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Gordon Ramsay & Family @ High School Musical 3 London Premiere

Gordon Ramsay & Family @ High School Musical 3 London Premiere

Photo: Flynet

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Charlotte Church ‘Fed Up’ With Media Attacks Over Her Weight

‘Charl says she is much happier with her second pregnancy because she has put on half the weight she did with Ruby. She looks good and she loves the way she looks. And so does Gav. I am sick to death of reading about her weight. It’s something that’s never bothered her. She’s not obsessed with her size. The most important thing to her is to stay fit and healthy for the baby – not getting in to a size 8.’

She dismisses rumours that Charlotte is depressed,

‘She is probably the least depressed person I know,’ said Maria. ‘Charlotte told me, ‘I love my life. My family is all that matters’. She goes out for walks with Ruby, does a bit of shopping, cooks and cleans and spends all her free time with her family. I get fed up with the nonsense and lies, and do does she. Charl and Gav have got everything they want, and those who know them know that.’

Source: Reveal mag via UKFamily

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Dennis Quaid: The Twins Are “Completely Healthy & Happy”

Dennis Quaid recently opened up to Parade about his new role as a coach in the upcoming flick The Express. Dennis also talked about his family life with wife Kimberly and their 11-month-old fraternal twins, Thomas and Zoe.

On how The Express deals with segregation and prejudice in daily life and how these issues are especially timely in the context of the current presidential campaign: “When we started filming, Obama had announced his candidacy but he was just really one of the pack. Now it’s come down to the fact that he could be president, so I guess it is relevant. The film looks back to how we used to be, as a country, with regard to segregation, and it speaks to how far we’ve come and also where we still need to go.”

On what life is like when he’s not working: “I play golf or ride my horse.That’s basically my day. I get the kids up, take my older son to school, go play golf, come home, play with the kids a bit, ride my horse, have dinner and then veg out. I’m really a creature of habit, I’m obsessive about what I do. When I find something I really like, I stick with it.”

On how the twins are doing after their lives were threatened by a mix-up of medicines in the hospital: “They’re doing fantastic.They’re completely healthy and happy and have no ill effects from what happened to them. I’m really grateful about that. We’ve created a foundation that is all about minimizing the impact of human error in the hospitals — trying to facilitate bedside bar-coding and electronic record keeping in hospitals, which would lower the likelihood of mistakes being made.”

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    Angelina Jolie: “I’m Very Grounded By My Family”

    The buzz surrounding Angelina Jolie’s wrenching performance in the upcoming flick Changeling, directed by Clint Eastwood, suggests another Academy Award nomination for the busy mom. This bizarre true story of a California woman in the 1920’s whose young son goes missing and returned to her by the police, reveals that the child isn’t really her son and a corrupt government conspires to keep her from finding out the truth. Angie recently sat down with Parade to talk about her new film, and of course, her highly documented family life.

    On if this film makes her feel even more protective of her own kids: “We have a high-profile family, but I don’t want my children to be scared when we have to quickly get into the car because some person is running at us with a camera or something. It is a fine line of wanting them to be aware of strangers but not making them afraid. I suppose that, like with everything with children, it’s just communication and being honest with them.”

    On Billy Bob Thornton’s recent comment that they’re still best friends: “I have two divorces behind me but I’m still good friends with both my exes, Billy Bob and Jonny Lee [Miller]. I’ve never had to deal with secrets from the men in my life because I’ve always married artists and they’re a very talkative and expressive bunch. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    On if this is true of her relationship with Brad Pitt: “I don’t want to spend my life pretending to be somebody else, and I don’t want the person next to me to have to pretend ever, because we have a long life ahead of us. So you just want to be able to be who you are in every moment, and that’s the only way you’ll ever be truly happy.”

    On if she was shocked that the events of this movie really occurred: “I could hardly believe it when I read the script. If it wasn’t real, everybody would just say it’s too far fetched to be true. But this is about an actual woman who fought the system and found justice in the end, even at the risk of her own life.”

    On if this role took as much out of her as A Mighty Heart, in which she played the widow of Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists: “It was even more devastating. Certainly, Mariane Pearl lost her husband in the most horrific way. But I think even she might agree that the loss of a child and not knowing where they are or what is happening to them is probably the absolute worst thing in the world. As a mother, it was harder for me imagining that somebody was abusing my child while they were wondering why mommy wasn’t coming to save them. As a mother, that’s just the worst possible scenario. So this film was very, very painful.”

    On what helped her get through the toughest scenes: “Clint Eastwood. There have been so many times I’ve worked on films that required a lot of emotion, and the director didn’t understand. They’d do 10 takes in a wide shot and you’re crying and crying. And then they’d do close-ups and you’re still trying to emote with the same honesty. Clint doesn’t exhaust you like that. He knows when to move on. And so you feel safe enough to just lay yourself bare and expose everything.”

    On if she believes in the kind of mysterious turn of events that can dramatically change one’s life as portrayed in Changeling: “Only in a positive way.When I met my son Maddox, I went to Cambodia and left feeling I’d left something behind. I went back on a humanitarian mission and I felt, ‘My son’s here.’ It was the strangest feeling. I woke up that morning thinking, ‘They’re going to introduce me to my kid today and I wonder how I’m going to feel.’ And the moment I saw Maddox I knew I was his mother. I can’t explain it.”

    On what helps her deal with all the fame and celebrity that surrounds her: “I’m just a mom and I’m very grounded by my family. I’m very happy, and I’m so lucky. The world can like me, hate me, fall apart around me, and at least, you know, I wake up with my little kids and I’m happy.”

    Source: Parade

    Photo: Bauer-Griffin, October 4

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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Splendid Littles Stripe French Terry Hoodie and Pant Set in Pool – $130
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    Latest Dish!

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