanic co-star and longtime friend Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate sits down with Parade magazine to discuss her upcoming movie roles, and her role as mother to 8-year-old Mia Honey, and 4 1/2-year-old Joe Alfie.

    On wanting a ‘normal’ life for her children: “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears. For my own children, I do want for them to look back and remember that it was me in the kitchen, that I was doing the packed lunches, that we were there on the school run, that we did take a bus. I want them to remember those things, because those are the things that I remember from my own childhood and that have been incredibly important to me. I also think that those are the things that children need in order to become normal kids. I don’t want them to feel that they are any different because of my job or Sam’s job.”

    On dining out with their kids: “We like them to see those things as a treat, as they should be—and still are to me, actually. We were having lunch, and I was having a glass of wine and eating bread and putting butter on the bread, and I turned to Sam and said, ‘I am just so happy!’”

    On her own childhood: “We never had any money. I really grew up in a world of struggling actors who were doing it because they loved it. We were all always told, ‘OK, if this is really something you want to do, that’s fine. Just know it’s going to be hard. It was always, ‘You might not get it. Go for it. You’ve nothing to lose. Just work hard and be yourself.’ That was the main thing we were always told. ‘Be yourself. Don’t try to be like the girl who is ahead of you in the line. Be yourself.’”

    On the best advice she gives to her own children: “‘Be yourself—that’s all you need to be. Why do you want to be like that person? Be you. Be you.’”

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Suri carries a Russ Shining Star Giraffe – on sale! for $10.12
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    Tom Cruise Opens Up To The Mirror

    Tom Cruise has had a tough few years. In 2005, it seemed that America’s “love affair” with the A-list actor had ended when, in the short span of a few months, he became infamous for “couch jumping” on The Oprah Winfrey Show, slamming Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants, and a disastrous Today Show interview in which he called Matt Lauer “glib.” When Paramount Studios axed its unique 14-year deal with him, it really seemed as if Tom Cruise’s career was over.

    But now, Tom has come out the other side, and is ready to talk about those life-changing months – and about his wife, Katie Holmes, and his children, Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 2 1/2.

    “There are things that I could have done better,” he confesses in his suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “I could have handled things better. I was surprised at the criticism but it brought everyone closer together: Katie’s entire family and my family.”

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    On wife Katie: “Going through that stuff is not pleasant and I think it hit an extreme, but Kate’s a very sure and confident and strong woman. She gets it, you know. She is incredibly wise and very, very strong and confident, even though she is a very gracious and elegant person.

    On his life now: “As a father and a husband you want to protect your family and tell them not to worry because it is all going to be OK. You just learn from it and move on and I know that. I have a blessed life because I have a happy family and children that I adore and everyone knows how I feel about Kate. It just brought us even closer together.”

    On parenting a young child after so long: “It came right back,” he said. “It was especially nice as it was Kate’s first time. I’ve been around kids my whole life but it’s different when they’re yours. So I feel I was a very helpful husband and excited about it. I remember I was much more relaxed with Connor than with Bella.”

    On his first night with Bella after adopting her: “I’ll never forget the first night with Bella. I was looking at every breath she took and we laugh about it now as I told her, ‘I think I kept you up more than you did me that first night.’ I’ll never forget my mother coming in the morning to teach me how to bathe Bella. And Suri…you know those times we all have that are magic when they’re asleep on our chest? I knew the drill… it’s gas, diaper, hungry, you know? It’s been very magical to have that and Kate is so calm and loving and Suri is the same.”

    On Suri: “I don’t want her to be afraid of people. I’m not going to live in fear or have her be frightened of people. She’s very open and warm with lots of love and understanding. She’s happy and fun. She’ll just wave to people in the street.”

    A normal day in the Cruise house: “Family breakfast… hanging out and watching movies, watching football, the evening with the family, colouring and reading books to Suri. Kate is an artist so there are always lots of arts and crafts and fun things. It’s really just enjoying our family getting together. At breakfast we talk about what’s going to happen in the day, how’s school? How’s the book you’re reading? Did you finish your homework?”

    Tom has a lot rising on his next film, Valkryie, due out the day after Christmas. If the £50million thriller succeeds, it will be iron-clad proof that Tom has come through unscathed. But if it fails, it will join Lions for Lambs, his previous film as new head of United Artists, as another failed Cruise venture.

    But Tom isn’t worried.

    “Our life is what it is,” he says contentedly. “We actually have a very normal but exciting life. I feel very fortunate.”

    Photo: Mirror

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