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Jason Bateman & family at LAX

Actor Jason Bateman, 38, wife Amanda Anka [daughter of Paul Anka] and their adorable 11 month old daughter Francesca Nora, arrive at LAX to take a flight to Toronto, Ontario. Jason will be attending the Toronto Film Festival.





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Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman hit Fred Segal

Christina Aguilera, and her husband Jordan Bratman do some shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood today. Christina’s father Fausto Aguilera, confirmed his daughter’s pregnancy last month, but the pop star is still reluctant to talk about it. Come on Christina, just announce it already!





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Maddox Jolie-Pitt is excited to go to school

Angelina Jolie drops Maddox, 6, off at school this morning. He seems super excited as he jumps out of the car with his camouflage backpack. No mistaking the bodyguard standing close by. Angelina looks thin in the photos, could be the angle, and wearing black doesn’t help.





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Dayna Devon post tummy tuck

Extra cohost Dayna Devon had some belly flab that she couldn’t get off no matter how hard she tried. She gave birth to her two children-Emmi, 2, and Cole, 8 months, back to back, and despite exercising , she could not get rid of her stomach.

"I did a zillion crunches, ran, lifted weights. I got the baby weight off-but I couldn’t get rid of the stomach! It really bothered me."

Dayna, 37, turned to her husband, plastic surgeon, Brent Moelleken for a tummy tuck. The procedure took two hours, and 10- days to heal.

How does Dayna like her stomach now? "I have a waist now! I like it even better than I though I would."


I am not an advocate of plastic surgery, I think it sends the wrong message, especially in Dayna’s case. She is a beautiful woman, and at 5’4" 130lbs she is a petite little thing. I think if she gave it time, her stomach would have tightened up. Her son Cole is only 8 months old. Ok, just my two cents.

Click below to see before & after pictures

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Naomi Watts & a sleeping Alexander at the airport

Actress Naomi Watts and her sleeping son Alexander Pete, 1-month, are on their way to the Toronto Film Festival. New mom Naomi looks great!





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