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Gabby Reece & Brody Jo Do Lunch

Volleyball star Gabrielle Reece and her youngest daughter Brody Jo, 8 months, are pictured leaving a restaurant last week after having lunch with husband, surfer Laird Hamilton and daughter Reece Viola, 4 1/2.

Photo: Splash

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Rob & Sheryl Lowe Claim Their Nanny Terrified Their Children

Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl continue with their legal battle against their second former nanny, Laura Boyce.

In a response to Boyce’s claims against the Lowes, Rob filed papers claiming that she terrified their children by discussing gang activity in her neighborhood “in graphic” detail and sharing stories about people having their eyes and limbs cut off. The Lowes also claim that Boyce repeatedly used “racially inappropriate” words and discussed details about her sex life with the children. Boyce is also being accused of using the “n-word” when referring to her African-American friends and making inappropriate comparisons to her boyfriend’s genitals and household objects.

Rob and Sheryl go on to claim that Boyce would “self-medicate on Xanax and alcohol.” The Lowes also claim that she would often come to their house with strangulation marks and facial bruising, blaming her physically abusive boyfriend. In November of 2007, the Lowes say that Boyce did not show up for work one day so they filed a missing person’s report and “feared for the worst”.

In April, Boyce sued the Lowes, alleging that Sheryl Lowe created a “sexually offensive and hostile work environment” by using the “n-word” to describe Boyce’s boyfriend. She also claimed that Sheryl often walked around “naked, completely exposing herself.” While Boyce did not accuse Rob of sexual harassment, she is holding him jointly responsible.

Rob & Sheryl have not had good luck with nannies! The couple face a separate legal battle with another former nanny, Jessica Gibson, who filed a lawsuit against the Lowes April 14. They filed lawsuits against both women April 7, claiming they violated their confidentiality agreements and spread lies about his family.

Source: Us

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, 2001

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    Meg Ryan Talks About Adopting Daisy

    When Meg Ryan adopted her second child, Daisy True, then 14 months old, from China in late 2006, it wasn’t because she wanted to “rescue” a child, as is the assumption some people make when a star adopts a child.

    “It wasn’t that. I just saw that face and I knew we were just related. I always thought I’d do it,” Ryan says of adopting. “It’s such a deliberate act, this adoption, as opposed to getting pregnant sometimes. You have to be very, very awake.”

    Meg met her new daughter in an hotel near Shanghai, where Meg waited in a restaurant above the conference room where Daisy had been “crying and crying for an hour and a half” before the the officials came to get her. However, when Daisy was placed in Meg’s arms,

    “Daisy stopped crying. I’m not kidding you. She checked me out and then she went to sleep. The next six to eight hours, she’d wake up and be very afraid and then she’d cry and then relax and play with you. I’d do the same thing. Just get really afraid, then really expanded. It was this metaphysical kind of labor, this crazy meeting.”

    Meg also has a 16-year-old son, Jack, with her ex, Dennis Quaid, and Daisy is 3-and-a-half now. Meg still carries the first photo of Daisy the orphanage sent her in her wallet – and of being a parent to her two kids, she says,

    “It taught me a lot about any expectations you have in life. Just toss them away. Throw them out.”

    Source: LA Times

    Photo: Flynet 5/08

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    Rob Corddry Expecting Second Daughter

    When asked about baby names, Rob told People,

    “We have a short list of names that we are considering. My 2-year-old (daughter Sloane) is pretty set on the name ‘Freeka.’ She also likes ‘Laurie Berkner,’ but that sounds weird in front of Corddry. We may just go with ‘Baby the Entertainer’ in case she grows up to be a black comedian.”

    The newest addition is due to make her appearance in November. Rob can be seen next in Oliver Stone’s George Bush biopic W.

    Source : People

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    Milo Is A Pigeon Hunter

    Milo Is A Pigeon Hunter

    Source : Bauer Griffin

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