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Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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5/1/07 & 5/3/07: Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Elisabeth and Tim are expecting their second child this Fall. The couple has one daughter Grace (2).

View a Family Photo Here

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Emma Bunton



5/3/07: Emma Bunton & Jade Jones are expecting their first baby this summer.


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The Dempsey Family

15204pcn_dempsey07wtmk 15204pcn_dempsey077wtmk

5/3/07: Jillian Dempsey, five-year-old Tallulah and the twins Darby & Sullivan (3 mos.) enjoy the fresh air. They were accompanied by their nanny. Father is Grey’s Anatomy "McDreamy" Patrick Dempsey.

Michael Anthony for Pacific Coast News

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US Weekly Scans


scan: 5/7/07 US Weekly


Racer Jeff Gordon and wife Ingrid are expecting their daughter early July.


Jenna Elfman and husband Bodhi are expecting their son early summer.

US Weekly scans via Celebrity Moms

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Welcome Princess Sofia of Spain

Letizia1 Letizia

5/4/07: Beautiful family photo’s of Princes Felipe & Letizia, and big sister Leonor (18 mos), leaving the hospital with newborn daughter Sophia. Those girls are just adorable!

Abaca Press

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Julianne Moore & Liv

Splashnews_lsny040507n_029wtmk Splashnews_lsny040507n_021wtmk

Julianne Moore and daughter, Liv Helen, 5, spend some mommy & me time in Greenwich Village yesterday. They bought some shoes for Liv in The Shoe Garden, strolled through Three Lives & Co. bookstore before walking home with a balloon. Liv is definitely like any other 5 year old!  I love how she is very outgoing.  Julianne and husband Bart Freundlich also have a son Cal, 9.

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