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Twin Girls For Angelina?

Twin Girls For Angelina?

If you remember, In Touch reported Angelina was expecting a boy and a girl. Now, Star magazine has a source who says Angie is expecting twin girls, and is due in July. The insider also claims that her pregnancy hasn’t been easy, and she collapsed before they went to France,

“Angie got out of bed and was halfway across the room when she passed out and fell,” says the insider. “Brad heard her hit the floor — hard — and he rushed to her side. She came around pretty quickly, and the medical team that has been traveling with her, a doctor and a nurse, got her back into bed and started checking her vitals.”

What do you think of these headlines? Is this just a clever attempt to sell magazines, or is there any truth involved?

Source: Star magazine

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Elisabeth Struts Her Stuff

Controversial talk show co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, graces the cover of Fitness magazine with her six-months-post-baby body. Elisabeth, who turns 31 this month, says:

“Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it’s how you feel inside.”This is the first time I’ve felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there’s no room for those doubts.” [Hasselbeck, mother to Grace & Taylor, goes on to say] “I finally told myself … ‘I’ve got some curves, I’ve got a bubble butt, but I don’t mind, because it’s what powers me forward when I run.”

Elisabeth says she’s been on a exercise routine of running, weight training, daily dashes and abdominal work and says, ”I feel like I’m an athlete again.’”

Her original goal was to lose weight and eat healthier in order to have more energy. With the assistance of a nutritionist, Elisabeth had a wheat-free diet designed just for her since she has celiac disease. This diet consisted of lean protein, vegetables, along with nutrition bars and nuts for snacks. Imagine what all of us could look like if we had a team of professionals working for us. :-)

Sourec: Fitness magazine via People

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    Reese Helps Raise $8 Million for Women’s Issues

    Reese Helps Raise $8 Million for Women’s Issues

    Last weekend, Reese Witherspoon hit the pavement for the last mile of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer’s Washington leg. As global ambassador for Avon, Reese’s duties include honorary chairwoman of the Avon Foundation, which raises money and awareness for breast cancer research, domestic violence and emergency relief.

    The walk raised more than $8 million for research and outreach. Reese proudly stated about the success of this event:

    “I’ve always been very focused on creating positive images and doing things to give back to women.”

    Reese is planning to have a low-key Mother’s Day weekend with her own mother, Betty Reese, and her 2 children, Ava & Deacon. Reese says her life can be very hectic with the paparazzi continuously hounding her, although she says her children have “always kind of known me to be who I was, and if people know Mom at the grocery store, I think they kind of like it.” The 32 year-old actress goes on to say:“Obviously, if you’re not having the greatest day, it’s not always easy, but for the most part, (fame) brings a lot of positive things into our life.”

    Source: USA Today

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    Maggie, Peter & Ramona Enjoy A Beautiful Morning In Brooklyn

    Maggie, Peter & Ramona Enjoy A Beautiful Morning In Brooklyn

    Maggie Gyllenhaal, fiance Peter Sarsgaard their daughter Ramona, 18-months took a walk to get some coffee earlier today in Brooklyn.

    Photo: INF

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    Joely Is Considering An International Adoption

    Joely Richardson, actress on the critically acclaimed drama Nip/Tuck, recently stated that she is considering adopting a child after visiting Malawi. Joely was in the birth country of Madonna’s adopted son, David, to help raise awareness about the lack of fresh water available in the impoverished country. Richardson said that she feels there is something missing in her life, and it’s another baby. While she has concerns about “doing a Madonna,” Joely said a new baby would be a welcome addition to her family,

    “I would love to adopt. My daughter Daisy is a teenager and becoming self-reliant and I have a lot of friends who had adopted.”

    Joely was deeply moved by the orphanages she visited while in Malawi,

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