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Zahara & Pax

Zahara Pax

5/15/07: Just Jared has pictures of Brad Pitt picking up Pax (3) and Zahara (2) from school at the US Embassy in Prague.  Just Jared has a lot more pictures of the cuties!

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Jennifer Garner to produce ‘The View for mothers’

Jen_garner_3Jennifer Garner and former So You Think You Can Dance host Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell are pitching a TV show described as “The View for mothers,” reports PEOPLE.

“It’s really [Jennifer's] show and I’m the host,” says Sanchez-Whitesell. “We’re putting together a show for moms, by moms,”

“We’re pitching it next week to a network. I call Jen the Barbara Walters of the show. She will come on periodically. We haven’t quite settled exactly [how often], but she’s the executive producer.”

Sounds pretty cool, and here is a bit more of what we can expect “We’ll talk about how to get your kids to sleep, or how do you choose the right school, or how to keep your marriage together after having kids,” said Sanchez-Whitesell, who had a boy in June.

She goes on to say: “Jen might talk about how you keep a marriage together when you’re in the spotlight with a child. She’s photographed picking up trash in her front yard, she’s photographed doing everything.” That would be interesting for us to hear first hand, since we see her so frequently.


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Celebrity moms love Right Bank Babies

EviedressStylish, colorful, and reversible! Right Bank Babies dresses are truly adorable. Celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner and Courtney Cox-Arquette,own the Sophia style dress. Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni has the reversible print dress ‘Leni’ named after her! Marcia Cross’s daughters got the Sophia style dress from her Desperate Housewives costar Joy Lauren. Visit


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Oliver & Erinn Hudson


5/13/07: Oliver Hudson with wife Erinn expect their first baby in August.

Richard Harding/Pacific Coast News

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Britney & Sean at Millenium


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Reese Witherspoon & kids


5/13/07:Reese Witherspoon out & about with kids Deacon, 3, and Ava, 7, while running errands in West Los Angeles.

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