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Jason Donovan: “Father’s Day Should Be Every Day”

Australian singer Jason Donovan talked to Hello! Magazine this week about his children, who accompanied him on his honeymoon after marrying his long-term partner, and their mum, Angela Malloch in a surprise ceremony in Bali. The couple, who have been together for ten years, are parents to Jemma, 8, and Zac, 7.

On a family honeymoon: “Honeymoons are a slightly odd concept for me, in that I couldn’t imagine sneaking off with Ange somewhere and leaving the kids behind. It wouldn’t have seemed right.”

On his relationship with his father: “It’s the most important thing in the world to me. I had a very close relationship with my father when I was growing up and I guess I have always wanted to have that same sense of closeness with my own family.”

On being a hands-on dad: “Yes. My philosophy is that you only get so many opportunities with your kids and you need to make the most of them because, before you know it, they’ve grown up.“

On telling off the children: “You know, one of the problems I have parenting is knowing what to say when I have to tell them off. But Ange and I have our boundaries with them, for us, it’s all about trying to get the right balance.”

On who they take after: “Jemma’s quiet like me – she’s got an artistic nature. She’s very into dance right now and was recently in her school play. Zac is much more like Ange. He’s a bright boy, he plays violin and is very good at maths – which he certainly didn’t inherit from me.”

On celebrating Father’s Day: “It’s not something I celebrate. The cynic in me sees it for what it is – a commercial enterprise. Father’s Day should be every day as far as I’m concerned, with all the work I put in!”

Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1025 – June 17 2008 – Pg 24-28

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Dennis Quaid Moving The Family From Hollywood

Dennis Quaid is ready to leave Tinseltown. He’s not retiring from acting, but he and his family are moving.

“The train is going down the tracks!” he said.

Dennis and his wife, Kimberly, are planning to uproot their family, which includes 7-month-old twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace to his hometown of Houston.

“We have a lot of family there and we have a really nice plot of land. We have 30 or 40 friends and family members within two miles of us. Its kind of a no-brainer.”

Leaving Los Angeles is sure to put bad memories behind for the couple. Last November, their twins came close to death from an accidental overdose of the drug Heparin. Thomas and Zoe were given 10,000 units of Heparin as newborns. The normal dosage for infants is 10 units. The babies were treated and have recovered from the overdose.

“They went through a medical catastrophe. Thank God it had a happy ending,” Dennis said. “We took them [kids] to the kiddie pool for their first swim today. They loved it.”

Dennis and Kimberly have since taken action to prevent such medical nightmares from happening again by establishing a foundation to minimize the impact of human error.

“We would like to start by bar coding,” he said. “With a bar code, [a nurse] can scan the medicine and scan the bracelet of the patient. Scan her own tag and if theres a mistake, it will come up.”

Souce: OK Magazine

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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    Queen Latifah Wants Kids “For Sure”

    Queen Latifah recently said she would definitely like children one day “for sure.”

    “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! There’s the intention. I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen. It’s going to have to happen eventually. I’m not sure when, but I would love to have children for sure.”

    For the time being, the Queen is busy working with children in the League, a new youth-service organization based in her hometown of Newark, N.J.

    “We come back and contribute to the community. We try and put a different face on a city we know is not just about The Sopranos, toxic smells and all this stuff that people try and make Jersey about. When I knew this was coming up, [and was] asked if I would be involved, I said, ‘Sure, no problem, let’s do it.’”

    The League gives the 38-year-old the opportunity to work in her hometown and spend time with her family and old friends. It is that “good support system” that has helped her with Hollywood’s pressure to be thin. She has recently lost 20 lbs on Jenny Craig and says she refuses to be someone she’s not,

    “I think I’m the best Queen Latifah there ever will be, but I’m not necessarily the best J.Lo, and I’m not the best Halle Berry. They are the best. I’ve gotta be me and let everybody else be them, and I think there’s room for all of us because America looks like all of us.”

    Source: Ok Magazine

    Photo: Bauer Griffin

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    Zoe Lucker Feeling Fantastic During Her Pregnancy

    Zoe Lucker Feeling Fantastic During Her Pregnancy

    British actress Zoe Lucker spoke to Hello! Magazine about how being pregnant has brought her so much happiness. Lucker, 34, is most famous for her role as Tanya Turner in British show Footballers’ Wives and is currently on screen in Holby Blue. She is expecting her first baby with fiance Jim Herbert in August.

    “Fantastic. I am at a stage in my life where I am happy and content. I am much more sorted than I have ever felt. Pregnancy has unexpected benefits too. I feel comfortable walking down the street with people looking at me, whereas I used to hate it. There is something very liberating about being pregnant. Not that you let yourself go, but there is nothing you can do and you give your body to someone else. In the first few months it is a very odd thing, waking up every day and your body is changing without you doing anything about it.”

    Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1025 – June 17 2008 – Pg 34-37

    Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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    Ashlee & Pete Having Twins?

    Pete Wentz recently hinted that he and wife Ashlee Simpson are expecting twins. The Fall Out Boy rocker accidentally called his unborn baby “them” in an interview on a US radio show,

    “We’ve been keeping a book so far, like a journal for them – for them when they’re, uh, born.”

    After this slip-up, Pete started laughing nervously before wrapping up the interview.

    I’d be very surprised if Ashlee is having twins since her bump is so small.

    Source: Female First

    Photo: Flynet, June 10

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