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Happy 2nd Birthday Ruby Sweetheart!

Name: Ruby Sweetheart Maguire

Birthday: 10 November 2006

Parents: Jennifer Meyer & Tobey Maguire

Siblings: None

Facts about her:

• Her parents named her Ruby because they just liked the name and gave her her middle name ‘Sweetheart’ as Jennifer’s grandmother used to call Jennifer ‘Sweetheart’ before she died

• Little Ruby recently enjoyed a playdate with Kingston Rossdale!

Tobey on Ruby,

“It’s a very dramatic change. My whole life is in transition now with friendships and where I’m gonna live, you know, just your whole perspective. It’s great. She’s so adorable. She’s just a smiley, little beautiful thing.”

Visit here to see more of Ruby

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Update: Katie Price With Princess Tiaamii In OK! Magazine

Update: Quotes from interview with British OK! magazine added.

Model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price is on the cover of British OK! magazine this week with her 16-month-old daughter Princess Tiaamii. Katie, 30, talks about her plans for more children in the interview. She is also mum to sons Harvey, six, and Junior, three.

Supposed baby bump: “No, I’m not. I want to focus on training for the marathon so I don’t want to get pregnant again just yet. Hopefully I will get pregnant next year as we are going to start trying. But certainly not this year. No chance.”

Making adoption her next priority: “Ideally I want to have another three kids biologically and then adopt, but if something happened and there was a child who needed a home before that, then I’d do it. All I know is that I haven’t finished yet when it comes to having kids.”

Continue reading for more of the interview

Princess’s first modelling job: “She’s got her first modelling job coming up! She’s going to be on the Christmas front cover of Prima Baby, modelling party dresses. I would like to get both her and Junior into modelling, actually. To be honest, I think most parents would probably quite like to get their kids into modelling.”

Princess closer to Harvey or Junior: “I’d say probably Junior because he plays with her. Junior just wants to cuddle and kiss her. Princess puts him in his place, though – like if he takes a toy off her she has a temper tantrum and makes his give it back. They are like best friends.”

To see more of the interview, pick up British OK!

OK! via Daily Mail

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Amanda Holden Ready For Another Baby

“We’ll definitely start trying next year. It feels like the right time. But I think that’ll be it, as I’m probably too old now to have more than two.”

Photo: Flynet

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    Steven Taylor’s Twin Sons In Meningitis Scare

    “We hope they are strong enough to cope”

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    Kerry Katona Promotes Her Perfume With Family

    Kerry publicly admitted today, in The Sun, that she is battling alcoholism, after recently slurring her way through an interview with This Morning. She said about admitting her alcohol problem,

    “I have never admitted this before and I know it is a battle I will have to face for the rest of my life. By coming forward I hope it will help others.”

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    Photo: Pete Goddard / Splash News

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    Helena Bonham Carter Out With Daughter Nell

    Photo: Flynet

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