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Kingston’s Birthday Bash

Stefani_rossdale_070526_13wtmk_2Gwen Stefani could not wait to get to New York City the day after she performed at the Borgata, in Atlantic City. It was Kingston’s first birthday!!!! How exciting. Gwen and her husband (Gavin Rossdale) celebrated this special occasion at New York City’s pizzeria Otto. Gwen was so excited she told the audience at the Borgata “It’s so amazing having this little life.” “I’m not gonna lie: He’s so cute!” She also jokingly stated “If you don’t sing (along to the song Cool) loud enough, I’ll go hang out with Kingston on the bus.” Oh that is so cute, her biggest little fan is waiting for her after she performs. She couldn’t ask for anything better than that!

People June 11, 2007 p.63

By News Contributor Jen C.

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Johnny Depp Decides to Quit

Lily_rose_depp_2Johnny Depp has decided to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey after his daughter (Lily-Rose) suffered from a serious illness in March. According to In Touch, Lily-Rose was suffering from a bad case of blood poisioning due to an untreated open wound. She is now recovering and doing much better. An insider states, “He sees quitting as a form of spiritual payback.” “His decision comes straight from the heart.”

Life & Style June 11, p. 37

By News Contributor Jen. C

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Robert Downey Jr. & son Indio at Kidstock


Robert Downey Jr. and son Indio at the Kidstock Music And Art Festival in Beverly Hills, California.

Luis Martinez/Splash News

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Edie Falco & son in NYC


Edie Falco, 43, three-time Emmy award winning actress who is best known for her role as Carmela Soprano on HBO’s hit and award winning series The Sopranos, is pictured in NYC with her adopted son Anderson whom she adopted in 2004.

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Marcia Cross & baby


5/24/07: Marcia Cross in Santa Monica, CA with her fraternal twins, Eden and Savannah, 3-months. Not sure which baby she is holding in the picture.

Us Weekly June 11, 2007 p.27

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Mariska in Oprah at Home


Mariska Hargitay, mom to August, 1-months in Oprah at Home, Summer 2007.

Superior pics

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